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  • Man do I miss this show

    This show is just great I really enjoyed this show it is just funny and clever! The characters are really funny and some are like able. I really wish that this show came back because Cleveland Show is not good at all.... However at least it had a long run, I really do wish it came back though!!
  • One of the best animated series ever made...of all time!

    This show is absolutely perfect! It's pure genius! Yes, it would work live-action but that doesn't mean it has to be. I'm so sad it was canceled for a terrible show to take it's place. Shame on FOX for not even airing the final episodes, seriously! They all look like hillbilly-rednecks but there actually smart, nice characters. Especially Hank, he's high-tempered but really nice. The only season that kind of sucked was the final one. I just recently discovered how incredibly incredible this show is and I'm buying every season released on DVD! I just wish FOX could cancel TCS and bring back this amazing show. Just watch an episode, and you'll want to watch another, then another and become addicted to it. I watch it every day, literally every day. Okay, I sound weird now, but it's really a got-dang good show, I tell you what.
  • Awesome

    excellent show
  • Awesome Dude.

    I love this great show,to bad some people hate this great show.The characters are Hank hill,Peggy hill,Bobby hill and many more.The show first came in 1997. i think they are going to stop making episodes im not saying they are but they might,who knows it might or not,anyway this show rules!!!!!!! !!!
  • Oh, Family Guy, Beavis And Butthead, DERP

    Honestly. Most people who dislike this love random cutscenses/flashbacks that go on for 5 minutes or stupid sex jokes. King of The Hill was perfect. You could actually enjoy it, watch it with your family, and laugh. If you give this show a bad rating or dislike this comment, I've lost hope for America. 10/10
  • Why is this show animated?

    There is nothing about KoTH that warrants animation. It's like Fox sponsored a spin-off of the lamest character from Beavis and Butthead (which was a really really dumb show to begin with but good for a few chuckles) and Judge flushed it out to be a whole series of Texas flavored after-school specials about resisting pop culture and liberalism. Think 'Saved By the Bell' meets 'Little House on the Prarie'.
  • i missed the show

    the pilot episodw was funny and therest of the shows with bobby
  • For 13 seasons, this show has always brought me alot of smiles and now it's a shame to see this show leave

    Man, I can't believe "King of the Hill" lasted 13 seasons and I'm very happy that it did. I just wish that it didn't get canceled because I really love this show but I heard that this show got canceled because of "Bob's Burgers". FOX had to put in a new timeslot and they canceled "King of the Hill" for that stupid and unfunny show "Bob's Burgers". I really want this show to come back. I blame you "Bob's Burgers" because you stink and the animation, voices, stories, and everything stinks. Everyone in this show is likeable and very funny. Hank, Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer are four friends who stand in the front yard drinking beer and talk. Bobby is Hank's son and Peggy is Hank's wife. Didi is also Hank and Peggy's niece. It's really hard to choose of who my favorite characters in this show are but I'm gonna probably say that Hank and Dale are my favorite characters. What I about this show is that the humor is clever and wacky all of the stories are pretty much well written. For 13 seasons, this show has brought me a lot of smiles because it would make me laugh but it is a shame to see this show leave. Overall, I'll never forget "King of the Hill" and you're a hundred times better than that stupid "Bob's Burgers". 10/10
  • Boy i tell you what this show did not deserve to get cancelled.


    King of the Hill was actually one of those shows that had adults who were not complete morons and but could still be funny at the same time.Dale is my favorite character out of all of them because he is crazy and paranoid over the government which makes believe that the government can not be trusted.Hank has just an amazing voice that makes him sound like an old redneck.The only insult that this show had was that it got cancelled and replaced with a piece of crap show like Cleveland.Its just like when Disney got rid of all their good shows and replaced it with crap like Miley Cyrus.

  • This show barely made the cut in my opinion. It was mediocre at best, but at least I could watch it.

    But when you consider that this show was created by the makers of Beavis and Butthead (Which in my opinion is nothing but an abysmal waste of time and effort, trying to create a comedy cartoon), this show didn't do half-bad. It had its good moments and bad moments. But what makes this show so much better than the previously-reviewed Walker, Texas Ranger? Well, for one thing, there wasn't a bunch of tough and buff good guys and bad guys trying to beat each other up every episode! For another thing, I seem to remember having seen more and better characters in this show, such as Connie and John Redcorn. And this is all I have to say for now.
  • 10/10, the only bad thing about this show is that it ended.

    This is about a small neighborhood in Arlen,Texas. They face usual problems, but also some unusual ones.

    The characters are likeable, the up-tight Hank, creative Bobby, Red neck Lucky, Crazy Dale, Lonely Bill, and Womanizer Boomhawer.

    The plot could go so many different ways and they chose to do it right. Mutiple guest stars, great character developement, and Perfect pace.

    This survived very many seasons because alot of the comedy was family oriented, but still Halarious. Mike Judge did a great job with voice acting. The accents could be funny at times, but were perfect!

    I would definetly point this show out to people, 10/10. And, once again, the only bad thing is the show ended.
  • I don't know what the heck this is about.

    This show isn't good but it's still sorta funny. I'm not trying to be mean or anything but I'm glad this show is ending. I mean, what would rather see: The Cleveland Show or King of the Hill? I would like to see The Cleveland Show more than King of the Hill. What the heck is King of the Hill about? Friends? Family? The comedy is king of okay but The Cleveland show deserves the time slot more than King of the Hill. Overall I give King of the Hill a 6.5. Watch until it's season finale which I'm sure will be great.
  • Saddly, when the creator of Beavis & Butthead came to FOX, he made a show no where near as good as Beavis & Butthead, and it's right here.

    Why was this show running so long?! I don't get the gigantic appeal about it. I didn't like it, it was also a slight knock off of The Simpsons (well, Family Guy is too, but...) with not as good humor. I disliked this show even in it's early seasons and middle aged seasons. This show's not even close to how good it's predecessor Beavis & Butthead was. Well, it's cancelled, and the Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland show's taking over it's airing. Not long after, this review would get more than 500 thumbs down. I'm sorry fan boys and girls, but I don't like this show as much as Beavis & Butthead.

    Grade: D

    Beavis & Butthead's much better!
  • Long live King of the Hill.....

    Mike Judge, creator of Beavis and Butthead started King of the Hill in 1997, and the 13 years this show was on the air was a blast. The characters are all great in this show. From Boomhauer to Bobby, Peggy to Hank, Dale to Bill, this show is very enjoying. The writing helps make this show even better with multiple plots going on at one time in every episode. Sadly, the show was cancled in 2010, but since then, it has been airing on Adult Swim every day and it is still shown on FOX. I hope this show will stay on the air for re-runs, because it is easily one of the best adult cartoons of all time, and a easy pick for one of my favorite TV shows of all time.
  • My favorite show of all time I tell you hwat.

    Oh, why, oh why must it end.

    This show is the greatest thing since sliced bread with butter on it. It hit the jackpot when it found the perfect balance between realistic limitations and hilarious dialogue and characters. Every episode is like an animated novel; a novel that you can't put down. With a perfect mix of characters; Hank, a highly respectful and respectable Texan who loves his job selling propane and propane accessories; Dale Gribble, an utterly paranoid, scrawny guy who makes absolutely crazy statements, and whose wife is obviously cheating on him in front of his face, though he doesn't see it; Bill Dauterive, a fat, lonely pathetic man, who has most likely found a place in all of our hearts; and finally Jeff Boomhauer, (almost always referred to as just Boomhauer) who talks in a way that makes it almost a game to understand him, and whose pursuit appears to be fast cars.

    I wouldn't recommend this to people who like super-random shows, action, or outlandish humor, but it is a great show if you like good humor and plots at the same time. This show is worth my attention any time.
  • Since 1997, King of the Hill has brought smiles to our faces and still will for the rest of our lives.

    King of the Hill is a TV show created by Mike Judge (most known for creating the classic hit 'Beavis and Butt-Head'), and of course, it's hilarious. It's about a man named Hank Hill, who sells propane and propane accessories at Strickland Propane. Peggy Hill, Hank's wife, is a substitute teacher at the Tom Landry Middle School, and Bobby Hill, Peggy and Hank's son, who attends Tom Landry Middle School and dates Connie Souphoneasouphem (however you spell it), a Laotion girl.

    But anyways, the show is really good, and should be viewed by any comedy TV show fan.

    10/10 A +
  • ughhh... overrated I tell you

    I do not understand how this show lasted as long as it did. I thought the show was goofy, corny, and stupid when it premiered in early 1997 and find it to be in now way different. All of the characters look ugly. Animation is bad. The characters themselves look stupid and having annoying voices. The voice acting is a pathetic excuse. The funny thing is so many people would continue to watch this show. I just do not get it. I find it as Fox's worst show at its time and annoying when on other channels like CN now. Gosh why can't CN put up some of its classic cartoons instead of this crap?
  • Fox's Greatest Show

    This is probably Fox's Greatest Show and yes i LOVE The Simpsons and American Dad! and no i don't like that overrated, unfunny usage of the same jokes show known as Family Guy. But i Love this show it was very original, the jokes we're Satiracal about Conservatism and i loved that and it had a nice plot every single episode not one failed to impress me.

    Great Writing
    Great Satire
    Great Humor
    Great Plots every single episode
    Great Characters

    None and there will never be

    Overall, this show was great maybe Fox's Greatest Show but if you count Futurama as one it might beat it by a hare.

    Rating: 10/10 JOLLY GOOD SHOW!
  • I got-dang love this show!

    I am a very weird guy, but it's not weird that I love King of the Hill!

    The show is about a family who lives in Arlen, Texas. The main character is Hank Hill. He sells propane and has a wife named Peggy, a son named Bobby, and a dog named Ladybird. Almost all the episodes start out with Hank drinking beer (Alamo brand) with his friends, Boomhauer, Bill, and Dale in the alley.

    Hold up right there, Mister Get-through-with-it! There's something about this scene that beholds funniness. That's right! BILL. Bill is probably the funniest character on this show. His dim-witted brain makes me laugh my pants off.

    And then there is funny real life references such as Chuck Mangione being the spokesperson of Megalo-Mart, a fictional store which Hank, Bill, Boomhauer, and Bill camped out in.

    Dale is funny, too. His zany attitude adds flavor to the show.

    Peggy is a Spanish teacher who is...a bit serious.

    Bobby is just plain funny!

    One thing I just don't like about this show is Kahn. He's so annoying!

    DaftPunkLover out!
  • This show has gotten boring.

    I used to be a fan of this how back in the earlier days. Boomhauer was my favorite....but now even THATS getting old. But now I cant help to wonder how its still on TV. Id rather watch my grass grow.
    Mike Judge needs to go back to other Beavis and Butthead.
  • King of the hill more like King of the stupid

    Boring, boring, boring. Only occasionally it is funny. Some guys that just stand in front of a fence drinking beer saying "yup" isn't funny. And a guy talking about propane isn't funny either. And why don't they crack a smile they look like me when I watch this show bored out of my mind. I would rather watch totally spies then King of the hill. And that annoying kid when he sees something he gets interested in it like when he saw his cousin naked he starts going around talking about that even striping in front of his neighbor. Stupid.
    I stand with what I say "King of the Hill, more like King of the stupid"
  • IS this a drama or a comical?

    Why is this show on fox? It is like a cartoon drama. I have never seen a joke in it. It is just a bunch of guys on a lawn drinking beer. And bobby is a copy of Chris griffin. They have all these hilerous shows like family guy, simpsons american dad, the winner, the wwar at home. then there is this show which is not funny even a little bit. Hank doesn't fall off cliffs or gets hit by stuff like homer, stan and peter do. He is also not loud and abusive like the other guys are. This show should be like the simpsons and have zanny stories.
  • This show is not pretty good,but it's still funny.

    I don't pretty much like this show and I think it's pretty much funny on fox.

    Well,I still like The Simpsons and Family Guy and they're all on Fox,but this show is not pretty much good on that channel.

    It's still pretty much funny on what funny on what it does all the time and it did what it did on Family Guy or The Simpsons.It does the thing where every time a scene ends,it's really funny.

    This show is not that good and I give it a C because not only it did not so well,it was pretty much funny too.
  • King of the Hill should have never ended!

    I love to watch a good King of the Hill everyday. Some days I may not make it, but I'll always like to watch it. I love how the episodes were put together and every episode that I have seen so far has been great. I get on my sisters nerves when I turn it on, she doesn't like it :P.

    I'm glad its on Adult Swim right now, because if it wasn't for it I would have never known about the show.

    I believe I also used to dislike the show, but it kind of grew on me, but it's sad it stopped playing...

    This show isn't even funny! This show gives Barney a better name. It's not even right. I love comedy but I know for sure this isn't even worth it. I espeacially HATE Hank. He thinks he is all manly it just makes me puke. He doesn't care of what his son, Bobby thinks.
  • A realistic cartoon, if that makes sense

    This show is a very different cartoon from Beavis and Butthead Creator Mike Judge. This show is somewhat low on laughs, but it makes up for it with great story-lines and believeable characters.The situations here can be just as chaotic as a simpsons episode, yet the reaction can be far more realistic then that of Matt Groaning's show. The characters here also seem to represent some part of society, whether it's the outspoken everyday joe (Hank) the person who has an opinion but is afraid to speak it (Bill) or the crazy conspirisit (Dale) and they all succeed considerably with their roles. Overall, this is a different kind of comedy that isn't for everyone (If the random sequences of Family Guy get you pumped, you may want to reconsider watching this,) it's still as entertaining ad good. 8.5/10 B+
  • One of the best cartoons of all time.

    This cartoon is different, it actually makes a cartoon realistic for once. You don't see that often, in most cartoons, you see gigantic heads, long noses, morbidly obese characters, or characters as skinny as a stick. If the characters mentioned above were real, they would have all died at birth or at an early age, real, normal human beings don't look like Popeye or Quagmire. Well this show makes it way different, in a good way. Humans look like humans, dogs don't speak like humans, and storyline aren't exaggerated or screwed up. It focuses on a man named Hank Hill and his thoughts and problems on the show. He is what people would call lame, but it makes him funny. The son is different then Hank, which angers Hank. The son is flamboyant and creative, not a sportsy kind of guy. Hank has a wife named Peggy, very eccentric, and his friends are crazy. One is depressed, one is an anti government untrustworthy fanatic, and the other is a womanizer. With these main characters, they all fuse, to show a good but hilarious interpretation of life's real problems.
  • There's redneck, there's hick, and then there's Hank.

    I live in Texas and for once a TV show depicts us as what we are, a bit country but not what Khan say complete Hillbilly (no pun intended).

    It's clean enough that my parents didn't change the channel when it was on and I walked in the room(the show premiered when I was 7) but still is a cartoon that's targeted to teens and adults. It's hard to say what I like about this show...Other than the fact that it has me laughing in every episode but not so hard my chest hurts and I get board. Most of the episodes are great and Hank despite the fact that he doesn't completely support Bobby in everything (who can blame him), is still a great father. As for Propane it keeps my showers hot but I prefer to taste the heat in grilling good ol' charcoal.

    a great show always funny and amusing. really liked seasons 3 and 4. loved bobby and dale they always made me laugh. didn't care much for peggy but she was okay. really wished season seaven would come out on dvd. hank was very funny his conservitive approtch to life really brought some really funny moments on the show. also hanks love for propane was pretty funny gag. really liked how they ended the show with bobby finding his propane and finding a sense of responsibility in the first half of the episode. In summary king of the hill should have never ended
  • King of the Hill still has it.

    You would have thought the show would have lost its touch after going through 13 seasons, nope, it's still the same amazing show it always was. It's a shame that their canceling it though, it was doing so well, I heard their replacing it with some Family Guy spinoff that looks horrible, ugh.Anyway, after not watching this show for a while I decided to look at some of the newer episodes and they were very funny episodes, King of the Hill still has it in them to make funny episodes with a good plot and I wish they would not cancel it, they are making a HUGE mistake canceling this show!
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