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  • Great show tho the Jokes and storlines where lacking but the new season looks great.

    I love this show it has allot of great things like more of a realistic feel then The Simpsons and whatnot Funny cooky characters nice storylines and great moments now on its 11 season this long running underrated classic continues to be qoute (Funny and Charming) tho For a little bit of a negitive side the storylines have seemed to be lacking but now they are getting better My fave Characters are Peggy Dale Luanne Hank and Bobby. and one of the better parts of the show is the simple story setting about The Hill Family living in Texas living through each day.
  • gives me a good laugh

    king of the hill is what I would call a good show not just because of all the stupid jokes like in all the other cartoons these days but because it dosent try to be funny and make you laugh anyway. Hank would be my favorite charcter cause he acts like what he is doing is normal but sometimes says the stupidest and most pointless things and that makes me laugh. than there is boohmaur and dale and bill who are hanks friends who act stupid most of the time and peggy and bobby who is hanks dissapointment son all and all its a great show because the show isnt always funny but when it is u will be laughing for quite a while
  • Mike Judge, You've Created a Classic! Includes Voices From The Show.

    Season 1, Of King Of The Hill Wasn't So good, Till The 2nd Season! King Of The Hill (Also Called "KOTH" On this board, Was Created and Featured Mike Judge. Mike Played the Voice Of Hank Hill. Husband And Father To Peggy (Wife) And Son Bobby. Many Voices Included:
    Kathy Najimy (Peggy Hill) John Hardwick (Dale Gribble) Pamela Adlon (Bobby Hill) Stephen Root (Bill Dauterive) And Brittany Murphy (Luanna Platter) And Many More Talented Voices.
    Hank- Hank is a Propane SalesMan, Husband and Father To Peggy Hill, And Bobby.
    Peggy- Is a Substitute Spanish teacher.
    Bobby- Bobby Lives With His Niece-In-Law Luanna Platter.
    The Show Is Based In Arlen, Texas. Its A returning Series
    Repeats-Can Be Seen On FX About Mike Judge, Mike Created the Show Beavis And ButtHead, Also Creator Of this Here show, Voices Include: Hank hill. Personally, I Love The Show. Keep it Going Mike!
  • Mike Judge makes a more, down to earth show. Certainly he is the King of this Hill.

    King of the Hill, created by "Beavis and Butthead" creator, Mike Judge, takes his next cartoon show venture with much more thought and character. The main plot is the good old American family living in Texas, Arlen, Texas. With great fresh, and new plots, this show is real good. Yes, there is PG-13 related material, but usually the show has a moral too it. Also it is funny. The early years of the show, the animation and color palet was pitifully dull, but now it is more refined and brighter, with higher quality animation to match many other shows. Definately a show I think you should watch. A good show no doubt.
  • This show is amazing! It has everything, a good storyline, good episodes, and it never makes me change the channel because i never get bored. Anybody who doesn't like this must be blind or deaf. But if they're not, they should like this show.

    King of the hill starrs, Hank Hill, Peggy Hill, Bobby Hill, and all of Hank's friends and family in this amazing show started in the '90s. This show always has a good episode on and it is on most of the day. This show is one of my personal favorites because i watch it every day and it never makes me want to change the channel. It talks about problems and conflicts and other things that base around in Arlen, Texas. Hank works at strickland propane, and his boss, Buck Strickland, is a selfish, money-taking, and a regular customer of a gentleman's club. He obviously has a lot of problems in his life. Cotton, Hank's dad hates Hank but loves him deep inside in his heart. If you see this show and don't watch it, there is something seriously wrong with you because it is an amazing show that would keep anyone entertained because they don't know what's going to happen next.
  • King of The Hill is about a family with the last name Hill!

    The genius Mike Judge created another TV show after his big hit Beavis and Butt-Head. This show may not be as funny and random but every episode delivers a purpose. The stories of the episodes always have a moral at the end.

    The family named the Hills are pure funny. There's Hank the dad, Bobby the son, Peggy the mom, and Luanne the daughter. All of these characters are interesting in there own way. There's also the wacky neighbors which are also very funny. One of the most funniest parts of the show is when the 3 guy neighbors and Hank stand outside and have a couple of beers. Therefore, this show is an pretty good show. it is funny at the same times as well as meaningful.
  • this show was great, it's still not bad now

    I still like the show, I think they should bring some of the characters from soem of Mike Judge's old shows, like Beavis and Butthead, or at least Tom Anderson, from that show since it's about the same voice. I think those characters would be friends. They could bring Daria in for an episode or 2. They have some funny jokes, but they might need to change it up a little, since it's the same thing over and over. I did like when they mad fun of the NY Times, that episode was funny. I think there is more that they can do with the show as long as they can try to keep it fresh.
  • HuH???

    What kind of show is this. I can tell you one thing. I personally do not want to see a show about mainly stuff that could actually happen. I mean it is not very interesting. Plus the new episodes are all family friendly. I mean is that what we want to see? I can tell you i don't. The only reason that this show got a 4 is because the characters are hilarious and a few episodes really can get you to laugh out loud. Other than that the show is pretty sorry. If you likie the show then do what you do. As for me the show is not that great. -NarutoShippuden
  • It's okay. I like watching it when I just want to relax.

    King of the Hill isn't exactly comparable to any of the other primetime cartoons. A lot of the others try to emulate the Simpsons to some degree, but King of the Hill is something cmopletely different. That's not to say I think King of the Hill is any better or funnier. It's just, simple. There's not a whole lot of flash or craziness to it. In that respect, it is like the Simpsons - the early-day Simpsons though. The stories are just regular family problems with a cartoon twist. No craziness, no BS.

    Still, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park are all funnier. The outlandishness those shows have make them hilarious, whereas King of the Hill is just fun to watch when there's not much else to do.
  • This show is funnier than Beavis and Butthead.

    King of the Hill is a very funny show about a family in a fictional town of Arlen,Texas.

    Bill Dautrive is my favourite character on the show because he is so akward and loves Peggy Hill.

    Dale Gribble is one of my other favourites because of his crazy conspiracies about the government. He is so paranoid he uses his alias name Rusty Shackelford to sign most of his documents

    Hank Hill is obsessed with propane and hates charcoal. One of his key lines is "that boy ain't right".

    Boomhaer is a ladies man who mumbles whenever he talks. Hank sometimes says I didn't understand a word you just said.
  • very good

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  • Not really that much of a review... but, I think it does the job.

    I've been watching this show since I was only a little kid, and ever since then, I have been in love with it! I have season one through six on DVD (waiting for seven) and I could probably tell you everything about the characters and story lines. The best character on the show is most def. Peggy... although she is extrememly stupid, that's what makes her a great character! From Dale's paranoid mind, to Boomhauer's promiscuity, to Bill's continued search for love, to Hank's crazy life, to Peggy's need to be a full time teacher, to Nancy's previous cheating life, to Cotton Hill's old war memories...

    This show is here to stay!
  • Great family show..more to this than meets the eye.Totally value show in all aspects.All characters compliment each episode.

    What can i say about Hank,the propane advocate,he's just great. As an employee,you couldn't ask for a better one...
    completely dedicated,loyal to a fault.When it comes to being a father and husband ,he's always in your corner.
    Peggy is a tough " modern day " woman,totally independent...
    but sometimes quirky..with her 16 or 16 1/2 size shoes.Who could ask for a better substitute teacher...her specialty.."Spanish".
    Dale, the exterminator,has more theories about government
    conspiracies... just makes you laugh. Of course, we all know someone like him. Can't forget " Bobby ", Hanks' pride
    and joy..only Bobby isn't athletic like Hank used to be.
    Bobby wants to be a comedian... and he does it well..only to Hanks dismay... And the characters keep going on and on....
  • a very silly show!

    the hill family lives in arlen texas. hank hill is a propane sales men who loves propane and his wife peggy. He enjoys spending time with his friends dale, bill ,and boomhauer who have been friends since childhood. hank has a son named bobby who is a bit of a trouble maker and has a girlfriend named connie. Luanne is hank and peggy's niece who lives with them and attends beauty college to become a hair stylists. this is very funny show with some adult themes but keeps you in a good mood. the show has a little bit of every thing and is a gulty pleasure of mine.
  • King of the Hill is really funny

    King of the Hll is about a man named Hank Hill, a propane salesman who lives with his wife Peggy, a substitute teacher, his wierd son, Bobby who likes many odd things, and his niece Luanne, a girl who was raised in the ghetto and is not very bright, in Arlem, Texas. Hank has 3 very good friends who are always drinking. Bill, who is an dumb army vetran. Dale, who has many odd conspericies about odd things and the mumbling Boomhower. Hank gets into many odd situations, with Bobby, Peggy, etc. Hank always finds a solution.
  • Another great comedy from Fox.

    Hank Hill is the star of this series and is a man who loves propane and propane accessories. He is an average Texan man who loves sports, propane and his dog Ladybird. Did I mention that he loves propane ... and propane accessories? Peggy is hanks wife, she thinks she knows everything and she hardly ever does. Bobby is hank and Peggy’s son; he is a bit feminine and has gay tendencies. Dale is hanks best friend/neighbor; dale is a gun fanatic and is always suspicious that somebody is after him. Bill is hank and dales "buddy" he is a depressed sad and lonely man who doesn't ever have a clue. Boomhauer is the quiet one out of the four but when he does speak hank, dale and bill are the only people who can understand him. Khan is hanks Laotian neighbor who thinks hank and his friends are a bunch of rednecks and hillbillies and thinks highly of him and his family. Luanne is hank and Peggy’s niece who is as smart as a plank of wood Luanne tries harder to impress boys than learn. A funny show that doesn't mind NOT alway being politically correct.
  • Family fun for everyone.

    It took a while for King of the Hill to grow on me, but it finally did. Now I love to catch an episode at least once a day. It is good fun that is somewhat clever and at times a little crude. This mixture is great because it meshes well and doesn't lean one way or the other.

    The writing behind the show is also pretty good. Rather than deal with things that could absolutely never happen in a person's life, King of the Hill often focuses on issues within families, neighbors, friends, or even society.

    A show definitley worth checking out if you have not done so already.
  • king of the hill

    it satarts with hank outside warting his plands he sayis hep that is a good joke yea dell sayes hank says what about it pegey comes out of the house and says hank the whatere heatere has broken again what ? not now i did not what this to happen now i got to go and fix this see youal i will be back asap dell says hea you bedder be back in less then a hour hae i will try to ok see you latere guys ok ok hank not going to fix dang balsted hot whatere heatere the end
  • this show is among my personal favs

    King of the Hill is so funny. It is more mature then The Simpsons and has better humor. Hank is stern, funny, strict and fun. Dale is annoying, squirrel like, paranoid, dumb. Bill is fat, dumb, heart-broken,pathetic. Boomhauer is funny seirious, yo, fast paced, a ladies man. Peggy, cant answer questions asked in spanish, funny, impulsive. Bobby, unpopular, funny, dumb, fat. They are all so funny!!!! I hope they dont cancel it for awhile. Sometimes I think it is better then the simpsons in some ways. like the things that happen CoUlD aCtUaLy happen!!! Mr. Stricklend is the worst character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Once in a while, I'll see this show on TV, and I'll watch.

    King of the Hill is a pretty good show, I enjoy some of the characters, but some are pretty dumb. Hank Hill is somewhat funny and very imitatable, while his dad is my favorite character. Peggy Hill is just a woman who gets angered easily by Hank, and could never really succeed in anything, until she became a columnist for the Arlen Bystander. Bobby Hill is a dorky kid with a dorky voice, and I find him quite stupid. Hank's friends amuse me, that Dale is insane, Bill's a loser, and I've learned to understand what Boomhauer says. My other favorite character, is Hank's neighbor Con, who amuses me so. I can't stand Luanne, she's just an idiot with an irritating voice, that I love to imitate. I enjoyed the period of episodes without her! Realizing this show is coming to an end, I don't really give a rat's butt, because I've barely seen any of the episodes in their entirety, anyhow. All in all, this show will go down as a show that looks up to the almighty Simpsons.
  • yup.....

    awesome tex humoer! i used to watch this show it brings back good memorys i love it. this show is an A+ i have not seen all the epsidoes but i remeber screming at the pst contrl man say that jashua is not your child, lol how could he have not found out? i hope he found out by now that would be awesome, if he has not already. hank and peggy are ok but peggy gets on my nerves. bobby is funny so is louanne and the short guy whos shins got blew off what was his name.....................coton lol how is a man that old have is own baby? if u know what i meen :) haha i don't know what else to say but the show is - was awesome i don;t watch any more i wish i had the time.
  • yep...yup...yyep..mhhhm.

    King of the Hill is another animation hit from Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge, who also voices the starring character Hank Hill, a propane gas salesman in the fictional town Arlen, Texas. Hank is often besieged by the idiosyncrasies of society, but he finds (some) serenity in his home-life with his wife, substitute Spanish teacher Peggy, his awkward son Bobby and his live-in niece-in-law Luanne Platter.
    Watch Hank and his friends, divorcee military barber Bill Dauterive, paranoid Dale Gribble (with an obsession with Government conspiracy theories) and gibberish spouting Boomhauer.
    If you ever see this on the air than watch it Its funny!
  • This show is a smart show

    King of the Hill rocks. It uses humor that is hard to find on FOX instead of using nothing but stupid jokes they have jokes that smart peole can enjoy too. I really hope they bring it back and keep it on becuase I thought the last season was getting better than its last 2. Hanks finds make the show what it is if it was about just Hank and Peggy then it wouldn't work. Any time there's a story line with Dale or Bill i luagh the whole time. Dale is the best character because he reminds me of me, parinoid and scared.
  • great show i will be sad when it no longer has any new episodes

    I think King Of The Hill is one of the best shows on television today. It has a intresting cast of charecters all bringing something different to the show. i dont no why pepole dont like watching the show everybody i know mostly say its boring. but i think that they just dont take the time to notice how much better it is than other shows because it has realism mostly everything in the show has realism i think we can all relate to some things that go on in the show. like charecters like boomhaur. i think alot of us know a guy who is good with girls like him.etc
  • A funny show that I can't go a day without watching.

    King of the Hill became one of my favorite shows, becuase it always came on before The Simpsons. It had the same kinda of comedy but was a little more realistic, at least for a animation. After awhile, I was constantly watching it everyday and really couldn't go to sleep without seeing it.

    If u like animations that are more real life but stupid/funny, the King of the Hill is definately for you. It may have lost a little steam in it's latter seasons but it is still as funny, and still worth watching.
  • Show revolving around a level-headed, problem-defusing Texan named Hank Hill. He is supported by longtime friends, close-knit co-workers and various family members. Did I mention Hank sells propane (God's gas) and propane accessories?

    The main charactures in King of the Hill are old highschool buddies; they were all four on the same football team in Arlen, Texas(fictional town). Hank, Dale Bill and Boomhauer go through the twists and turns of modern-day life in a small town together and their lives and loves don't really resemble anything like you'd find in the run-of-the-mills cartoon. This show features a great soundtrack; at times very patriotic to accent episodes featuring war heroes. The charactures in this show are more realistic in their hangups and mannerisms than animated productions are usually given to showing. If you enjoy family values and all American fun, this is the show for you.
  • Sometimes the humor works, sometimes it doesn't. However once I start watching an episode, I can't turn away from it.

    Mike Judge is one of the luminaries of the animation genre, and we all know him best as the creator, writer, and star of the popular MTV show "Beavis and Butthead," an excellent and ultimately true parody of the 1990's generation of kids. King of the Hill is probably his second-most successful creation. I don't particularly appreciate the show's humor to the extent of Beavis and Butt-Head, it's pretty much a hit-and-miss here - even though when they do work, they're hillarious.

    But the one great thing about King of the Hill, and many people will tell you this as well, is that the plots each episodes are centered around never leave the norm of reality, unlike other shows such as The Simpsons and (to a lesser extent) Seinfeld. Writers don't try to go for the avant garde, surreal setups that we see on TV these days, they take a normal situation and they stick with it.

    It's worth at least a bi-weekly watching. Once you start, the episodes pull you in and you become a fan.
  • This show dosn't have the humor like The Simpsons or Family Guy, but I really enjoy watching it.

    This probably has to be the only animated show that is closest thing to being about the real average American Family, The Simpsons and Family Guy get in to unrealistic situations too much to be considerd about the average family.

    It shows real stiuations that that most people could get in to. There are a few things through out the series that are still very unlikely that average people would go through, but they are there to keep the show interesting.

    I have not seen many of the latest eisodes but avereaging up the show, I think it is better than The Simpson, alot better than Bevis and Butthead, but not as good as Family Guy or South Park.
  • One of the funniest shows!!!!

    I love this show!!!!!! Its hilarous and ive been watching it for a while.The animation is very good, plot for every episode is always good and I love all the charectars!!!Hank the old-fashioned guy, Dale the conspiracy everything, Peggy the over cofident woman, bobby the fat boy who is always funny and bill and bomhaaur (I think thats how you spell it?) always funny. It saddens me that it is going to be over for good and all my friends think so too.But it has always been a good show and has never disapointed me.Ill always love this show.
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