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  • This show is very good!

    I definetely love King of the Hill as much as The Simpsons! This show has a different kind of comedy for people with a different sense of humor, which make a really great show! I'd give this 10,000 thumbs up! See ya next time folks where I'll be around to discuss other shows!
  • Show is best when Hank and his friends are staring in it.

    King of the hill is funniest when hand and his friends are the main characters of an episode. This is when the show is at its best. Any episode with peggy being a main character is usually boring and dull, bobby is a toss up, his episodes can go either way. The show is still a fun show for me, but Im always looking for another episode like hank and his friends being volunteer fire men, that is one of my favorites.
  • It may be funny, but the characters are completely annoying and unbearable.

    The dad, the boy, the asian guy, the friends of the day, the mom, pretty much everyone on this show puts a wierd feeling in my chest that makes me want to throw the remote at the television. HORRIBLE SHOW. With the exception of the hot niece, the characters are really thought out but not completely likable.
  • This is a great show I tell what.

    A close hearted Man named Hank hill, who sells propane and propane accessories. But he is not all bad, he just thinks men should be strong. It's still a good show, for an adult cartoon. Dale and Bill are the most funny, then John Redcorn. So you don't need to be a redneck to love this show, every one can like King of the hill.
  • Great dry humor

    People seem to find this show "boring". They just don't know how to appreciate this wonderful show. Yes it's dry, and that's how I like it.
    This is not exactly a laugh out loud show. It's more of a chuckle fest. I prefer it over that family guy junk everyone is raving about.
    The characters are really funny and unique from eachother. Hank is so proud of being a propane salesman. Dale is some freak that relates almost everything to a government conspiracy. Then there's boomhouer that just mumbles and somehow people can understand him. Things like this just makes it funny.
    So if you're looking for a good laugh, this is the show to watch.
  • The Cream of Fox's Animated Crop

    I am sad to hear that King of the Hill is in its last season.It is a clever, witty, and intelligent show with orignal plots and likeable characters. Set in the town of Arlen, Texas, King of the Hill blends small-town comedy with the unique ablity to take worn-on, over-used sterotypes and give them new life. It is obviously the best of the animated shows in Fox's lineup. The Simpsons has lost its glory and is past its time while Family Guy feels unorginal and isn't half as funny as it used to be. To say that Hank, Bobby, Peggy, Dale, and all the rest of the KOTH clan will be missed is an understatement. May they live a long and happy life in repeats.
  • hank hill is a patriotic texan in his mid fortys and has a wife peggy, who is a bit of a know-it-all and a son bobby who shows signs of being gay hank lives in a small town in texas wih friends such as Dale, Bill and Boomhauer.

    hank is an average texan man who loves sport, propane and his dog ladybird. peggy is hanks wife, she thinks she knows everything and she hardly ever does. bobby is hank and peggys son, he is a bit feminine and has gay tendancies. dale is hanks best friend/neighbour, dale is a gun fanatic and is always suspicious that somebody is after him. bill is hank and dales "buddy" he is a depressed sad and lonely man who doesn't ever have a clue. boomhauer is the quiet one out of the four but when he does speak hank, dale and bill are the only people who can understand him. khan is hanks laotian neighbour who thinks hank and his friends are a bunch of rednecks and hillbillies and thinks highly of him and his family. luanne is hank and peggys niece who is as smart as a plank of wood luanne tries harder to impress boys than learn.
  • Need's better episodes

    Now this show can have its up and downs. Something I just completely hate about it is Peggy. She thinks she\'s so good and perfect. It would be great if she died in an episode. Another bad thing is that it disses soccer. Now I don\'t know about you but i would much rather play soccer than american football. The only good thing about it is that Dale is a complete idiot. Bill is just sad.
  • if your a red neck............go ahead and watch this...........then go away

    If you enjoy singing the national anthem for no reason, going to nascar, drinking beer for no reason, talk gay like a red neck, you are a red neck, or just are bored to the point of wanting to kill yourself; this is the show for you. I cannot describe how much this show sucks. Right when the show starts, you can see how bad it is. The interlude is the four guys standing in front of the main character's house drinking beer for hours on end. How bad is that, but making it worse is what the main character's job is, selling propane. Wow. That sets up a great show don't you think???? Me too. One of the episodes that i was unfortunate enought to get caught having to watch with my sister, was about the main character's wife thinks she's a good country song writer because a untalented singer sings it. So what does she do???? she goes to a red neck concert to say "grrrrrrrrrr". End.................... Words cannot describe how retarded that is. In short, this show sucks on so many levels. Please stop showing this insult to mankind called "KING OF THE HILL." I belive if this show is canceled that wars will stop, along with all the problems in the world.
  • Television for Grown-ups

    I didn't used to like this show when I was about 18 and it premiered. 10 years later, my life's changed and I find that my tastes have changed.

    I used to think that it was ignorant and red-neckish, but the subtle self depricating humor is actually a wry and realistic treatment of down-home diversity.

    This is incredibly witty, insightful, and enlightened animation with intelligent writing. I can relate to the folksy humor. I can relate to the trials and tribulations of Arlen, TX as if it were my own neighborhood and family.

    If you dismissed it before, give it a second look.
  • Pretty good show, but I can't watch it hours-on-end.

    King of the Hill is a decent show. It's not as "wacky" as most other animation shows out there today, but it is definitely a "keeper." The characters are hilarious and 3-dimensional. I love how Boomhauer is obsessed with women and is constintly rambling. I love how much of a bum Bill is, and I love how Dale thinks the whole world is a conspiracy and is obsessed with the supernatural, yet is completely clueless that he is not the biological father of his 13-year-old son, Joseph. I love Bobby, because he is a REAL pre-teen. And Hank is always cracking me up. The only character I don't like is Peggy, who I find a bit annoying, to say the least.

    This show has definitely come a long way, and is now considered a cult classic. I'm sad to see it go into it's last season, but all good things must come to an end.
  • This show friggin rocks!!! Mike Judge has done it again with King of the Hill. I love the originality of the characters and the hillarious adventures they take on. My personal favorite is Boomhauer and his mumbling. I reccommend this show to anyone who

    This show rocks. Mike Judge has done it again with King of the Hill. This is a very original show and I applaud him for the uniqueness of the characters here. I wish Beavis and Butthed was still on though, but this show is still a good one. It rocks!
  • Texas, funny style

    “King of the Hill” is a humorous series that follows the everyday life of Mr. Hank Hill and his family. In addition to the rich and varied cast of characters, the show also features the State of Texas.

    If you re sick of shows set in and around either Los Angeles or New York, you will appreciate some Texas based humor for a change.

    If you are from Texas, have relatives in Texas, or from Texas, if you have friends, neighbors or casual acquaintances from Texas or if you have ever considered yourself a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, you will enjoy this show.
  • Not a lot of cartoons are like this, and I'm into more bizarre and edgy fare, but I still go nuts for this comedy courtesy of Mike Judge.

    This cartoon isn't so much of a cartoon as it is a satire, most cartoons are bizzare, edgy, and involves a truckload of slapstick, but this doesn't. Yet I love to watch it. It's one ofm my favorites and I hate it that FOX now treats it like dirt. Hank is the funniest guy on the show next to Bill, Dale, and Bobby. The only problem is Peggy, they focus too much on her. Go back to the King of The Hill,it's his show!
  • Texan Family. Son acts like a girl, father worries about it. Wife picks up some unusual hobby, which usually, fails, but they all learn a valuable lesson.

    Very boring and not funny at all. Every episode is the same save for a few changes. In every episode, Bobby does something unmasculine, and Hank worriues about that, while Peggy finds something to do. Very Boring. Can't recall a single funny moment of the show. One would have to be retarded to find this show clever or amusing.
  • The Texas Life...

    It\'s very strange to me that this show could come from the same mind that brought Beavis and Butthead and Office Space. The only thing I find humorous is Hank Hill\'s voice, only because it reminds me of Mister Andersen. This show isn\'t worth watching, especially the other cartoons that air around it (The Simpsons, Family Guy).
  • Even retarded people don't watch it.

    How is this possible? How can such a stupid tv show ever gets on tv? It is brute, unfunny, stupid beyond imagination. The quality of drawing is so bad, my dog can do a better job. Who is Fax trying to entertain with such a inferior show? If you like adult cartoon, stick with The Simpsons and Futureroma. If you appreciate detailed graphics and story, try Inuyasha or Full Metal Alchimist.
  • Since I'm born and raised in Texas, I gave the show a shot and liked it. It's no Simpsons or Family Guy but it has its own original animated comedy flavor.

    I admit at first I wasn't a fan, but I gave it a chance and have been watching it ever since. A lot of people want to compare it to The Simpsons and Family Guy which are two shows that are on another level. But every animated comedy show is not supposed to be based on or compared to those two awesome shows. Think about it, wouldn't it be boring to have every animated comedy show exactly like The Simpsons or Family Guy, only having different locations and characters but based on the same plots. Every show is different, other wise people are gonna get bored or someone is gonna get sued for violating patent and copyright ideas because they created another Simspons or Family Guy look-a-like animated series. Think about it.
  • This show is awsome

    It's a show about the life of a man named Hank Hill and his whole neighborhood of complete idiots whats not to like. This show has is very unoriginal and I thought I wouldn't like it because it is somewhat realistic but it is one Hill of a show! The charecters are funny and the episodes are fresh. There's not a story but there doesn't need to be one. This show should be seen so watch it!
  • a tv show about a redneck commie and his crazy family and neighbors

    the very first episode of king of the hill is very funny. after the 4th season you realize not only is hank hill a redneck but he is also a commie and a racist.after realizing these terrible things its best to watch the show and make fun of hank hill the show is still funny but its fun to make fun of the commie or it would be just another tv show.although there have not been any episodes as funny as bobby goes nuts and the first episode its still funb to watch and i like it i hope there is a movie one of these days.
  • this here lies the funniest show ever made. King of the Hill is so original and it seems everything that happens is funny as hell. And in the words of hank, " If you don't like this show ill kick your ass "

    this is a classic show about a family living in Arlen, Texas, who goes through everything. Nothing in this show is unrealistic. Everything that goes on is all very possible. Along with Bobby, Dale and Bill are the three funnioest charecters on T.V. This show is funny, original and will have anyone who njoys its kind of humor wanting to watch it all the time.
  • The funniest dang show in America.

    King Of The Hill is probably the funniest show your gonna find at dusk. At first, you really think it's boring. But when you know the story, you will find this really funny. I gurantee you this: There isn't one episode that wont make you laugh. In other words, you should really check this out.
  • Better than the more recent Simpsons episodes, not quite as good a Futurama.

    King of the Hill is a great show, and though it doesn't get as much attention as the Simpsons, it's much better (except for seasons 4-12). Its style of humor is an acquired taste, because compared to Family Guy or the Simpsons, its completely normal. Some might go as far to call it boring. That's only because it doesn't rely on potty jokes or tom foolery. It's all about the quirky characters and real situations. Each character is unique, and some are downright genious. Take the character Dooley for example (the classmate of Bobby with red hair sovering his face), pure gold. "I peed in some kids locker" in that low, mumbly voice. Hilarious.
  • Hank Hill and his down to earth nature, against his friend's (and sometimes family's) crazy antics.

    A good show about a down to earth man, with strong moral feelings, and a love of propane, that teaches us that city people, are sometimes jack asses. Funny and creative, King of the Hill shows that americans aren't as perfect as the media tells us, and will bring out the redneck in all of us.
  • This show is only for the highly intelligent. If you do not get the joke, it is probably over your head.

    This show is only for the highly intelligent. If you do not get the joke, it is probably over your head. Just stop watching. Sorry.

    This show is only for the highly intelligent. If you do not get the joke, it is probably over your head. Just stop watching. Sorry.
  • It's all right

    This show is not that bad. It' not very funny, but it shows what a regular middle class family could be like, just like any other show (Dale is pretty funny though.) It may not match up to Beavis and Butthead, but it's still something I would like to watch if there was nothing else.
  • King of the Hill is a very great show.

    King of the Hill is fun to watch and very entertaining. I love animated shows that are based on real life. All of the characters look like real humans. All of the episodes are not "cartoony", but seem to be based on real people. All of the episodes are great. I have not seen one yet that has been bad. Plus, everyone has got to love Hank Hill. His acts and personality is very funny.
  • If King of the Hill is this good, well we will have to stop airing The Simpsons...

    Could this possibly be the best animated show on FOX, maybe, but likely not due to Fox\'s phenomenal animated lineup via Animation Domination. King of the Hill shows the life of a Texan raising a family which includes his wife Peggy and his son Bobby. He does also have to remember he raises his neice Luan and only works at the one place he\'ll be besides home, he works at Strickland Propane runned by Buck Strikland.
  • The Hill family try to live a normal life in the wacky Arlen, Texas.

    This show is probably blasted because it's not like the Simpsons, but I've grown a liking to the show. It's very subtle and the only flamboyantly funny person is Hank's neighbor, Dale. But you really have to listen close to the things that happen because you'll miss all the funny parts. What this show really does is make fun of the ordinary life of a person. Let me tell you, the truth is comedy.

    This is actually a realy good show an untypical american family living in Texas i like i hate it that so many people dont it realy is quite a shame it is a really funny show Boomhowers da best!!! any way its a cool show about a family livin in texas Bill peggy and bobby a whole lotta crap happens thats random yet happens to people in every day life.
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