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  • about hank hill and his family from arlen texas

    i personally like this show better than beavis and butthead but i like that show too. but anyways this takes a more serious comedy. hank hill isn't like other cartoon dads like homer or peter griffin who like homer and peter are who are dumb ( dumb iqs i llove both shows) hank isn't smart though probably average intelligence but i like bobby his son the best and all episodes are great however this will probably be 4th in my adult animated show list (simpsons first,family guy second, south park third... and you konw the rest) so yeah ............... well see ya guys at tv . com
  • One of those shows that has changed a bit over the years, but stayed true to its roots. The characters have been developed wonderfully, which makes many of the funny moments downright hilarious.

    King of the Hill focuses on the Hill family, consisting of: Hank (father), Peggy (mother), and Bobby (son), and their experiences in their home town of Arlen, Texas. Hank is a propane salesman with a dry wit and true-Texan values that is horrified by expressing his feelings and anything associated with change. Peggy is a substitute spanish teacher and Boggle expert, and Bobby is a pudgy middle schooler who is more interested in playing pranks than playing sports, much to his father's disdain. Hank's three best buddies are also integral parts to the show - Dale, a paranoid chain-smoker, Bill, an army barber with self-esteem issues, and Boomhauer, a down-home boy who cruises in his convertible. Luann, an extended family member, is a college-aged niece of the Hills who lives with them and works as a beautician. All in all, King of the Hill is a show with a great heart that has stuck to its roots of being downright funny without having to get trashy or vulgar.
  • Boy, I tell you what...King of the Hill is the King of my TV Lineup!

    You know, when I first started watching this show, I really did not understand the humor at all. I grew up in a totally Spanish household and never met anyone like the Hills....that was, at least, until I met my wife. She is a Southerner and I quickly found that my married life was slowly becoming like Hank and Peggy's....well at least the humorous parts (not the beer or propane or mowing or anything like that). The first six seasons have really been awesome. It seems like Hank is becoming less like his old self and more...mellow and laid back. Bobby not only never grows up like Joseph has...but isn't even lazy anymore of this newest season...HE ACTUALLY LIKES FOOTBALL?!!! What is going on with one of my favorite animated shows? Why is Hank changing? Why hasn't Bobby grown up and, for the love of GOD, when are they finally going to let Dale figure out the truth behind Nancy and John Redcorn? I mean, I still think it's hilarious how he almost finds out a lot of times...but they really need to close that plothole. Don't get me wrong though...I still absolutely love this series. It's a great show and makes me laugh every single time. Hank is a great character and Mike Judge is a comedic genius. I just hope they keep it going.

    Who that the Simpsons have made a movie...maybe we'll see "King of the Hill" The movie?
  • A must-see!

    "King of the Hill" is definitely one of my favorite shows on TV. I believe that it's extremely misunderstood and underrated amongst people who enjoy cartoons aimed at adults. It has mature storylines and complex characters, with serious interactions between the various family members and friends of the Hill family. Episodes have dealt with important issues such as racism, cross-generational conflict, drug addiction, father-son relationships, politics, and marital problems in a working-class family. Although the show portrays many serious elements, it is still extremely funny. The best part is that it's funny in a realistic manner. Morality and ethics are major elements in this series, as Hank Hill is always trying to do what's best. If you're looking for a show that's entertaining, but has some substance, I would recommend that you give "King of the Hill" a try.
  • " King of the Hill goes right up there"

    King of the Hill goes right up there. This outstanding animated t.v. show goes up there with other classics such as The Simpsons and Family Guy. (This show will be put in my personal Televison Hall Of Fame ( THF ) tommorow when I start it. Other shows will be annouced when they are inducted. A total of five shows will be entered with each induction. More news about the event will be in blog.)Sorry.Getting off topic. Back to the main thing. King of the Hill is one of the best shows of all time in my opinion. I hope they never end it.
  • Used to be great.

    King of the Hill used to be great. I always watched it before the Simpsons on Sunday night. Now I very seldom watch it. I lost interest over time. I always remember that the stories are good and I really don't think its that funny. Hank Hill reminds me of Tom Anderson from Beavis and Butt-head. I obviously was an early model for him. I have recently watched some of the new episodes online and they not bad. I'm surprised this show hasn't been cancelled because I didn't know it was on anymore and I don't see any ads or people talking about it. I'm thinking about getting the DVD's, but they have stopped releasing them at season 6. I don't want an incomplete collection like that. Oh well. I'll probally indulge and buy them.
  • This show is a great, funny show, that doesnt need to rely on shock, a lot of cursing, and offensive tendancies to make people laugh

    The show is a story about a texas family, the Hills. With the main character, Hank Hill a propane (and propane acessories) slaesman, his wife, also substitute teacher, Peggy, And their son, comedian in training,Bobby, texas hasnt seemed so funny. Hank's freinds, and neighbors, Bill Dauterive, the army's barber, Dale Gribble, the exterminator, who believes the government is involved in a lot of conpiracies, and Boomhour, a man who talkes about 30 words a second. Joined later in the show by their neice, Luanne Platter, it just gets funnier. This show really doesnt set out to offend, but just to be funny. The show doesnt rely on offensive jokes to make people laugh, just situations leaving endless joke opportunities. If the box sets cost any less, id be too busy watching it to write this.
  • yep

    King of the Hill rocks. It uses humor that is hard to find on FOX instead of using nothing but stupid jokes they have jokes that smart peole can enjoy too. I really hope they bring it back and keep it on becuase I thought the last season was getting better than its last 2. Hanks finds make the show what it is if it was about just Hank and Peggy then it wouldn't work. Any time there's a story line with Dale or Bill i luagh the whole time. Dale is the best character because he reminds me of me, parinoid and scared.
  • Not to everyones taste but just as funny as shows around it.

    King of the Hill is a show about small town values, the main character is Hank Hill, a Texan hillbilly who lives with his wife Peggy and son Bobby and also his niece Luanne. Other characters in the show include Hanks best friends: Dale, Bill and Boomhauer.

    The plots tend to be made up of things that force characters in the show to question there beleifs and values, such as Hank trying to see past the bad points about his Father, to the awkard relationship between Hank and his son.

    Sure the people who watch Family Guy and such probally will find the lack of physical gags will to them make the show boring, but King of the Hill is one of the few shows that has proper human emotion in the plots but still has time to be funny.
  • Great Show, Lots of Laughs

    King of the Hill is about a Family, Friends, and there "Adventures in Arlen, Texas.
    The family includes of: Hank, Peggy, Luanna, and Bobby. I gave a Tiny Quote, I geuss of the characters below:

    Hank- Hank is a Propane SalesMan, Husband and Father To Peggy Hill, And Bobby.

    Peggy- Is a Substitute Spanish teacher.

    Bobby- Bobby Lives With His Niece-In-Law Luanna Platter.

    Luanna- is Niece-in-law to bobby

    The Show Is Based In Arlen, Texas. Its A returning Series
    Repeats-Can Be Seen On FX About Mike Judge, Mike Created the Show Beavis And ButtHead, Also Creator Of this Here show, Voices Include: Hank hill. Personally, I Love The Show. Keep it Going Mike!
  • Not funny at all

    Gosh, I can't explain to you how much I hate this show. It's super reatarted and don't see how people can watch a single episode. I can watch this show for 5 seconds without turning the channel. One day while my dad was in the hospital,(he had cancer and ended up dying :()a King of the Hill marathon was on and after one epiosde i swear i was about to leave the hosipital, until deciding just to go up to the tv and turn it off. this show is really boring and don't see how this is still on the air after about 11 seasons or so
  • King of the Hill is a great and entertaining show, I get completely lost in their little world.

    I don't have much to say here other than it is a great show. I think it has a lot of appeal, and I really like their sense of humor.

    I give it 10 out of 10.

    I don't have much to say here other than it is a great show. I think it has a lot of appeal, and I really like their sense of humor.

    I give it 10 out of 10.

    I don't have much to say here other than it is a great show. I think it has a lot of appeal, and I really like their sense of humor.

    I give it 10 out of 10.
  • well, it is definetly NOT the best of the best, but it is good, really good!!!!! i usaully watch it almost everyday!

    okay king of the hill is a great show, the storey is always funny as well as the characters!!!! my favorite character is Bobby Hill, he is very funny, weird, and some what feminine! i also like Boomhower, Billy, and Dale (rust shacleford)! My least favorite character is Hank, he isn't as funny as the others (i admit, the show wouldn't be as good if he was) but i still like the other people better. this show is super coo(L) and i dont see why some people dont like it. it rocks from head to toe, and frome begining to end. LOVE IT!!!
  • It's an aquired taste that tastes bad to me

    I'll admit i've enjoyed King Of The Hill the odd time but most of the time i find myself losing interest in the middle of the episode. I really don't find it interesting because it's a show that you'd expect over the top humour within due to the various over the top plots but most of the time they are so bland and boring you just don't really care anymore.

    I'm very surprised it has lasted as long as it has because it airs the same time as the almighty kings of the animated comedy world The Simpsons and Family Guy but has absolutley dead air time 7:30 on sundays when nobody watches therefore terrible ratings that and the fact that i find it nowhere near the same level as any of the big animated comedies and i am furious that it outlived Futurama.

    The humour is subtle almost too subtle only for fans of things like Napoleon Dynamite. King Of The Hill is bland, dry, stale , and often up it's @$$ with half thought political messages. None of the main characters are memorable or interesting the only characters that make me laugh are Dale, Kahn, and the odd time Bill. Hank is annoying, up his own @$$, and a stick in the mud, Peggy is just whiny and does nothing the entire show, and Bobby just gets irritating to the point that you hope the jocks kick his @$$.

    I know people who love subtle humour like that of Arrested Development, Napoleon Dynamite, and Eagle vs Shark and will disagree and i respect the show for entertaining those who enjoy that style of humour but it's 12 years too long it's time to end the kings reign after this season and honestly i think it should hung up in it's sixth season.

    King Of The Hill while at times can be fun is too boring too dry too stale humoured. It's just sitting there taking up space, and collecting dust while shows like Futurama, Arrested Development, and The War At Home are cancelled prematurely because of it.
  • I dont kow this show is ok.

    This show is ok but not the greatest it’s funny and not they got some good episodes. I really hate Peggy because she thinks she is the greatest and she thinks she hot. I really don’t like Hank because I think he’s gay he doesn’t like to see naked girls and he doesn’t like strippers. He’s ok better then Peggy. I like Dale because he’s all secrete agent government hating kind of guy so he’s pretty cool. Bill is gross but cool he’s a stubborn kind of guy but ok. I like this show because its something decent to watch and most of the episodes are pretty good so I like it’s a good animation show.
  • Great show

    King of the Hill rocks. It uses humor that is hard to find on FOX instead of using nothing but stupid jokes they have jokes that smart peole can enjoy too. I really hope they bring it back and keep it on becuase I thought the last season was getting better than its last 2. Hanks finds make the show what it is if it was about just Hank and Peggy then it wouldn't work. Any time there's a story line with Dale or Bill i luagh the whole time. Dale is the best character because he reminds me of me, parinoid and scared.
  • 1997: Aired for the first time. 1999: Became one of the greatest shows on TV. 2005: Went down the crapper. 2006-present: Returned from the crapper, a good but not as good show.

    King of the Hill is an American animated satirical sitcom set in Texas. The main character ain't the best, but hey, what're you gonna do? The real character genius here lies in his son Bobby, a chubby future-comic who strives to earn his dad's respect, and Dale, the paranoid, chain-smoking, gun-toting, borderline pyshopath next door, who doesn't know his wife cheated on him for 15 years, despite his son's skin color. The bulk of the show's jokes are delivered by these two works of art, and I laugh nearly every time. Anyway, this show's claimed it's prize as one of the best animated shows ever, and often claimed as such. But with it's 9th season, it officially became craptacular. The entire season was an unfunny crockpot of moldy television diarhea. I don't mean to sound childish, but that's what it was. Season 10 had it's moments, but wasn't nearly as great as the glory days. Then it was officially revitalized with Season 11, which was the greatest this show's been since Season 6. I look forward to Season 12, as it may've gotten even better... or possibly reverted to it's season 9 quality crap.
  • Everything is funnier in Texas

    This is one of my fave shows. It isnt cartoony like the Simpsons or Family Guy which makes it likable. Its sort of realistic in a way. Not only because of the animation, but how everyone acts. Dale is my fave. He is a total idiot. Hank has an eternal love for propane and Lady bird, Bill is just lost and Boomheur has a weird accent. Together they make tv's greatest group of friends.
  • Everything is funnier in Texas

    This is one of my fave shows. It isnt cartoony like the Simpsons or Family Guy which makes it likable. Its sort of realistic in a way. Not only because of the animation, but how everyone acts. Dale is my fave. He is a total idiot. Hank has an eternal love for propane and Lady bird, Bill is just lost and Boomheur has a weird accent. Together they make tv's greatest group of friends.
  • hill

    the hill family lives in arlen texas. hank hill is a propane sales men who loves propane and his wife peggy. He enjoys spending time with his friends dale, bill ,and boomhauer who have been friends since childhood. hank has a son named bobby who is a bit of a trouble maker and has a girlfriend named connie. Luanne is hank and peggy's niece who lives with them and attends beauty college to become a hair stylists. this is very funny show with some adult themes but keeps you in a good mood. the show has a little bit of every thing and is a gulty pleasure of mine.
    hank hill!
  • An animated show that is not only funny, but is realistic and makes sense

    Ima high school graduate, and when this show came out, I didn’t really like it. Primarily because I didn’t make much sense to me. But now I understand what "Propane" is lol. When they started showing this on FX I was like “This is the animation I've been missing all my life. The characters that were made were just brilliant (not their intelligent). Its jus too hard to pick out your favorites in this show. I mean Boomhowards country hick version of Porky the pig voice, Bobby’s obscured personality with his little girl friend on the side, and Peggy's savvy, but yet polemical personality. They're all just great. This show isn't as popular as I think it should have been. This is truly the best adult animated television show on TV.
  • An off the wall searies about an uptight Texas fmily and their neighbors

    In 1997 the creators of Beavus and Butthead created a master peice show. The show starring Hank Hill an uptight by the book texan, his comedic son Bobby and his know it all wife who in reality does not know it all. There neighbors include Bill Dautrive a depressd army barber, Dale Gribble a conspericy theory crack pot, Boomhower the swinging bachelor and the rich laotion family with Kaun Sufanousafone. The show is great for delivering quick witty comedy. Some of the long running jokes in the series are Hanks undieing love for propane, Peggy's know it all attitude and bobby and his dislike for sports but his love for theatre all summed up it is an amazing show with endless posibilities.
  • I love King of the Hill!

    King of the Hill is a great show. I personally think that it doesn't get enough credit because it's an animated show. But it's not like a childish cartoon. It's awesome! I love this show! It's so hilarious!!! My favorite character is Dale! He is always so funny! And I like all his government conspiracies! My second favorite is Bobby! He's really funny! But all the characters are great in their own ways. Hank, Peggy, Luanne, Bobby, Dale, Nancy, Bill, Boomhaur, Joseph, Kahn, Mihn, Connie, and the rest of the gang seem like really cool people. (Even if they are just cartoons!) I love King of the Hill!!!
  • Mike Judge's best work

    Loved by most but apparently hated by anime fans. King of the Hill is by far the best of Mike Judge's work.

    The character's on this show are some of the most believable in the history of American television and that is saying something considering that it is an animatied show.

    Yes sometimes the show drags from time to time and yes there have been several continuity errors over the ten years the show has been on the air. But what show hasn't had them.(What happen to Richie's older brother on Happy Days, or Donna's kid sister on That 70's Show.) My only complaint is that I wish they would ground Peggy a little better.
  • A good funney but true show that doesn't get notice enough because of the animation.

    King of the Hill is a delightfull show that should apeal more towards the older generation. But for some reason the older generation hates it because what i think the reason is because it is annimation. It takes place in texes and its a comedy. But the show isn't about making fun of white people and hiks. Its about the everchanging new world. But unlike everybody elese the main charecter is still stuck in the past. But unlike most comedys on TV it doesn't have any stupid humor. Its humor is more like Office Space and Not American Pie.
  • Meet Hank Hill he sells propane and propane accesories.

    This is a simple show about a simple man trying to riase a son he has crazy neighboors who have had there share of adventures with hank. He is a man passonate about his job and family and he has a sense of respect for others. This show has tuaght me alot about life and families and how to deal with things this show is very influential to my life. Why people do not like this show i dont know it has taught me lessons i would have never learned on my own or from my parents. This show is not flashy or has expensive animatoin or cgi it's a show about man trying to live his life and having trouble along the way. I love this show it has values unlike dumb shows about toilet humor ( Family Guy) this is one of the better shows on televisoin and probobly the only holseom show on tv left with real stories and not crazy random events. Hank Hill is a good man who has taught me things and he the kind of man i want to be he is hardworking,caring and a good family man i hope this show stays on the air for a long time so it has a chance to teach other too.
  • I love this show, its great. Its much better than the characters they were based on from Beavis and Butthead.

    The series has had numerous writers and contributors, including guest writers who have developed whole episodes. Given this, along with the fact that the animation is outsourced overseas, it is understandable why such continuity errors exist in the series. Most continuity errors occur when later episodes contradict what had been established in the first and second seasons. Regardless, many of these errors are blatant and inexcusable to hardcore fans who value the shows' usual consistency. * Peggy Hill is shown to have two different mothers. Prior to the ninth season, whenever Peggy's mother is seen (in the present or in flashbacks), she is portrayed as an older version of Peggy, a stereotypical 1950s housewife with a hatred for the use of contractions; however, in the ninth season's premiere episode, Peggy's mother is a lean, leather-skinned rancher who shows disdain for Peggy and lives on a secluded ranch. * Peggy's growing up in Montana has been consistent. However Peggy was shown to live in Arlen with her mother when she met Hank during high school (they attended different schools). In the episode "A Rover Runs Through It", Peggy's mother reveals that a post-school Peggy left the family ranch in Montana for Arlen, Texas. This "second" mother never lived in Arlen. * In the second season episode "How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying", Hank is unable to handle a gun, but in the next episode, "Texas City Twister", a shot of Hank's den shows a trophy Hank won for skeet shooting, though shooting skeet with a shotgun and handling a rifle could be considered separate skills. However, Hank's lack of skill is supposed to be the result of a psychological block provoked by his father's criticisms, which Hank now fears to transmit to Bobby. * In the sixth-season episode "My Own Private Rodeo", Dale's father appears, looking completely different from the character that appeared in a flashback in the first season episode "The Order of the Straight Arrow." It should also be noted that Dale's father was previously shown as having the same voice as Dale in the episode "Now Who's the Dummy?", but in the episode "My Own Private Rodeo", Dale's father has the voice of a flamboyant homosexual stereotype. * In earlier seasons, Hank's truck is notably identified as a 1993 Ford Ranger. However, in the episode "Chasing Bobby", It becomes a 1983 Ford Ranger, now on its last leg. Regardless, it was shown that Hank bought his truck brand-new slightly prior to Bobby's conception. If one was to subtract Bobby's age from original air dates, neither model year makes sense. * Hank often reminisces about his experience on his high school football team. Hank, Boomhauer and Bill all played on the team in the early 70s under Coach Sauers who took the team to state. (Dale was the team's towel boy.) Ambiguity also surrounds Hank's position on the championship team. In the episode "Now Whose the Dummy?", Hank's jersey reads 10, a number commonly reserved for quarterbacks. In the episode "Bills are made to be Broken" Hank is seen playing on the offensive line, however it is implied that Hank moved from running back to center in goal-line situations. (Hank is also quoted in other episodes as saying "blocking for Bill"). In the episode "Love Hurts and So Does Art", Hank refers to himself as a running back. And finally, in the episode "What makes Bobby Run?" Hank is seen catching a touchdown reception from the wide receiver position. Usually Boomhauer is the quarterback and Bill is the fullback. In episode 9 of season 3 "Pretty Pretty Dresses", Boomhauer is at quarterback; Bill is at fullback; Hank is at halfback and Dale is towel boy. Hank refers to himself as holding the "single season rushing record" and in the episode "Bills Are Made To Be Broken", Bill is said to hold the record for most career rushing touchdowns as a defensive tackle. This is not uncommon as many high school players play both offense and defense. Boomhauer is again seen at quarterback. Hank can be seen wearing a uniform number commonly associated with running backs, while Bill is wearing one normal of a lineman. Though it should be noted that position numbers are not as stringent in high-school and college football as it is at the professional level. * In the episode, "Hank's Cowboy Movie", Hank is seen grilling on a barbecue grill and remarks, "I made that barbecue out of two barbecues." This is in direct conflict with Hank's character and loathing for charcoal-based grilling. * In the episode "A Beer Can Named Desire", the Cajun heritage that explains Bill's middle name is revealed. His relatives in Louisiana are rich plantation owners, which some view as a discrepancy because his father had been described as a semi-abusive lower-to-middle class man. Bill's relatives' status does not constitute a true discrepancy because it is possible his parents/father were of a different economic class. Also, Bill does mention in the episode moving from the area at a young age. * The trailer park in which Luanne grew up is called "Shiny Pines." But in the episode "Board Games," it is referred to as "Shady Pines." * In the season 1 episode "Plastic White Female," Hank is seated at the dining table reading the newspaper - its masthead reads the Arlen Courier. However, in all other references to Arlen's daily newspaper (season 3 - "Peggy's Headache," season 9 - "Smoking and the Bandit" and season 10 - "Bystand Me"), the publication's name is the Arlen Bystander. * In Episode 1 The Child Protection Agency office reads Arlen County, but in all later episodes it is called Heimlich County with the exception of Nancy Gribble's occasional reference to Arlen County in later episode(s). * Enrique's voice changed to have a more authentic Mexican-American accent in later seasons. He speaks less frequently in early seasons and has a generic non-accented voice. * In the episode "The Order of the Straight Arrow" (Season 1, Episode 3), a young Hank says he wants to work in propane when he grows up (if his grades are good enough). This contradicts a later episode in which a young Hank is selling blue jeans to a younger Buck Strickland who offers him a job selling propane. * The events in the episode "SerPUNt" (season 11, episode 2) are at odds with the episode "Not in My Back Hoe" (season 4, episode 8) in which Hank indicates that he has a septic tank instead of a sewer connection. When Bill gets a new tank and they can't find where the old one is, Bill asks Hank where Hank's septic tank is. Hank answers: "Side lawn, eight feet out; nine feet, seven inches from the pavement." * Hank's barber, Jack, has always maintained the same voice, Brian Doyle-Murray, however he has been drawn in two forms. In earlier episodes he was shown as a middle-aged man with a thin mustache. Later episodes show him as a much older man without a mustache. * In the episode "Hank's Bad Hair Day" (Season 4, Episode 19), Hank's barber Jack goes crazy and Bill becomes Hank's barber. Although the episode doesn't officially retire Jack, it is assumed that he has at least retired. Since that episode, Jack has appeared in at least two episodes; "My Hair Lady" (Season 8, Episode 11), and "Luanne Gets Lucky" (Season 11, Episode 4). * All the main white characters worship at Arlen First Methodist Church, as does John Redcorn. The Souphanousinphones are Buddhists and follow the Dalai Lama (Ted Wasonasong converted from Buddhism to the Episcopal Church because it was "just good business"), although in scenes at Arlen First Methodist Church, the Souphanousinphones have been featured worshiping as background characters.
  • good clean comedy.

    i like King of the Hill for many reasons. but one is it's not domb like Amrican Dad! and it's not lost its touch like The Simpsons. and it's good because it's not too vulgar like South Park. not that i don't like South Park, its just that King of the hill is funny without swearing. there are only two things wrong with the show Peggy and Bobby, they are in my opinion the worst characters in an animated series. bobby is no offence a big dickhead loster. and peggy is ugly and not funny and weird. Hank, Dale, Bill and, Boumhouer make the show.
  • Propane and beer.

    Gotta love this show. Everything goes by a slow pace and then BOOM, instant joke. A relaxer show that most people would enjoy. The charaters develop every season which is good. And this might be the only show in which the later seasons are better then the first. Some people hate it but it's a comedy favourite.

    8.2 is mah ratin.
  • one of the best

    a very funny tv show this is my 3 favorite tv show.its about the life of propane salesman Hank Hill who lives with his substitute teacher wife Peggy, wannabe standup comic son Bobby, and deadbeat niece, Luanne.Hank loves propane. Hank even has a mistress and his mistress is least thats what hank said not me.But dale gribble is my favorite one on the show he is a crazy kind of out there person who beleaves in goverment conspiracy.And in ufo's.Bill who is hanks friend also. Bill is divorced and is an army barber.Boomhauer is a sex crazed man who talks strange and fast and mainly only his freinds can understand.
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