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  • Something about a fictional town in the southwest of Texas, a propane salemen, a over positive wife, a white trash niece and a slower than usual son all make this show great.

    First off, I love this show, I loved it from when it first came out. The first couple seasons I was living in Southern California, but the show still fasinated me. A few years ago I moved to Houston Texas, and all of the sudden it hit me! All the wierd stuff that goes on in thier show, goes on in Humble Texas, the city i moved into. The whataburger, the trucks, the trailor parks, the crazy weather etc, its all here. Theoreticaly Arlen, the Hills resident town, is somewhere between Houston and Dallas. Both major cities are mentioned in the show, but i tend to believe that the Hills live closer to Houston due to the fact that thier fast talking neighbor floats into downtown from a nearby campsite. That camp site could possible be the bayou close by. My favorite episode involves Bobby Hill (Hanks slower than usuall son) taking a self defence class in place of a boxing class at the YMCA. The first time he yells out \\\"thats my purse, I dont know you\\\" leaves an unusually classic sence of good tv distilled in myself. If you like the simpsons, or Beavis and Butthead, check this one out!
  • i think this show is pretty good because it is based on garland texas and it fits pretty good, and the setting is awsome, so i hope this show keeps going on

    i hope this show gets better ratings cuase i think it should be way up on the top of the viewing, i think it still has new episodes so many weeks but i hope it keeps going for a couple of more years till it dies, so good luck to the creator of the show mike judge
  • Very funny show. :)

    Mike Judge is the creator of "Idiocrazy", "Monisngnor Martinez", "Office Space", Beavis and Butt-Head", and "King of the Hill". In late 1996 Mike was determined to get "King of the Hill" off the ground and bring "Beavis and Butt-head" to an end. That was successful. In 1997, "King of the Hill" debuted. Mike Judge did and still does the voices of: Hank Hill, Bommhauer, and Stuart Dooley. "King of the Hill" is one of the best animation/comedy shows ever in my opinion. The show is about:
    Hank Hill, a propane gas salesman in the fictional town Arlen, Texas. Hank is often besieged by the idiosyncrasies of society, but he finds (some) serenity in his home-life with his wife, substitute Spanish teacher Peggy, his awkward son Bobby and his live-in niece-in-law Luanne Platter. Adding flavor to the ordinary dish the series serves are Hank's friends, divorcee military barber Bill Dauterive, paranoid Dale Gribble (with an obsession with Government conspiracy theories) and gibberish spouting Boomhauer. "I sell propane and propane accessories," is probably the most annoying/remmeberal quote in this show. With there 190+ episodes. This show is very amusing. That is my review of "King of the Hill". Hope you enjoy!

  • worst show ever

    why anyone would watch this idont know it is not funny its boring and its nothing compared to the other animtion shows.instead of making this show the creators should have tried to make a half decent rather watch the grss then wonder it got it is pure s!*\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
  • Life in Texas-Mike Judge Style.

    From Mike Judge, the creator of Beavis and Butt-Head, comes along King Of The Hill, one of Fox's longest program to air. Unlike most animated sitcoms, King Of The Hill tries to stay touch with reality, yet be comical at the same time.

    The show focuses on the Hill family of fictional twon Arlen, where hard working Hank Hill tries to maintain a balance between his family and his life. Aside from that, he also lends a helping to the people when it suits them.

    Lasting up to 10 seasons, and renewed for another season, King Of The Hill is another shoe, aside from the Simpsons, you should watch once in a while.
  • I have seen a number of episodes over the years, and I keep trying to watch it (as I am huge fan of animated comedy, Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, Futurama, etc.) However, after watching 10 episodes, and genuinely trying to give it a ch

    I dont get it, is the only joke supposed to be Hank's strange way of saying Propane?

    It just seems to me like all the characters have a fairly annoying accent first of all, second of all they never seem to do anything funny (I like my comedy non-sequitir, almost dadaist)

    The comedy in this show just doesnt cut it, too mundane.
  • Smart and witty.

    Most people don't respect this show. I don't know why. I guess because it isn't a straight forward comedy like most shows nowadays. Its more of a "make you think" type of comedy. Its more of a "smart funny" type of show.

    This show is probably the most realistic cartoon show on the television. Sure, most people watch TV to escape reality, but watching uptight Hank Hill deal with the many problems in the world today, is really entertaining. Hank is just a propane salesman that only wants the best for his family, however sometimes what he wants, isn't what the family wants.

    This show's first 5 seasons are pure genious. This is because a lot of the old writers of the Simpsons left and went to KOTH. The rest of the seaons are up and down. Mostly up. But when KOTH pulls it off, it works.

    King of the Hill is a very underrated show. Despite being moved around time wise, the show still manages to stay on the air, and pull in good ratings.

    Cheers to you Hank Hill.
  • hilarious show, a must see every week.

    each episode of king of the hill is great, i cant get enough of this show. all the characters play an important role and they make every episode count. so many great plots and its been going on for 10 seasons, i hope it keeps going as well. hank is one of the best main characters of any show ive ever watched.
  • A great show that had a funny, original plot.

    Nothing like Bobby going out and trying to figure out who he is while Hank has his designs on Bobby being the heir apparent to the propane business. It does feel like a disconnect that Hank would think Bobby could be the heir apparent but then again, in th end they covered the expections of Hank and reality of the subject with Bobby. Overall I give this show a B.
  • One of the funniest shows on t.v, animated or not. Such a character driven sitcom has not been aired since the family classic "Roseanne". All of the humor is not red neck based, but clearly geared toward that genre.

    I wouldnt trade in my hour and a half of King for anything. He is the assistant manager of Strickland propane for crisesakes! He sells propane, and propane accessories like no other, and is proud to be a working class man. Then there is self righteous Peggy, his wife. She is constantly in competition with herself, as a self described genius, she substitutes as a spanish teacher. Bobby is their off the wall son, who enjoys fruit pies, and food in general. He has a charm all his own, as a mini Hank. The buddies all gather in the alley to drink and chat about life in general, Hank being the "leader". They have been friends and neighbors for years. I could tell ya about kahn and mihn, and their daughter Kahn jr...or about hanks pappy"cotton", who cant stand him, or about a million others that live in Arlen, but it wouldnt be the same. Kick up your feet, grab an ice cold Alamo beer, have a plate of Frito Pie, and check the gang out for yourself, you wont be disappointed.
  • ''' have all DvDs won't miss hank and da crew.

    This show takes place in Arlen Texas, Heimlich county.

    ~~~ K I N G O F T H E H I L L~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    This show is awesome in every way, although some of the jokes are adult and some young children might not understand it. I suggest renting the seasons. "try before you buy!"
  • I love this show! It should keep going for years to come.

    King of the Hill is one of my favorite shows! I can watch several episodes each day. I have one question. A few of the shows I have watched lately including tonight Mar 6,2006, on FOX @ 7:30pm have a someone different doing the voices of Hank, Peggy, Bill, Dale, and Boomhauer(?).It's very obvious,too deep and slow,etc. Why is this??? Does anyone know??? Cjvelk 3/6/06
  • Good Episodes

    I like to watch King of the Hill
    cause its humerous .They always show The king of the hill on Sunday. King of the hill is not my personal favorite. I think i missed some of the episodes of this show but the once that i;ve watch vere good and bad.
  • King of the Hill has lasted for far too long. From day one I thought the show was extremly boring, and not funny at all. And 8 years later its still on the air, whats up with that!

    King of the Hill has lasted for far too long. From day one I thought the show was extremly boring, and not funny at all. And 8 years later its still on the air, whats up with that! I know there are probably some people who understand the show, and find it funny. But for the life of me I just don't get it. Maybe its because I get bored of it after just 1 min watching it. I can't belive that the show is still airing new episodes. Wow hopefully the show ends soon, I can't stand hearing the opening again.
  • I'm going to miss this show!

    King of the Hill is a really funny cartoon about the Hill family, the people in their nieghborhood, their jobs, and their life in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas. Hank Hill is the husband of Peggy Hill and has been married to her for 20 years, and the father of Bobby Hill.
    Hank loves his job at Strickland Propane, and he has a narror urethra. Hank's wife Peggy is a substitute teacher, and is the mother of Bobby. Bobby Hill is the son of Hank and Peggy Hill, Bobby is a teenage boy. Bill Gribble is one of Hank's best friends, and is unhappily divorced, and slightly pathetic. Dale Gribble is anouther one of Hank's closest friends, Dale does'nt know his wife cheated on him and his son isn't his, Dale is extrememly paranoid that the government is watching him. Then there is Boomhauer, another one of Hank's close friends, Boomhauer talks extremely fast and no one can understand him except his friends and neighbors. King of the Hill is one of the greatest cartoons of all time, and it makes me really sad to think about it ending this Fall, I'm really going to miss this show !
  • Pun intended on the classification. This show started much stronger than most sitcoms (animated or live action). Very funny episodes started as early as season 2...

    Pun intended on the classification. This show started much stronger than most sitcoms (animated or live action).

    Very funny episodes started as early as season 2 but by season 7 it became a little hit or miss. I was able to watch it week to week until season 9 and then I had to tell tivo to pull the plug. I'll watch the finale though.

    As in all "family" sitcoms the best episodes were the least family oriented.
  • Absolutely the best in adult animation. Let\'s take it to the next level.

    Absolutely the best in adult animation. Even the reruns bring grins and giggles. I have often felt that the writers could take this show to the big screen. It may not be the picture of the year, but if you let the people that do the voices play the characters, I believe we\'d have a movie that would at the very least make money. Those people that do more than one voice will just have to suit up in different clothes, but we can\'t scrimp, they will just have to do costume changes. There is a grass roots following that would appreciate seeing the real people out there. Throw acting ability to the wind, and to blazes with the critics. The movie will do more than cover costs. I KNOW I\'m not the first to think of this, and to you that have thought of it as well.... you\'re right, it\'ll work!
  • oh just love Love LOVE this show and you would know why if you would just read

    oh how i love watching my mom and dad watching king of the hill and hearing hank saying dangit bobby and hank and his beer buddys saying yep yep yep yeep and bobby geting into troubble the story is interesting and funny bobby is my faveroite he is the back bone of the story without him the story will fall arpart the story is about the family and there freinds and enemys like all animatoin mixed in sidcom you wont know what to expect first minut there having a feild trip and then there find out all the men are going on a diet so hank and bobby go on a diet(im just useing example this didint happen in the show)so my mom and dad watched it now i look for it to see if its on now i watch it and thats how i am and love it dangit
  • Dangit Bobby!

    King of the Hill, what can you say about the show? First off, one reason why I like the show is because of how the characters, even Hank at times, can be blissfully unaware to the things surrounding them and not care about it (or not know they're that way), such as Peggy thinking that she is an expert Spanish speaker and accidently bringing home a Hispanic child from Mexico when she took Arlen's Tom Landry Middle School Spanish club to Mexico and not realizing and in thinking she was a hero when she brought the child home, not realizing, due to her sub-par Spanish skills that the child and her family was calling her a kidnapper.

    Another example of the blissfully unaware residents of Arlen not being the brightest bulb in the bunch would be the loveable conspiracy theorist Dale Gribble, with how he doesn't realize that his son Joseph is actually the product of an affair of his wife Nancy and her on the side lover John Redcorn.

    Another thing that I like about the show is Bill and how he is such a loveable loser and how no one seems to take him seriously and always seems to be kicked when he's down. I also like how Hank takes his job as a propane salesman so seriously and how he treats his beloved dog Lady Bird as one of his children.

    In all, these are just a few reasons why I like watching King of the Hill, with how the characters seem so down to earth and like regular people, even though they are animated cartoon characters.
  • King of the Hill is one of the better adult animated series.

    King of the Hill is still a pretty good show. The quality is very consistant, it has strong storylines, and the voice acting is great.

    Hank Hill and company remind me of actual people that I know in real life which is probably what makes this show so great. It's more true to life than the other shows, so you can identify with what the characters are going through.

    It has a classic element to it that is very endearing, and I see the show having a lasting effect for quite some time.
  • Gets better as you mature... like switching from Howard Stern to Dave Barry.

    When King of the Hill first came out, I was about 12 at the time, and I found it to be rather boring. No bizarre situations, no ludicrous characters, never pushed the boundries of TV. Just your every-day church-going middle class Texas family, and their "adventures" (if you could call them that).

    I watched it for a few years because I was young, male, and completely dedicated to cartoons, but I could only take so much, and eventually gave up on it. It wasn't until just recently, as King of the Hill entered its 9th and 10th seasons, and I myself entered my 20's and was out of college, that I started watching the shows again, giving even the old "boring" episodes another chance. I found myself pleasantly surprised by what I saw.

    When everything else on TV was going for shock value, got laughs through offensive language and situations, and relied upon outlandish and unbelievable characters, King of the Hill was a diamond in the rough, finding comedy in very true-to-life stories, relying upon the sheer 'roundness' and depth of its characters. Don't get me wrong, I love the vulgarity of South Park and the absurdity of Family Guy, but King of the Hill was much more subtle, there was a much "deeper" humor running through it, jokes took more than 3 seconds to tell, and you had to actually pay attention to what was going on.

    I suddenly understood why I didn't like the show when I was young, and why so many people still don't like it today. When you give up on shock value for laughs, you are left with something that takes a certain amount of maturity and intelligence to really appreciate.
  • A show that brings a sense of levity and humor to the fact that some good ol' red blooded americans can just sell propane and be happy with their lives. This show brings out the little man in the USA, showing the life of an everyday working good, honest p

    King of the Hill is a show that i can look forward to seeing because i know that when the credits are rolling in the end, i will be in a whole lot better mood. And truthfully what more canyou ask from a show? Not every show has to be a fast paced drama, or a riviting emotional trial. While making no mistake about the fact that i love those shows too. Sometimes it is nice to have a little simplicity and i think that if america were to have alittle more simplicity, we'd be a better, happier, stronger, place.
  • So Long!

    After ten years, it's ending. A great show in its earlier years but it has been stretch really, really thin recently.

    From the creators of Beevis and Butthead come King of the Hill.

    It's a great show that centers on a Texan man and his family and their crazy neighbours.

    They should have made Bobby gay, but hank would probably have killed himself.

    Overall, a great show, which although, I'm sad to see it go, it kind of needs too, because of the lack of storylines.
  • An updated Andy Griffith Show.

    King of the Hill is a thirty-minute animated series which distinguishes itself by being somewhat connected to reality and by dealing with topics largely ignored in American television.

    Noteworthy characters include:

    Peggy Hill a tightly-coiled spring who doesn't let ignorance be an obstacle to action.

    Boomhauer, the Lothario with a speech impediment.

    Dale Gribble seems a bit dated now, as the anti-government paranoids largely disappeared after Sept. 11, 2001. He should have been written out of the series, perhaps death by lung cancer.

    Bobby Hill, the obese, sensitive son of Hank and Peggy. He doesn't care for football, which, in Texas society, is tantamount to being a communist.

    Chuck Mangione, the flugelhorn stylist best remembered for his soundtrack in 'Children of Sanchez', makes occasional appearances.

    William Fontaine de la Tour d'Auterive, poster boy for depressive disorders.

    Hank Hill is the star of the show. A solid citizen and craftsman, tireless proponent of propane, he has religion and body guilt. Always he is in reaction to some aspect of his world changing.

    King of the Hill tends to be varied, most episodes are watchable, many are good to excellent but there are a few that are tedious. Good character design, good scripts. Overall, King of the Hill is well above average for commercial television.


  • Best Animation show on Tv - Ever! \\- YES I said EVER!

    At 1st Glance I though KotH was just some Ol Tv cartoon nonsense , good for a quick laugh but thats about it.

    But once the show hit dvd , I was able to catch up from the beginning an follow the characters,

    and now its one of my fav shows!

    Sad to see it go!
  • The worst animated programme on t.v with no comedy, no interesting characters and basicaly nothing happening.I just read that it is finishing soon, GOOD!!

    The worst animated programme on t.v with no comedy, no interesting characters and basicaly nothing happening.I just read that it is finishing soon, GOOD!! If you compare this with any of the other animated programmes i.e family guy, simpsons, south park, futurama and others king of the hill will come out at the bottom.
  • Bring Back Beavis and Butthead!

    King of the Hill is the story of a redneck family called the Hills.Basicly all it is Hank(the father)getting blamed for things he didnt do and having a sexual relation with Propane?Then theres the Mom Peggy.She is Spanish subsitute teacher....when she cant speak spanish.When shes not
    pretending to be a nun to get a teaching job for a cathlic school in an unfunny manner.
    Then theres the fatass Bobby Hill whos untalented
    as I said before fat.All he does is whine and watch TV and do really stupid and unfunny things.Next is Dale the only funny character in the whole show.Thats all I have to say about him.
    Next is Boomhour....well all he does is sip beer and flirt(rarely).Then we have Bill basicly hes bobby but fatter older poorer and dosent have a TV.So overall its a crappy show that really past its prime.
  • A comedy on Fox that doesn't depend on shocking gags or cutaways to pull off a laugh.

    King Of The Hill isn't a huge hit like the Simpsons or Family Guy (ratings wise-it sits around American Dad), but it has it's own brand of humor. It may not be outwardly funny like The Simpsons or, again, Family Guy, but most of it's humor is dry and not as obvious as the other Fox hits. Give it a chance, you'll love it.
  • A nice show.

    This show is mainly about a family that lives in Texas. Hank sells propane at Strickland Propane. His wife, Peggy, is a substitute Spanish teacher. They have a son, Bobby, and a niece-in-law Luanne Platter. This show is funny in its own ways, the episode plots are interesting, the characters are a nice touch, as well as Hank's friends, Bill, Dale, and Boomhauer. It's not as funny as most other shows, but it is a show with good plots, characters, and jokes.
  • The misadventures of the redneck Hill family, whose son, Bobby, has a questionable sexuality and I can't tell whether he is gay or just extremely feminine.

    King of the Hill is, as previously characterized, a complete waste of time. Simply put, it is the most overrated show on today's television. Mike Judge, creator of Beavis and Butthead (the stupidest show ever created, that relies on its sheer stupidity to make people laugh, but fails) has never created anything funny except the movie Office Space. I am not sure as of this point whether King of the Hill is supposed to be funny or serious, but the show, in all reality (as I see it) is neither. It's not an animated sitcom, it's more of an animated "sit" that doesn't display real "sits" ever in any point in the show. The show itself doesn't display human sadness, human drama, human comedy, or anything of that sort. Sometimes I just watch it just because I think Bobby is funny (not that what he says is really funny, I just like to make fun of him in my head. A huge problem with this show is that it is (or was) extremely popular, and I don't know why, considering it is such a bad show, so people feel entitled to watch this show. I know people who like it, and I ask them what they like about it. I oftentimes don't get a response besides "I don't quite know."
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