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  • Propane

    Propane and propane salesmen Hank Hill along side his family and friends makes for a great animated comedy.
    The show stars Hank Hill an assistant manager at Strickland Propane, His substitute teacher wife Peggy, his chubby and dorky son Bobby. The show also stars Hanks friends, Bill a sad divorced army barber, Dale a sometimes bug exterminator, gun club president, whose wife used to cheat on him, with everyone knowing besides him, and Boomhauer the ladies man that you can't understand most of the time. The shows bland yet hilarious type of humor with great characters make a great show
  • Great

    This show was best in its prime, around seasons 3-6, maybe 7. The show was never as good as any of my favorites, like Simpsons, but it had good plots. It wasn't like a typical cartoon- it seemed real. I give it credit for that. No episode as far as I can remember needed to go all out-there to make us laugh. They found humor in simple stories and it worked.

    Unfortunately though, I think the show dipped around season 10. It was good, but something felt missing. Luckily it didn't go on {sorry, sounds mean} and become even more stale.

    Overall grade: C+/B-. So it didn't dip TOO much
  • This show examines modern life in Texas through the king of glumness; Hank Hill who remains the King of the Hill.

    Meet Hank Hill; a proud propane salesman who is a well - meaning and down - to - earth but conservative and often repressed middle American man living in the fictional town of Arlen in Texas. Peggy is his supportive but often naive wife and Bobby is their effeminate but eager son. Hank's three oddball friends who he spends half his time outside drinking beers with is the nutty Dale, the stressed - out Bill and the womanising Boomhauer. Like it's related Daria; the main character (Hank) is the only one who can be taken seriosuly while a majority of the other characters are eccentrics. Hank's view on life is a bleak one and he often shows signs of depression but he finds peace at home and when selling propane. While the show is regarded as an "animated sitcom" it is very different than it's rivals The Simpsons and Family Guy. King of the Hill has a much wider scope and has dealt with such issues as parent-child relationships, friendship, justice and patriotism. The humour never really deviates from normal happenings and conventional humour while other animated shows has become so otherwordly, it's hard to take them as seriously. The show has thankfully avoided the often - used device of portraying all of the residents as full - on Redneck stereotypes although Boomhauer's incomprehensible mumblings consist of a few common Redneck phrases such as "dang ol'" "dad gum" and "yeah, man talkin' 'bout."

    The show looks practical but not as striking as other shows. There're no special effects, supernatural elements or anything unrealistic. Just plain humans in plain environments and it suits the nature of the show perfectly.

    The voice acting is very good. You'll notice how the voices aren't cyclical unlike on other shows like Family Guy, the average is one certain voice per actor and it works so much better. Arguably the best one is co - creator Mike Judge as Boomhauer as he has to speak, without making a word of sense but that's just one top vocie. King of the Hill is an excellent animated show that lightly blends comedy and drama while keeping it realistic and entertaining for everyone. The King.
  • Very funny.

    This show is very much underrated. The fact that it has lasted for more than 10 seasons is very much a fact that it is a quality show that seperates itself from other cartoon shows. The best part is the element of how realistic the storylines and plots are to reality. Unlike other shows, it is quite spot on in terms of overall relevancy to normal life. The one thing I don't like about the show is the fact that it sometimes overuses certain characters when others hardly get screen time. Overall, it is a funny show and very entertaining. Thank you.
  • It was great the entire time it was on the air

    It is not like every show to last 13 seasons and remain funny. But this was the case with King of the Hill. All the characters made me laugh. I love how even though most of the characters are idiots, they still had their turns to be the smart ones at times. Although there may be some episodes that I liked a tad more than others, they were all great. I own the first 6 seasons on DVD, and if and when seasons 7-13 are released, I will probably buy those ones as well. Rock on King of the Hill!
  • This show is about a propane salesmen named Hank Hill. Hank is thrown into odd situations by his crazy friends: Bill, Boomhauer, and Dale. Hank has trouble understanding his son who loves comedy while Hank is a serious man.

    This show is brilliant, it may not have the cartoonishness of the simpsons, or the cutaway gags of Family guy but this show still succeds due to its suttle humor and story driven plots. While I don't think the show is as funny as the Simpsons or other cartoon sitcoms, I like it more because of its ability to be real and funny at the same time. Another charm of the show is how it actually has much continuity with stories carring over into more than one episode and major changes being made such as Bobby ageing, several characters being born, a wedding and much, much more. If you are looking for a show that is cleaver and charming look no further than King of the Hill.
  • Only one episode flawed.

    The whole series was good,but the season nine finale is going to have some probems here.Why do they put the army in the episode when it's mainly about chorusing?!Anyways,very good show.My favorite episode is Bobby On Track,which is just before my least favorite.My least favorite comes just right after my favorite,Bobby On Track.My least favorite is Don't Stop Until The Fat Neighbor Sings.Just way past its prime.WAY past.But other than that episode,perfect.Propane Boom I and II are like those two-part episodes with the first as a season finale and the second as the following season's premiere.That's it of another great review!
  • A fond farewell to a show that's no longer in danger of overstaying it's welcome.

    King of the Hill has had a good long run, was genuinely funny for most of that run and is leaving the scene at about the right time. Recent episodes have led me to believe that the writers are beginning to reach for material and the series could be in danger of becoming a stale embarrassment if it were allowed to continue. That would be a terrible shame. I've been a big fan of Mike Judge ever since Bevis and Butthead (another series that was allowed to expire in a timely fashion before becoming stale)and would hate to see someone as talented as that get into a rut. If I were Mike, I would strongly consider a Bevis and Butthead re-union show during the haitus created by the cancellation of King of the Hill, the possibilities involved with a middle aged Bevis and Butthead could be a real scream if given a well thought out and energetic treatment by Judgemental Productions!
  • King of the Hill is about Hank Hill,his wife Peggy and son Bobby Hill live in Arlen,Texas.

    I actully thought one time it was worse than the newer Family Guy episodes.Then I looked at KOTH again and realized that KOTH have decent writing,and it's better than Family Guy.It's more original,and have better plots,than Family Guy.It's a decent cartoon,but don't expect the same type of humor like Family Guy or South Park.It can get dull at times.This show should not been canceled,it should had been Family Guy.It's probaly the most underrated adult -animated cartoon ever.Some of the characters are funny,like Bill.The hill favorate NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys.Hank don't like Houston Texas.Mike Judge,you deserved a pat on the back. This is LSUstinks11 tell you have a nice day.
  • Best episode yet...

    If you have read the summary and the previous review you will, by now, know the basic plot of this episode.

    The only thing that I can add is that what made this episode SO GREAT in my opinion is that there are actually MySpace addicts out there that are EXACTLY like Donna. Those of us in the MySpace community totally GET this episode. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my entire life. What a spot-on parady of the real life MySpace addicts! If you're a MySpace user, this is a MUST SEE episode!! I can see where other folks just don't get it! Brilliant!! Thanks and kudos to the writing team on this instant classic!
  • It's a good show, watch it!

    I don't agree with the people who says that this show is boring. Sometimes it is actually a little random. It's about a family, Hank Hill (the father), Peggy (the mother), Bobby (the son) and Luanne (Peggy's niece) and also their neighbors. You could learn a lot from this show sometimes since it is based on some real life problems. It's not really a funny show, only when someone gets hurt somehow that's hilarious. That's just me, however. Hank is a hard working man who goes by his beliefs. It's pretty much a normal show, which unusually catches your eye by being...normal.
  • King of the Hill is about the lives of Hank Hill and his family and friend.

    This show is the best show ever. Hill-arious as well as brilliant and Original Characters. Hank Hill and his friends, Dale, Bill and Boomhauer usually get into all kinds of funny but realistic situations. Hanks family, Bobby and Peggy are funny too although Bobby is the funniest. This show also sports a large amount of celebrities such as Pop star Chuck Mangionie, Country singer Willie Nelson, Former govenor of Texas Ann Richards and Music Band No Doubt. It has also won 2 emmies and will probably win more before the show ends. King of the Hill. You Have to see this show.
  • good show but can be dull

    king of the hill is about a texan named hank , his wife peggy, and their son bobby. Hnak is a contolling old fashioned father peggy always wants to belong and bobby is a femine lazy fat kid who his father wants to be more like himself. Hank spends most of his time at his job as a propane salesman , at home, or in the alley drinking beer with his budies (depressed) bill ,(paranoid) dale, and ladies man boomhauer.Hank loves his dog ladybird a little to much. Peggy is a substitute teacher and does things to improve her status. bobby does weird things to be popular and hangs out with his gf connie and his best friend joesph.

    This is a good show but sometimes can get boring especially recently but it keeps you watching because of years of good shows. I think this show is trying to end cotton died(hanks father) luanne is pregnant.
  • Hank hill his wife peggy and his son bobby go through diffrent struggles in there home town of Arlen Texas

    Its an alright show but second to the simpsons and family guy but I am a massive fan of bevis and butthead so I do like the show but they need to pick and kick the episodes up a notch and make them more exciting and more humerus because Ive noticed especially lately that the episodes have been lacking in theses departments but the show is good and some of the episodes are just hilarius like when dell loses his job as a exterminator or when bill tries to become a proffesional eater and there are alot of celebrity guess stars on the shows thats a plus
  • King of the hill is a good example of an exceptional father.

    Hank is the best father figure on televison in the American cartoon families. he is hardworking and a good father and husband. He works a job he enjoys which is Propane and Propane Excessories. he takes it a little too seriously in my opinion but like all Americans it is okay to e serious about football. The show has never been a bad influence on me personally and is not racist in any way that I have seen. peggy is also a hardworker. She is a substitute teacher that thinks she can speak Spanish/mexican but really can't. I like this show though it can be sometimes because of Hanks annoying neighbors.
  • Worth Watching.

    King of the hill is a very mellow show, and it's best to watch it when you've had a tiring day. The show dosen't really have any screaming or yelling, so the show relaxes and entertains at the same time.

    It's no Family guy, but it's still worth the watching.
    The characters are nicely drawn, the episodes are pretty good, and the music is satisfactory. Overall, King of the hill is a decent and mellow show that relaxes and entertains. That's my review, thanks for reading and i'll see you later. - a n d e r s o n 5 8 7
  • Its about a Guy named Hank Hill and his wife and son Peggy and Bobby go through diffrent struggles and postives through there life with there friends and family

    I really like this show it gets better every episode and every season. I cannot wait until next season and what adventers they will have through there life an family. The only thing that i dont like bout this show is how Peggy thinks that she is all that and how stupid she is, that is the only thing that i have a prolbem with this show. I just hope that they put bobby through High school cause high school is the hardest part through a teenager life. They should also show Lauuane have her kid and wat adventers they will have.
  • This was an awesome episode

    I don't claim to watch 'King of the Hill' often but I still love it. I especially love the episode when there is a propane explosion and Buckly dies. It was a tragedy but my favourite part was hank when he gave his work mates a kazoo to blow when Chuck was making a presentation. I think they should of believed Hank that he didn't blow the Mega low mart up. I guess they would of thought it was him because he said "Don't worry I got something big planned for Chuck." I'm glad that they were all okay except for Buckly. That episode I would give a 9.00
  • summary? number one show.......EVER!!! and forever, boy i tell ya.......

    let me start by saying that i love this show so much it is the best!! ok where do i start....Hank Hill is an upstanding, proud citizen of Arlen, Texas. Hank lives with wife Peggy, son Bobby, to his discontent, niece in-law Luanne, and his beloved dog Ladybird. Hank is assistant manager of Strickland Propane. Hank is a huge admirer of propane and wouldnt trade his job for all the money in the world. Hank has three best friends who all live exceedingly close to him. Dale Gribble(ledgend), Bill Dautrieve, and..........Boomhauer! Hank and the guys love the "occasional" beer in the alley now and then and if their notn there you will find them at the hardware store, lawn mower convention, or many simular places. Booby is Hank and Peggys miracle son. due to Hanks narrow urethra, it is very hard for Hank and Peggy to have kids, but as i said Bobby is their miracle son. Bobby is a popular kid, well liked in school, funny guy!! he hopes for a future in prop comedy, much to Hanks annoyance. "6am and the boy already aint right" Hank Hill season 2. But Hank loves his son, as much as he tries to hide it, and would do anything for his boy!!! Peggy, is beloved wife, she errrrr is very self absorbed, very full of herself if you will, it aint spagetti and meatballs, its spa-peggy and meatballs!!! she adds a hint off pepper!!! but she thinks the world of Hank and Booby and loveds her family dearly!!! yes there are many crazy goings on in Arlen, and Hank is always in the thick of it!!! yes this show is my all times favand i would certainly recommend it to anyone
  • Red neck Hank Hill who sells propane and propane products. His wife Peggy who is a substitute spanish teacher with size 16 feet. There 13 year son Bobby who slacks off at life. Live in Arlen Texas.

    This is a great show. King of the Hill focuses on the Hill Family Hank the redneck father who sells propane and propane products. Peggy who is a substitute spanish teacher who has feet larger then Gretta Garbo. There only child 13 year old Bobby who slacks off. They also have a teenaged niece Luanne who moves in with them because of family issues. They face your every day problems like When Luanne almost failed beauty school because Hank sawed her wig head in half because Bobby was making out with it. Or the time the new naybor Min insulted Peggys huge feet then stool her brown betty recipe.
  • Doesn't rely on cheap gags like family guy and maintains spirit the Simpsons should have done

    Great satirical cartoon.
    Excellent little Moral story's and a show with heartunlike family guy, which is a bunch of random sketches strung together as a poor excuse of a cartoon sitcom. The humor is subtle rather than obvious gags, which already pollutes these types of cartoons, it is topical without the entire episode hinging on it like South park. The show feels like what the Simpson's originally was, and what should be, the Simpson's is a former shadow of what it once was, hollow, the timeless quality gone, episodes stroking celebrity guest stars ego's, the small things no longer being relevant.
  • It iight

    "King of The Hill' is an animated sitcom that airs on FOX on Sunday nights. It surrounds a family who lives in Texas. It resembles The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, etc. humor wise. It really resembles The Simpsons in all aspects of the show. I really like it at times and some times I dont. The humor gets old fast unlike The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad's humor. I don't have any episodes of my ipod or anything but I have season 1 on DVD. I dont really liek it that much. I only watch it sometimes. Ok show. iight
  • King of the Hill is another animation hit from Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge, who also voices the starring character Hank Hill, a propane gas salesman in the fictional town Arlen, Texas.

    "King of the Hill" isn't as great as it used to be. The humor isn't as good as it was in the other previous seasons. But, the animation has improved in a high degree. It really has greatly improved.

    "King of the Hill" isn't that interesting anymore. It has changed some how. Dal isn't as bizzare and strange like he used to be. But he still makes me laugh. I still can't understand a word Boomhauer says. Hank is stiff and boring as ever. Bill, well he just sucks.

    The show doesn't make me laugh or feel pleased as it used to make me. I'm probably going to stop watching it pretty soon.
  • It's great

    Only people with a high IQ can really enjoy this show. People don't like it because it's a take on every day life, they want shows like Heroes, or American Idol, Or even the stupid Spongebob. Mike Judge is an animation genius and you can't help but love his work, sure this is no Beavis and Butthead, but it is still very interesting and funny. the plots are also very creative, like the one where Hank gets humped by a dolphin, or his butt cheeks problem. Those are all something has never been done to my knowledge. Anyway, love Mike Judge, he's raw, and I love King of the Hill.
  • Awesome show

    I always watch the afternoon and sunday night KOTHs there a awesome show. Always into something. I know people dont think its funny but they never was all funny. Its a cool show to watch. I hope it dont end soon i would like to see it go one more season and go out with a bang So far if this is the last season I has no lead up to a bang. We need to see whats going to happen to Luan and luckys baby, they been leading up to it until this season. Whats the next thing for Bill? Or The other people on the show. We dont need a understanding but two seasons ago there was a lead up to something and this season they never really got back to what happened next.
  • It just isn't that funny anymore.

    The primetime animated series has high expectations. It has proved to be a hit-or-miss genre. Attempting to put a spin on the animated primetime sitcom, King of the Hill is slower, taking place in a small town in Texas. While I appriciate the effort, it's run out of quality ideas. With a "when's it on again?" timeslot and twelve seasons the novelty of the show has long since worn out it's welcome with me. The once-refreshing change of ideas and morels on FOX has become an iritant. I find myself asking: when's it get funny? All four of the guys are basiclly useless except for Dale, who's rants and jokes never tire. I guess the only characters I like anymore are Peggy and Dale. I'll watch it when it's seldom on but just to kill time I suppose.
  • I can't go to sleep wihtout a nightly fix of Hank and friends.

    This has got to be one of the smartest and funniest shows on television. It is refreshingly clean and yet still makes people all out belly laugh. Hats off to Mike Judge for bringing these delightful characters into our reality. Everyone knows people like these characters and everyone can relate with their daily life obstacles. The humor is merely an added bonus to this therapeutic animation. I own all six seasons that are out on DVD and literally put one in everynight before bed, if I have had a bad day King of the Hill helps me to laugh and relax. They are truly a part of my life.
  • king of the hill is one of the first shows that i watched when i was 8 right beside seinfeld and beetlejuice.

    iv'e bought all the seasons of k.o.t.h. and the 3 to 6 don't have delected scenes and stuff but anyway i like the episode bobby goes nuts and hilloween.the first episode i watched was aisle 8a but i was 8 so did'nt understand what some stuff was last episode ideas would be: dale finds out about the affair and then gets shot by john redcorn and then at the graveyard they say yep like they always do but that might be to crazy.i hope they come with season 7 on dvd and maybe they'll put stuff in there like in seasons 1 and 2.
  • ok read more

    the show is ok but it is not not best it has part that will make you laugh but some time it can just be sort of buring dont get me wrong i wacth it evry sunday when it is new but i dont now why it suck you in to watching to and never stops it is just good and just bad at times this show should go on but at the same time it should end i dont now why it is wired but at the same time so wired that it is funny and some time dumb just watch it to find out
  • About Hank Hill and his family of Texans.

    This show is very nice, and quite a bit funny. I can remember Peggy saying "It's for the freaking children!!", and I crack up every time. This show is gold, a classic not to be missed.

    Humour: 8.0.
    Well, sometimes it's not funny, but sometimes it'll crack you up. More of the crack you up part.

    Animation: 8.0.
    Not the best, but what do you expect from a 10 year old show?

    Overall: 10.0.
    It's such a great show, it's hard to say anything about it. The newest episode that aired yesterday was worth 30 minutes of my life no doubt. Too bad Cotten's dead... :(
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