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  • Love it all the way!

    This is by far my favourite cartoon!
    It is soo funny! it hasnt got the same frame work EVERY episode it changed around all the time!
    I really love the charactures the most, there persanlaties are so funny! I love it so much! Its funny and very urealistic but its not a problem in this cartoon.
    It doesnt get all repetitive with its episodes.
    Like some do which makes them really boring because you can almost predict whats going to happen next.

    Im not usally very fond of cartoons but this one is very good. for thoughs hot summer days when its to hot to go play out side.
  • The Creator of Beavis and Butthead did something right!

    When i watch reruns of Beavis and Butthead i cry because the show was so terrible. But I look at this show and laugh because it is so good. King of the Hill is about an Uptight man named Hank Hill who sells propane and propane accessories. It's not what Hank says but how he says and acts it out, thats what makes the show funny.

    The show has been on for 11 seasons and there is talk about calling it quits. It is good to end shows while they're still good. The Simpsons have been on for about 18 years now and well i think they're running out of funny.

    I like it when shows end good but not too soon.

    A Spin off would be nice.
  • In Summary, the King is indirectly a very educational show

    Truly, Although indirect, The King of the Hill is a very influential show. There isn't as much cursing in this cartoon as there is in Family Guy or American Dad. This show witha little fine tuning could be enjoyable for the whole family. O nmost of the episodes, of the characters get wrapped up in a situtation and screws up. In the end when everythigs fixed, they give the character a life-learned lesson and indirectly give the viewers. Now the only reason I gave it a 8 is because Beavis and Butt-Head is still stiffing the shows but from the animation to the content. for example, Luanne always wears the short shorts with the skin tight shirt with her breast showing. Also, it still has the same animation they used for Beavis and butt-Head. I guess Mike Judge is being a cheap butt-Head for not using 3D by now.
  • Great shoe it has some good comedy and some bad comedy not one of my favorite but still a great show.

    Great show i say but alot of people don't like it but i love it. Why people don't love is out of my hands. But i try to tell people its funny but people won't believe. I like the show its not hilarious but its got its funny parts. It has its flaws though like some episode aren't funny but 10 out of 11 episodes are funny and most of the episode are worth watching again. Dale is hilarious he is the funniest charactor on the show he makes the show good. Without him the show would be bleak. Overall the show is awesome and i can't wait for the new season.
  • My second favorite animated comedy!

    I watch this show all the time!This is a show that really makes you glad that you are not surrounded by idiots!My favorite character is Dale Gribble because he does not realize that his half indian son could't be half indian because his wife and him are coccasion.Everybody knows that the real father is John Redcorn, Nancy's(Dales wife) message therapist,but Dale thinks aliens enpregnated his wife!Anyway the main character Hank Hill is a salesman of propane and propane accessories.He thinks everyone except for his wife is a moron.You have to watch this show.It is on FX a lot,but if you want to know the exact time just check the site.
  • It starts off good but later it goes horribly wrong.

    I'm probbaly a huge KOTH fan, I have all the DVDs from Season 1-6 and watch this show lots of times on T.V., but something about this show bothers me. I'm not satisfied with Seasons 5, 6, 7, 8, and the horrible 9, even though I have Seasons 5 and 6 on DVD for some great episodes, but I could only choose 5 good ones apiece for each season, and it's hard to get to 5 with lackluster episodes that aren't funny and mostly boring, despite being my favorite animated series. For Season 9, I couldn't pick a single great episode to watch because they were not good at all, and it's a bigger downfall than some parts of Season 4 of Family Guy and Seasons 11-16 of The Simpsons, which is saying a lot by the way. For Season 10, it's a minor improvement, but it's not the best season though, in fact, far from it. I have to agree with any one who gives this show a 6.9 and below because it deserves it. Take my advice: Unless you want to see some great episodes you want for full price, avoid buying Seasons 7-10 on DVD. Only Season 11 will determine if this show will improve more, but for now, avoid this show to save time.
  • Pretty good TV show.

    King of the hill is a pretty good show but not the best because alot of times in this series there appears to be alot of party members that get a little bit crazy kind of like drunk people. So the way I would say with King of the hill is that it is good but not great.
  • decent show

    King of the Hill is another animation hit from Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge, who also voices the starring character Hank Hill, a propane gas salesman in the fictional town Arlen, Texas. Hank is often besieged by the idiosyncrasies of society, but he finds (some) serenity in his home-life with his wife, substitute Spanish teacher Peggy, his awkward son Bobby and his live-in niece-in-law Luanne Platter. Adding flavor to the ordinary dish the series serves are Hank's friends, divorcee military barber Bill Dauterive, paranoid Dale Gribble (with an obsession with Government conspiracy theories) and gibberish spouting Boomhauer. Classic...
  • What the...?

    You got to be kidding me! This is one of the worst shows I have ever seen in my life, I decide to give it a try a little while ago, and nothing not a single laugh in an episode, and I am a patient man, after a while I begin to get really bored, and in the end I finally discovered that it was really boring show! It is just a really stupid intention to make a sort of "The Simpsons" show in another place, and that is not working, this is one of the worst shows, I can't understand why people like it!!!
  • This show is pretty old, but it has stood the test of time. That really says something.

    What really makes a show, of course, are the characters. King of the Hill has plenty of engaging characters that make the episodes and jokes all that much better. Dale features a cynical personality and has crazy theories about aliens and whatnot. He also seems to think the government is out to get him. Hank is the perfect conservative American. Peggy is conceited and thinks she is the best at everything. Boomhauer is the ladies man, who never talks plainly, but everybody usually understands what he is saying. Last but not least, the deepest character of them all, Bill. The perfect man in high school, who held the touchdown record, then served in the army, got married, and then BOOM! His life was shattered when his wife, Lenore, divorced him. Everything just went downhill from there. Great characters, great show.
  • This is one of the most true to life shows out there today. The characters seem so realistic I feel like they are distant relatives. This show is a must see and my day is never complete without getting my daily fix!!

    The characters draw me in day after day from Hank’s propane obsession and struggles with expressing his emotions to his wife Peggy’s overconfident and glory seeking attitudes and to their son Bobby’s general awkwardness. Even by themselves this misfit family would be enough to keep the plot going for years but the crazy neighbors add more comedy to this hilarious mix. My favorite neighbor would have to be Dale with his parodied attitude towards the government while blissfully unaware of his wife’s love affair with John Redcorn and the true paternity of his wife’s son Joseph. And coming in second would have to be Boomhauer. It may be hard to understand this fast talking mumbler with out the close captions on but if you take the time to listen to him his few speaking lines are side-splitting. At third is the Hill’s Laotian neighbors the Souphanousinphones who seem to be antithesis of the Hill’s. While the Hill’s are satisfied with their lot in life the Souphanousinphones try to climb the social and economic ladder and aggressively push their daughter in her academic career. Their desperate pursuit to better themselves and their somewhat racist banter makes this family a hilarious addition to the alley. Last but not least is Guillaume Fontaine De La Tour D'auterive or Bill for short. This simple-minded, socially awkward character is often the butt of his friend’s jokes and is easily manipulated. Although divorced he still pines over his ex-wife Lenore and is often depressed over their split. I don’t think this show would be as great if any of these characters, as well as those I didn’t go into detail about, were missing. This show is what it is because the characters are relatable and while some of what they say and do may not be politically correct it is easily forgivable because these guys all reflect a little piece of ourselves.
  • Mike Judge has struck gold again.

    After his success with Beavis and Butthead creator, Mike Judge attempted to capture the Texas way of life, and it is pretty evident that he pulled it off quite well.

    What makes the show good-

    Colorful Characters- One reason this show is so good is that you can actually can start caring about them, because the writers decided to develope each one with personal quirks that make for interesting interactions with other characters.

    Subtle Jokes- Unlike most comedies on television the jokes on King of the Hill are not so obvious, but this is actually a good thing. Most shows that have endless jokes have no time for anything else.

    Heart- Almost every episode ends with a heart-felt message.

    What keeps the show from being perfect-

    Recent changes- Bobby has suddenly become too much of a annoyance, he needs to grow up. Peggy's know-it-all attitude has made her the worst character on the show.

  • Good solid show with interesting characters and realistic situations.One of the more overlooked sit-coms of recent times

    When The Simpsons became a hit,suddenly animated sit-coms became in demand.At first the quality was questionable(remember The Family Dog and Capitol Critters,and Fish Police?)But they figured it out.Go to the source.So many of the creative minds who work on The Simpsons during the shows creative peak in the mid 90s became in demand for other shows.Al Jean and Mike Reiss were the first,with The Critic.Greg Daniels was next.He had helped write some of the best episodes of The Simpsons,including my all time fav,"Bart sells his soul".He teamed up with Mike Judge of Beavis and Butthead fame to create King of the Hill about a family in a small town in Texas.Although there were trepidations about Judges involvement,it turned out to be unneccesary.King of the Hill would become a regular viewing habit.Although Hank the father is conservative,and has a tendancy to threaten people with butt kicking a bit too much,there is something likeable about the character.I think he is basically a good person.His wife,Peggy seems to be sure of herself(sometimes a little too sure)and his son only seems to be interested in becoming a prop comic.And his friends,well,if it wasnt for Hank,they probaly wouldnt have any,to put it nicely.With the quirky charcters,and realistic story lines,this show is a bit more earthbound than the Simpsons.But thats a good thing.That what seperates them,and makes this show worth watching.It seems to have been overshadowed for years by Homer and Bart and the gang,but I think its finally getting noticed.The show has survived a lot longer I might have guessed,and I get the feeling that age is starting to take its toll,but its still a good show.Louanne getting married to Tom Pettys Lucky character should add a little life in what could be its final season.
  • finally prime time TV for the rest of us.

    Yes Bigberetta is a redneck. I love King of the Hill. Finally a cartoon show that all rednecks and relate too. If you don't know somebody who fits one of the characters on this show, you have lived in the big city way too long. If you are this way, jump up, run to the country, and watch as much King of the Hill as you can. Anybody who says they don't get this show needs to be give large amounts of caffeine and fresh air. It that doesn't get them a good shade of red on the old neck, It is simply too late.
  • Classic

    This is a great show. It has better scripts than the Simpsons. I wish Fox will continue the production of it. The 10th season will just be backup episodes from the last two years. I hope that Fox at least lets Mike Judge has a decent series ending. O K
  • My replacement for The Simpsons.

    Ever since The Simpsons went bad I started watching King of the Hill, and I realy hoope that it does not get as bad as The Simpsons were. I love that King of the Hill is a show that pokes fun at what can happen in every day life, besides that it's simply a funny show. It has a great cast, and the episodes are always original and uncommonly funny. I think that King of the Hill will always stay funny, because unlike The Simpsons this show deals with very real situations and makes jokes out of them, plus its just a brilliant show, it gets funnier with every episode, if you haven't already then you should really watch it as soon as possible.
  • Not bad for an original adult cartoon

    While I haven't seen many episodes at all of this show since it doesn't air on free TV in Australia, I have seen a couple of early episodes (from season 1/2) on DVD and from what I've seen it looks pretty entertaining but not up to the standards of The Simpsons and Futurama.

    The subtle humour is quite brilliant and shows how clever the writers on the show are and the plots and jokes are usually very well put together but don't provide huge laughs all the time.

    My favourite character would have to be the paranoid neighbour, Dale, who always has some kind of government conspiracy on his mind.

    Overall the show is quite good but can't compare to other classic shows.
  • great

    this show is hgreat and funny also original. 4 guys friends in the same neighborhood who get into all sorts of trouble. including this guy next door asian and loves to make fun of the hills and also causes problems. booby is your average kid (well slightly fatter) and usually dosen't get into trouble but he is gulible. peggy peggy yur spanish isn't good okay your not a good spanish teacher I'm not sure why they lether teach. cony is you average school girl exept much more stressed thank you for reading my reviews i hope you enjoed it, bye
  • King of the Hill features the suburban life of a Texan in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas.

    I really like King of the Hill. It is a wonderful show, and I think to myself: why can't more TV shows be more like King of the Hill?

    Unlike such shows like Family Guy, The Oblongs, and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, King of the Hill is a realistic, reasonable, and intelligent show. The animation is fabulous, and the way the characters and scenery are illustrated are pure gold. Keep in mind that this is a cartoon, but everything looks so real! Hank's truck looks just like a truck you would find in the real world (mainly because it's based on one). The drawing is extremely detailed, which is why everything looks so great. Meanwhile, The Oblongs and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy are gross to look at because the drawings just look like they're thrown together at the last minute, but King of the Hill's illustrations actually make it seem that time and effort were put into the illustration -- something that you rarely see in animated shows these days.

    Also, shows like The Oblongs and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy are crap because after watching them, think: what have we actually LEARNED or LAUGHED about from shows such as those? Just cheap gags and mostly pure slapstick? Though there are moments of intelligent comedy in those shows, they mainly base it on slapstick and cheap gags, which is bad comedy. King of the Hill, however, nearly always uses intelligent humor, and when it uses slapstick and cheap gags, it does so appropriately. It is much more truly funny than those overexaggerated gags in other shows.

    King of the Hill is a quality show, and I only wish that other shows would follow in its footsteps.
  • A funny animated show about a family from Texas.

    Hank is a man who loves propane and propane accessories. He is an average Texan man who loves sports, propane and his dog Ladybird. Did I mention that he loves propane ... and propane accessories? Peggy is hanks wife, she thinks she knows everything and she hardly ever does. Bobby is hank and Peggy’s son; he is a bit feminine and has gay tendencies. Dale is hanks best friend/neighbor; dale is a gun fanatic and is always suspicious that somebody is after him. Bill is hank and dales "buddy" he is a depressed sad and lonely man who doesn't ever have a clue. Boomhauer is the quiet one out of the four but when he does speak hank, dale and bill are the only people who can understand him. Khan is hanks Laotian neighbor who thinks hank and his friends are a bunch of rednecks and hillbillies and thinks highly of him and his family. Luanne is hank and Peggy’s niece who is as smart as a plank of wood Luanne tries harder to impress boys than learn. A funny show that doesn't mind NOT alway being politically correct.
  • 1 word. FUNNY

    If king of the Hill were just a bunch of beer drinking texans, the show wouldn\'t be funny. The thing that makes it funny is the comic mischief and totally in-depth characters and the stupidly written scrips (meant to be). King of the hill is probably one of the funniest shows on tele. Lets hope it stays that way. [don\'t ever cut out Boomhower!!!]
  • A show that has jacked the like of the Simpson's

    this is a show that is not very funny unlike like the simpsons plus it is very boring at times. No good storyline, and a guy from New York that lives in Texas. WOW A gay son that the writers dont use enough, and the hit word on this show is yep. Well change that to Nope.It can be good at times but overall this show will go down the drain because the Simpsons over all kill this show. It's not all right boring but the writing needs to be a little bit more interesting.JAck the Simpson storyline since they jacked the Simpson's over all .

  • The characters makes you Love then Hate them, the writing makes you love and never hate the show.

    This is by far one of the best shows to ever air. The writing is completely flawless and keeps you glued to your seat. So many classic episodes, but by far the best is "A Firefighting we will go". That episode is a must see to everyone. The series was created by Mike Judge also behind Beavis and Butthead and although a lot of people will disagree with me than I think King of the Hill is better.

    The characters are like nothing seen ever before. Its so weird most of the time I hate them, even my favorite character Bobby, but for some reason you still care about them its like they have become a part of your family.

    Hank is the king and star of the show. He is a former quarterback and is now even working at his dream job propane and propane accessories. Hank is an old value kinda of guy who believes that the work place should involve work not farting noise and inappropriate jokes, that every American should vote, and that men should act like men, sorry for him his son, Bobby Hill doesn't fell the same way. Yep, 12 year old Bobby is awkward and a complete disappointment to Hank. Bobby has a big dream to become a heavy set Comedian who lives past the age of 35, and to his dad's dismay has shown little interest in Propane and football. Bobby is weird, but one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Then, we have Hank's substitute Spanish teacher wife, Peggy, who in my opinion is the least like character on the show, but in her opinion is the best. Peggy thinks she is always the best and she never really is. Peggy is naive and is the last to get things, but she is still not stupid. Next, we have Hank's live in niece-in-law (well until the 4th season anyways), Luanne Platter, who although is your typical dumb Blonde has morals, and even the host of a Christian puppet show.

    Then, we have the only void in Hank's life, his best friends which include- Divorce Bill Dauterive, who has attempt suicide, so many times ever since his wife left him. He lives and breaths the army where he is a barber. Dale Gribble of Gribble's Dead Bug who is one of those people who believes the government is out to get them, and unlike Peggy, he is both naive and stupid. Dale didn't even notice his wife cheating on him with John Redcorn who he considers a good friend and the actual father of his son, Joseph, who is also Bobby's best friend and much like Dale his true father. Rounding out Hank's friends is Boomhauer, who is a single, sex obsessed, fast talking(so fast you can't understand him), simple guy. The only person Hank hates is his father, Cotton Hill, who got his shins blew off in WW2 and killed 50 Japanese soldiers. Cotton divorced Hank's mother and has since remarried to an airhead and former lifelong classmate of Hank, who would later have a son named GH, which stands for good Hank. Hank also lives next to Kahn Souphanousinphone, who isn't Hank biggest fan, but his daughter Connie is Bobby's biggest fan. the two have dated on and off throughout the series run. I think that Bobby could do better than perfect always studying Connie.

    The show has been pickup by the Fox network for an 11th season, which will most likely be its last. The show is a classic, and will always be remembered for its true, down to earth characters who we hate and love. The show gets a much deserved 10/10.
  • Texas at its best!

    Other than the fact that Hank is way too judgemental about Bobby saying cursed words any where. Plus, Peggy is way to over protective towards Bobby. It's all Hank's fault that he has a NARROW URETHIA. He could only have Bobby.

    Con and "Con Jr.": THey are asian of caurse they are super smart and super cocky about themselves. Min what is that a asain housewife what is that.

    Bill: I'm sorry for your wife to stick up with you. So what deal with it SHE IS GONE!

    Boomhour: Nice you get all the ladies.

    Dale: You are so stupid you didn't nodice that Joseph was native american when you are the whitest man EVER!
  • This show rocks because of the funny situations throughout the show.

    I started to wach this show when i was 10. every nite i came home from school and was very happy also in a good mood because it was time to wacth King Of The Hill.

    My favorite episode would probley be wings of dope when Buckley comes back or when the market blows up and i liked when Hank and Peggy went skydiving. Those episodes were the best and probley more i have not seen.
    But any way i have almost all seasons and i heard season 6 is coming out im glad the show is not cancled because i still like waching it.
    Who is your favorite character

    A.Boomhauer.. B.Dale... C.Hank... D.Peggy... E.Bobby... F.Luanne... G.other....

    Mine is Boomhauer... Please comment me.....

  • Hank: Bobby! Its In My Urethra! Theres Propane In My Urethra!

    This show is about hank hill and his family who live in arlen texas tis show basically has a load of stuff that happens and is actually really fun to watch hanks 3 friends dale gribble boomheur and bill doltreive usually have a subplot to themselves on certain episodes doing some really stupid things,

    as for hank he has a narrow urethra and has a boner for propane gas and sells propane and propane accessories,
    his wife peggy hill usually something and teaches spanish
    bobby hill is always hoping to be a comedian

    anyway this show may not have jokes all the time but its a fun show to watch.
  • Accuratly dipicts Texas(well as good as a comedy can get away with)

    Okay, first off,I do live in texas and second there is no arlen cause a) there is no place called Arlen b) even if there was the show keeps changing the area around.

    Okay now thats done, on to the show. You really don\'t have to watch the show from the begining to understand it (though some charater traits and stuff are explained if you do) and the show also seens to be able to keep the comedy fresh. All lot of plot lines stay around a while (one charaters wife cheats on him till about the 4-6 season or the Son bobby\'s long standing relationship with a laotian girl which started about 3rd season untill the 7th or 8th season) and usually get resolved when they get a little worn out. Though there are apparent signs of discontinuinity (For one the niece Luanne apparently broke up with her boyfriend Buckly but a few episodes later they are back together for no apparent reason). Some one shot charaters( such as the Fathers half brother Joreichiro guess where hes from, hint: Tokyo) do need to come back though or The Mothers Dad (Great moments). Other then
    that the show really does good at poking fun at some texan
    stereo types(rednecks) and issues (coughmexicanscough)
  • it is a classic show that i have wachted since i was born

    roll rolll roll the joint pick out the seeds and stems livin high as hell through palm hills skatein on parkin railsroll rolll roll the joint pick out the seeds and stems livin high as hell through palm hills skatein on parkin railsroll rolll roll the joint pick out the seeds and stems livin high as hell through palm hills skatein on parkin railsroll rolll roll the joint pick out the seeds and stems livin high as hell through palm hills skatein on parkin railsroll rolll roll the joint pick out the seeds and stems livin high as hell through palm hills skatein on parkin railsroll rolll roll the joint pick out the seeds and stems livin high as hell through palm hills skatein on parkin rails
  • I used to live in TX I watch this show and its like I am back in TX

    I really love this show its by far one of my favorite cartoons .. I am 26 years old and I still watch this cartoon king of the hill and scooby doo are my two favorite cartoons ..... watch them and enjoy scooby doo is just a classic .. and king of the hill is great family comedy ... your sure to enjoy watching this show . if you have never seen an ep give it a try
  • Numerous series since The Simpson (which remains popular to this day), follow its model, inviting kids to watch along with their parents, as is the case with Fox\'s Futurama. Other shows, like Comedy Central\'s South Park or Fox\'s King of the Hill, overt

    The show revolves around Hank Hill (voiced by co-creator Mike Judge, of Beavis and Butthead fame), a premier propane salesman living and working in Arlen, Texas. He lives in a cookie cutter suburban house with his wife Peggy (Kathy Najimy), their son Bobby (Pamela Segall), and niece Luanne (Brittany Murphy). During his off-hours, Hank hangs out with his neighbors: divorced military barber Bill (Stephen Root), conspiracy enthusiast Dale Gribble (Johnny Hardwick), and the unintelligible Boomhauer (Mike Judge). A proud Texan, Hank works hard and enjoys beer, carpentry, and football (Tom Landry is something of a god to the citizens of Arlen). He is also a faithful husband, concerned father, and reliable friend.

    As good as he tries to be, Hank comes into repeated conflict with the rapidly changing world around him. His efforts to fight back, however, tend to lead to shifts in his own thinking, so that he ends up enlightened or even redeemed, even if by accident. For example, Hank frequently has trouble keeping up with Bobby. He wants his son to play football in school, and one day, follow in his footsteps and sell propane. But Bobby isn\'t quite so \"typical.\" Somewhat overweight and clumsy at sports, he wants more than anything to become a professional comedian or magician. Given their divergent expectations, Hank tends to be disappointed in his son, while Bobby sometimes wonders if his father loves him. In one episode, Bobby asks, \"Why do you hate everything you don\'t understand?\" Hank replies, \"I don\'t hate you, Bobby.\"

    Hank may not hate Bobby, but he certainly doesn\'t understand him. This stems from Bobby\'s embodiment, sometimes visibly, of Hank\'s own fears. For example, Hank\'s homophobia is showcased when he discovers a kitchen apron hidden under Bobby\'s bed. For Hank, the preferred explanation is obvious: \"There\'d better be a naked cheerleader under your bed.\" As it turns out, Bobby is taking a class in \"home economics,\" where he\'s learning to cook and sew. Hank, in turn, must learn to appreciate Bobby\'s new talents.

    Still, he has difficulty getting it right: when he starts comparing Bobby\'s exotic dishes to his wife\'s traditional cooking, Peggy starts to feel threatened. Hank and Bobby bond to such a degree that they start sleeping in the same bed, while Peggy sleeps in Bobby\'s room. By episode\'s end, Hank takes her out for a romantic evening, reaffirming his heterosexuality and dominance in the household. Yet he can also begin to accept Bobby\'s \"girly\" tendencies. (Actually, this issue comes up repeatedly in the series, in regard to Bobby\'s brief tenure as a large-size boys\' clothing model, or his struggles as a wrestler for the school team.) Although Hank does not understand Bobby, he tries sincerely to respect his differences.

    More cross-generational conflicts arise in the form of Hank\'s father, Cotton (Toby Huss). Compared to Cotton, who believes, quite literally, that women should serve men, Hank looks almost liberal. A World War II veteran, Cotton is disappointed that his son never joined the armed services; indeed, he thinks Hank\'s career choice makes him effeminate. That both Hank and Cotton are disappointed in their sons reveals that traditions can be simultaneously relative (changing from generation to generation) and rigid (say, the desire for \"masculine\" achievements).

    During one visit to Arlen, Cotton is determined to teach Bobby how to be a \"real\" man. Trying to please his grandfather, Bobby spanks his mother and initiates a sexual riot at school. A very concerned Hank lectures Bobby as to why Cotton\'s ideas are wrong, and how women are not strictly bound to work at home. At the same time, Hank cannot explain why Peggy appears to conform, at least in part, to traditional expectations.

    Peggy is, in her way, the show\'s most complicated and elusive character. A part time substitute teacher, she\'s sometimes an accommodating housewife, at other times a voice of reason and women\'s equality, and at still others, revealing her own ignorance regarding cultural difference and integrity.

    And Peggy is not the only character to offer a humorous gloss on gender politics and female stereotypes. Luanne, for example, appears to be a standard \"dumb blonde,\" slightly slow on the uptake and emotionally needy, owing to the fact that her mother has abandoned her. When her mother reappears at one point, moving in with the dim bulb Bill, Luanne must, once again, forgive her. Working toward becoming a hairdresser while maintaining a part time job, Luanne juggles various stereotypes, revealing in the process her capacity for generosity, simplicity, and insight.

    Another prominent female character is Dale\'s wife Nancy (Ashley Gardner). She is the only woman on the series with a professional career, as a reporter at a local TV station. She\'s also been involved in a long term affair with her masseuse, John Redcorn (Jonathan Joss), a stereotypically strong, philosophically inclined, and nature-loving Native American. Nancy\'s son looks just like John Redcorn, a resemblance everyone notices, save for Dale. Far from being tragic, the situation highlights Dale\'s obliviousness as well as his loyalty and love for the son he believes to be his own. At the same time, Dale, a bug exterminator by trade, is comically paranoid, deeply and loudly concerned about government conspiracies and alien abductions. Always looking to find out who really killed Kennedy, he cannot see what\'s going on inside his own home.

    The show\'s most vivid and intricate race-based confrontations typically occur between Hank and his next-door neighbor, Kahn (Toby Huss). A well-paid engineer working at a local hi-tech company, the Laotian Kahn considers Hank and his family \"hillbillies.\" He repeatedly uses his class status to humiliate Hank, even as Bobby and Kahn\'s daughter, Kahnie (Lauren Tom), develop something approximating an intimate relationship, for 12-year-olds. Hank and Peggy, for their part, can\'t seem to stop themselves from making racist comments. That their bigotry stems from ignorance rather than actual malice or explicit fear doesn\'t necessarily make them okay; it does make them open to some sort of scrutiny. The joke -- at Hank or Peggy\'s expense -- reveals their lack of knowledge, and challenges viewers to be responsible for context.

    Over seven years on the air, Hank Hill has managed to remain \"King\" among his family and friends, even when, at times, he is plainly wrong, and his traditional values and conventional thinking prove inadequate to current situations. As Dale once wrote -- in a letter to nominate Hank to carry the Olympic torch through Arlen -- \"America not only is the land of opportunity, but also the land of redemption.\"

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