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  • A show that brings a sense of levity and humor to the fact that some good ol' red blooded americans can just sell propane and be happy with their lives. This show brings out the little man in the USA, showing the life of an everyday working good, honest p

    King of the Hill is a show that i can look forward to seeing because i know that when the credits are rolling in the end, i will be in a whole lot better mood. And truthfully what more canyou ask from a show? Not every show has to be a fast paced drama, or a riviting emotional trial. While making no mistake about the fact that i love those shows too. Sometimes it is nice to have a little simplicity and i think that if america were to have alittle more simplicity, we'd be a better, happier, stronger, place.
  • So Long!

    After ten years, it's ending. A great show in its earlier years but it has been stretch really, really thin recently.

    From the creators of Beevis and Butthead come King of the Hill.

    It's a great show that centers on a Texan man and his family and their crazy neighbours.

    They should have made Bobby gay, but hank would probably have killed himself.

    Overall, a great show, which although, I'm sad to see it go, it kind of needs too, because of the lack of storylines.
  • An updated Andy Griffith Show.

    King of the Hill is a thirty-minute animated series which distinguishes itself by being somewhat connected to reality and by dealing with topics largely ignored in American television.

    Noteworthy characters include:

    Peggy Hill a tightly-coiled spring who doesn't let ignorance be an obstacle to action.

    Boomhauer, the Lothario with a speech impediment.

    Dale Gribble seems a bit dated now, as the anti-government paranoids largely disappeared after Sept. 11, 2001. He should have been written out of the series, perhaps death by lung cancer.

    Bobby Hill, the obese, sensitive son of Hank and Peggy. He doesn't care for football, which, in Texas society, is tantamount to being a communist.

    Chuck Mangione, the flugelhorn stylist best remembered for his soundtrack in 'Children of Sanchez', makes occasional appearances.

    William Fontaine de la Tour d'Auterive, poster boy for depressive disorders.

    Hank Hill is the star of the show. A solid citizen and craftsman, tireless proponent of propane, he has religion and body guilt. Always he is in reaction to some aspect of his world changing.

    King of the Hill tends to be varied, most episodes are watchable, many are good to excellent but there are a few that are tedious. Good character design, good scripts. Overall, King of the Hill is well above average for commercial television.


  • Best Animation show on Tv - Ever! \\- YES I said EVER!

    At 1st Glance I though KotH was just some Ol Tv cartoon nonsense , good for a quick laugh but thats about it.

    But once the show hit dvd , I was able to catch up from the beginning an follow the characters,

    and now its one of my fav shows!

    Sad to see it go!
  • The worst animated programme on t.v with no comedy, no interesting characters and basicaly nothing happening.I just read that it is finishing soon, GOOD!!

    The worst animated programme on t.v with no comedy, no interesting characters and basicaly nothing happening.I just read that it is finishing soon, GOOD!! If you compare this with any of the other animated programmes i.e family guy, simpsons, south park, futurama and others king of the hill will come out at the bottom.
  • Bring Back Beavis and Butthead!

    King of the Hill is the story of a redneck family called the Hills.Basicly all it is Hank(the father)getting blamed for things he didnt do and having a sexual relation with Propane?Then theres the Mom Peggy.She is Spanish subsitute teacher....when she cant speak spanish.When shes not
    pretending to be a nun to get a teaching job for a cathlic school in an unfunny manner.
    Then theres the fatass Bobby Hill whos untalented
    as I said before fat.All he does is whine and watch TV and do really stupid and unfunny things.Next is Dale the only funny character in the whole show.Thats all I have to say about him.
    Next is Boomhour....well all he does is sip beer and flirt(rarely).Then we have Bill basicly hes bobby but fatter older poorer and dosent have a TV.So overall its a crappy show that really past its prime.
  • A comedy on Fox that doesn't depend on shocking gags or cutaways to pull off a laugh.

    King Of The Hill isn't a huge hit like the Simpsons or Family Guy (ratings wise-it sits around American Dad), but it has it's own brand of humor. It may not be outwardly funny like The Simpsons or, again, Family Guy, but most of it's humor is dry and not as obvious as the other Fox hits. Give it a chance, you'll love it.
  • A nice show.

    This show is mainly about a family that lives in Texas. Hank sells propane at Strickland Propane. His wife, Peggy, is a substitute Spanish teacher. They have a son, Bobby, and a niece-in-law Luanne Platter. This show is funny in its own ways, the episode plots are interesting, the characters are a nice touch, as well as Hank's friends, Bill, Dale, and Boomhauer. It's not as funny as most other shows, but it is a show with good plots, characters, and jokes.
  • The misadventures of the redneck Hill family, whose son, Bobby, has a questionable sexuality and I can't tell whether he is gay or just extremely feminine.

    King of the Hill is, as previously characterized, a complete waste of time. Simply put, it is the most overrated show on today's television. Mike Judge, creator of Beavis and Butthead (the stupidest show ever created, that relies on its sheer stupidity to make people laugh, but fails) has never created anything funny except the movie Office Space. I am not sure as of this point whether King of the Hill is supposed to be funny or serious, but the show, in all reality (as I see it) is neither. It's not an animated sitcom, it's more of an animated "sit" that doesn't display real "sits" ever in any point in the show. The show itself doesn't display human sadness, human drama, human comedy, or anything of that sort. Sometimes I just watch it just because I think Bobby is funny (not that what he says is really funny, I just like to make fun of him in my head. A huge problem with this show is that it is (or was) extremely popular, and I don't know why, considering it is such a bad show, so people feel entitled to watch this show. I know people who like it, and I ask them what they like about it. I oftentimes don't get a response besides "I don't quite know."
  • Funny every episode

    This is my favorite animation series ever. I have to watch the reruns every day to unwind after work. It is funny and there is always a lesson to be learned from each episode. I have also continue to watch every new episode and it never disappoints me. Each season is a must have for your dvd collection!
  • good show

    i really like this show its funny when hank falls down and makes that sound haha and their litlle tubby kid hes funny but afraid of everythign and he wants to eat but the mom says no she wants him to be fit and hank dont like her and has naughty dreams about teh neighbors

  • King of the Hill

    This is another one of those brilliant adult cartoons. This show is rarely on but I watch it whenever I get the chance. As I said this is another one of those awesome cartoon series along with The Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad and of course this good cartoon.
  • Although it ran for many years, I still think it was underapreciated.

    This is a great, well written show. It seems to be popular, in the sense it has run for many years. However it seems to be the favorite of few people, even animation buffs. I think this show was never fully understood. It is your basic sitcom, but animated.

    It is full of quirky characters, that could easily exist in real life, especially if you know any texans. I'm sorry, Texans! When, I visited Austin, I actually met a "Boomhauer". He was blonde, similar build, stammered, and he lived with his wife and girlfriend.
  • Good!!!!! when the simpsons or family guy isn't on!!

    King of the Hill is a good show! but only when the simpsons or the family guy isn't on, I am from England but live in America, but we receive british sky so i have to watch king of the hill and family guy on FX 270 and Simpsons on Sky One but that makes no difference all new simpsons and family guy come aon at the same time ( most of the time)as here in America but king of the hill they consistently show episodes from right back in 1997 shhesh! Thanks 4 reading.
  • Hank Hill and his Redneck family and friends in the town of Arlen, Texas vs. the idiosyncracy's of society

    This is a great show about old fashioned "red necks" living in the town of Arlen, Texas. This show isn't supposed to be funny like the Simpsons, but it can be very funny when it wants to be. Hank Hill is the main character, who often finds himself besieged by the flaws of society. This is extremely entertaining. I mean, when we watch him repeating the same old needles process, and protesting about how stupid it is, we go "right on!" And Bobby. He is like a cross between Bart Simpson and Chris Griffin. Funny, but an idiot who underachieves. And Peggy, a boastful housewife who thinks she is perfect. This, along with all the other characters, makes "King of the Hill" a smart animated sitcom that can be appreciated by all people who find themesleves plagued by societie's flaws. Go "King of the Hil!"
  • Show is okay, but-Peggy Hill and Bobby Hill should go-

    Peggy is such an erragant ass, I can\'t stand that character!!! Bobby is a fat, smart ass big mouth that writes checks his fat ass can\'t cash. To bad they don\'t have horrible accident together and DIE!!! Hank\'s life would be much better after that. I like the other characters- boomhauer is cool, dale is a slightly paranoid, ha-ha, Rusty Shackleford!!! Bill poor poor Bill no words to describe him-JUST SAD! Hank is got to the most naive person in Arlen-What a freak-I Sell Propane and propane accessories, WHAT A TOOL!!!!!!
  • This is ok

    I watch this show everyday. i just just learnes that they are ending it right after this season. Mike Judge says that 10 seasons are a good and round time to end. this is ok with me because they aren't going to kill the show. It is starting to get oldand dull. It is time to hang it up!!
  • Idiots in Texas

    I love how retarded the people act on this show i swear its hillarious I love this show and certently recomend it for anyone who likes a comedy that makes fun of idiots. i don't see why people don't like it it is really good so watch it

  • Its horrible animations, dislikeable characters, and uninteresting plots make this cartoon really horrible. The first second you see this you will flip the channel to something even better.

    King of the Hill was created when Mike Jude did Beavis and Butthead (the first adult cartoon you may call). This cartoon is taken place in Texas and the family of this cartoon is sort of lacking the likeness of cartoon characters. The animations are horrible, and this cartoon has been on for years and they still hadn't change the technology or use the new technology to make it look better. The plots are pretty much boring and seems like it was copied but the dialogue is kinda good. Overall, people looking for a new smart cartoon, do not watch this cartoon. Its horrible and will haunt you from ever watching. For a better smart cartoon, watch Fatherhood.
  • A great, simple animated show whose fine writing helps it stand on it's own away from the adult cartoon pack.

    I used to dislike 'King of the Hill' before I watched an episode. Yes, I am one of those people, who judge (no pun intended) a show sometimes simply by the way it looks, or the way a commercial is presented. When I was actually forced to watch an episode, I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. Before long it became one of my favourite shows on tv, and whenever its on I make sure to catch it, reruns included.

    And I think thats how a lot of people approach 'King of the Hill'. I always find myself having to explain to friends why I like it, or why I think it's a quality show. For some reason, many are turned off. That's too bad, because 'KotH' doesn't need shocking material, popculturey catchphrases or hip references . It's strength remains on it's unique characters and fine writing. The show is naturally funny, and is a real slice of life. Great characters make this show a classic, and i hope enemies of 'King of the Hill' will give it a chance or two.
  • we see that this show is almost over. i love this show and will miss it. hank hill is a classic and we will never know boomhauer's first name. bobby will never grow up like most cartoons. the kids stay young and always stay in the fourth or fifth grade.

    have you ever had deja vu and wondered where you had it. well this tv series does that to you. well beavis and butthead creator mike judge did this one too. we see mr. anderson has changed his name to hank hill got about twenty years younger and in texas.
  • This show has been a personal favourite of mine for a long time, and i hope it stays that way.

    I think King of the Hill is a fantastic show. It isn't like all other cartoon comedy, and it has its on style. It is bacially about a family who are almost to normal that it is funny... if you get what i mean.

    Hank is the main character of the show, and is probably the most normal character in the show, despite his obsession for propane. His wife Peggy is also normal, but almost seems obsessive with keeping her life normal. Bobby is the werideist of the Hill family, he has strange obsession for just about everything that is... werid.

    The other characters also make the show funny, especially Hanks good friend Dale, who has a wife who has been cheating on him for over ten years it would seem. King of the Hill is a great show and i stronly advise you watch it.
  • a show about family, morals, fun and propane and propane accessories. hank tries to deal with his family that are completely not how he imagined them to be as well as dealing with the problems of, well, every one else!

    I personally love this show. I often tell my friends that it is the best show to watch at 2am in the morning and that isn't a bad thing cos it is so subtle that you feel like you don't have to be laughing all the time cos it has so many levels. it has a rewatchableness that many shows lack like you can see an episode and watch it again, and see something more or different than the first time... things go on in the background or unconcious level. watch iut, it doesnt try to over stun you like family guy and it is not (at the moment) as stationary and repetitive as the simpsons... ps. bobby rocks!
  • The Show That Makes Texas Funny

    After experiencing many, many years of tedious animated primetime shows that come and go we are reluctant to actually think that there could be a good one to come out. And then I was shocked to find that FOX brought in Mike Judge (Beavis & Butthead) to make a show called "King of the Hill." King of the Hill is based in modern day Texas with a family of four who go through everyday things with a twist. Somehow the family is mixed up with their surrounding neighbors who have interesting adventures within their town of Arlen. The star of the show Hank Hill, is a propane salesman with a narrow urethra. Bobby Hill is Hank's one and only son and a miracle to him as he could barely thought to even have any children. Peggy Hill is Hank's wife a free spirited boggle champion/substitute teacher of the year who also happens to have men's basketball player size feet. Luanne Platter is Peggy's niece who is beautiful and blonde yet dumb (voiced by Brittany Murphy). As weird as the family sounds the show is a well welcomed change in animation. Mike Judge uses his knowledge from Beavis and Butthead and makes a show that is funny and kind at heart. Since this year (2005) is the shows last season we won't be seeing it for very long but it is a classic which should never be forgotten.
  • A story about a Texas man and his family, and friends and there week to week life.

    This is one of the best shows I have ever watched. I have the first four seasons on DVD. The only bad thing because of foxs networking schedule you will proble miss the first part of King of the Hill. And more bad news this may be the last season of king Of The Hill.
  • Its great!

    The Hills are just like any other middle class family.. Hanks love for his job is an insperation for us all. Peggy's way to always try to get het way is an insperation of persistants and Bobbie.. Well.. He's just weird..
    I would say the only think i can pick about this show is that you cant understand what Boomhoure says! it gets frusterating at times
  • Move over Simpsons.

    KotH is a great animated show, i like the Simpsons, but i love KotH. I am a fan of shows that i COULD see happening. Simpsons is just too out there sometimes for me, KotH although gets close, it not only more 'realistic' but much much funnier. and most importantly, it has a GREAT re-watch value, i get tired of the same Simpsons episode, but KotH, never...i once watched the same episode 3 times in one day...just because it was on TV like that. Simpsons, i would never do that...and i have the DVD box sets of both, and i have watched a little of the Simpsons, but KotH is always in the DVD player. Chances are, you will see the Simpsons DVD sets on eBay from me soon...but never KotH.
  • king of the hill is o.k.....but i like other cartoon shows better because i just have an odd sense of humor

    I like king of the hill, but I do agree that there are better shows out there like Beevis and Butthead and shows like that. I grew up watching dumb cartoons, and I love cartoon shows like Beevis and Butthead, South Park, The Simpsons, and King of the Hill......but king of the hill is sure not my favorite....all i can say is it\'s an o.k. show
  • My Second Favorite show next to the Simpsons

    This is the best writen show on tv now IMO. I love it and can't wait for new episodes. I can't believe they have it in such a bad time slot where half of the epidoes areen't aired since football is on. If I was Fox i would treat such a show with more class. Dale should have his own show he is so funny he even is right there with Homer in all time Funniest people on tv with me. This show is way better than a lot of people think and I know its better than what Fox thinks of it.
  • King of the Hill

    King of the Hill is one of the few animated shows that I like. I give it a 8.9, a "great". It is unintentianaly funny, but it's unintentianaly funny a lot of the time. The best guy on the show is Bobby, he is so stupid, but with a father like Hank, serious dad that like sports too much. Cowboys SUCK! (Sorry, I'm an Eagles fan so that just slipped out!)
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