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    This show isn't even funny! This show gives Barney a better name. It's not even right. I love comedy but I know for sure this isn't even worth it. I espeacially HATE Hank. He thinks he is all manly it just makes me puke. He doesn't care of what his son, Bobby thinks.
  • if your a red neck............go ahead and watch this...........then go away

    If you enjoy singing the national anthem for no reason, going to nascar, drinking beer for no reason, talk gay like a red neck, you are a red neck, or just are bored to the point of wanting to kill yourself; this is the show for you. I cannot describe how much this show sucks. Right when the show starts, you can see how bad it is. The interlude is the four guys standing in front of the main character's house drinking beer for hours on end. How bad is that, but making it worse is what the main character's job is, selling propane. Wow. That sets up a great show don't you think???? Me too. One of the episodes that i was unfortunate enought to get caught having to watch with my sister, was about the main character's wife thinks she's a good country song writer because a untalented singer sings it. So what does she do???? she goes to a red neck concert to say "grrrrrrrrrr". End.................... Words cannot describe how retarded that is. In short, this show sucks on so many levels. Please stop showing this insult to mankind called "KING OF THE HILL." I belive if this show is canceled that wars will stop, along with all the problems in the world.
  • Its horrible animations, dislikeable characters, and uninteresting plots make this cartoon really horrible. The first second you see this you will flip the channel to something even better.

    King of the Hill was created when Mike Jude did Beavis and Butthead (the first adult cartoon you may call). This cartoon is taken place in Texas and the family of this cartoon is sort of lacking the likeness of cartoon characters. The animations are horrible, and this cartoon has been on for years and they still hadn't change the technology or use the new technology to make it look better. The plots are pretty much boring and seems like it was copied but the dialogue is kinda good. Overall, people looking for a new smart cartoon, do not watch this cartoon. Its horrible and will haunt you from ever watching. For a better smart cartoon, watch Fatherhood.
  • Even retarded people don't watch it.

    How is this possible? How can such a stupid tv show ever gets on tv? It is brute, unfunny, stupid beyond imagination. The quality of drawing is so bad, my dog can do a better job. Who is Fax trying to entertain with such a inferior show? If you like adult cartoon, stick with The Simpsons and Futureroma. If you appreciate detailed graphics and story, try Inuyasha or Full Metal Alchimist.
  • It sucks. (period)

    I don't get it.
    I don't get it.
    I don't get it.
    I don't get it.
    I don't get it.
    I don't get it.
    I don't get it.
    I don't get it.
    I don't get it.
    I don't get it.
    I don't get it.
    I don't get it.
    I don't get it.
    I don't get it.
    I don't get it.
    I don't get it.
  • Is this comedy or just crap?

    I was watching this show for a long time because there's nothing good on TV.It does have some funny jokes but still boring.Dale is the only funniest character in the show.Bobby suck so much!!!,He thinks his so funny but really he's a fat,loser,gay,fatty.Bobby is going to be a lazy fat hobbo when he grow up.He should work at a Fitness place.I would have give 6 points if they toke away Bobby from the show.There was one episode that was really funny, is when Bobby learned how to fight like a girl so Hank tryed to teach him boxing then he got Bobby mad so Bobby kicked Hank below the waste,That was the best episode.Ok I hope you enjoy my review about this show.
  • The worst animated programme on t.v with no comedy, no interesting characters and basicaly nothing happening.I just read that it is finishing soon, GOOD!!

    The worst animated programme on t.v with no comedy, no interesting characters and basicaly nothing happening.I just read that it is finishing soon, GOOD!! If you compare this with any of the other animated programmes i.e family guy, simpsons, south park, futurama and others king of the hill will come out at the bottom.
  • ughhh... overrated I tell you

    I do not understand how this show lasted as long as it did. I thought the show was goofy, corny, and stupid when it premiered in early 1997 and find it to be in now way different. All of the characters look ugly. Animation is bad. The characters themselves look stupid and having annoying voices. The voice acting is a pathetic excuse. The funny thing is so many people would continue to watch this show. I just do not get it. I find it as Fox's worst show at its time and annoying when on other channels like CN now. Gosh why can't CN put up some of its classic cartoons instead of this crap?
  • It starts off good but later it goes horribly wrong.

    I'm probbaly a huge KOTH fan, I have all the DVDs from Season 1-6 and watch this show lots of times on T.V., but something about this show bothers me. I'm not satisfied with Seasons 5, 6, 7, 8, and the horrible 9, even though I have Seasons 5 and 6 on DVD for some great episodes, but I could only choose 5 good ones apiece for each season, and it's hard to get to 5 with lackluster episodes that aren't funny and mostly boring, despite being my favorite animated series. For Season 9, I couldn't pick a single great episode to watch because they were not good at all, and it's a bigger downfall than some parts of Season 4 of Family Guy and Seasons 11-16 of The Simpsons, which is saying a lot by the way. For Season 10, it's a minor improvement, but it's not the best season though, in fact, far from it. I have to agree with any one who gives this show a 6.9 and below because it deserves it. Take my advice: Unless you want to see some great episodes you want for full price, avoid buying Seasons 7-10 on DVD. Only Season 11 will determine if this show will improve more, but for now, avoid this show to save time.
  • What the...?

    You got to be kidding me! This is one of the worst shows I have ever seen in my life, I decide to give it a try a little while ago, and nothing not a single laugh in an episode, and I am a patient man, after a while I begin to get really bored, and in the end I finally discovered that it was really boring show! It is just a really stupid intention to make a sort of "The Simpsons" show in another place, and that is not working, this is one of the worst shows, I can't understand why people like it!!!
  • Bring Back Beavis and Butthead!

    King of the Hill is the story of a redneck family called the Hills.Basicly all it is Hank(the father)getting blamed for things he didnt do and having a sexual relation with Propane?Then theres the Mom Peggy.She is Spanish subsitute teacher....when she cant speak spanish.When shes not
    pretending to be a nun to get a teaching job for a cathlic school in an unfunny manner.
    Then theres the fatass Bobby Hill whos untalented
    as I said before fat.All he does is whine and watch TV and do really stupid and unfunny things.Next is Dale the only funny character in the whole show.Thats all I have to say about him.
    Next is Boomhour....well all he does is sip beer and flirt(rarely).Then we have Bill basicly hes bobby but fatter older poorer and dosent have a TV.So overall its a crappy show that really past its prime.
  • Basically this is the most boring Show that I have ever seen on television!!!!

    This show is so bad. The jokes are just so plain and stupid, the voices of each and every character is just anoying especially the four guys that stand out side the house, drink beer and talk about the dombest things know to man!!!
    Plus the episodeds are so dumb and make no sence once so ever. This should not even be considered a good show. If anyone wants to see a real show they should check out Family Guy or The Simpsons. Those shows are that are acually worth watching.

    Some words of advice: Do Not Watch This Show!!!


  • King of the hill more like King of the stupid

    Boring, boring, boring. Only occasionally it is funny. Some guys that just stand in front of a fence drinking beer saying "yup" isn't funny. And a guy talking about propane isn't funny either. And why don't they crack a smile they look like me when I watch this show bored out of my mind. I would rather watch totally spies then King of the hill. And that annoying kid when he sees something he gets interested in it like when he saw his cousin naked he starts going around talking about that even striping in front of his neighbor. Stupid.
    I stand with what I say "King of the Hill, more like King of the stupid"
  • worst show ever

    why anyone would watch this idont know it is not funny its boring and its nothing compared to the other animtion shows.instead of making this show the creators should have tried to make a half decent rather watch the grss then wonder it got it is pure s!*\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
  • Blah not that good OVERRATED

    Ehhh what can i say i really don't under stand why people watch this show. animation is very bad and the charters are not cool

    i don't like Hank or peggy or bobby hill at all. it may be funny and may force a laugh but be serious it is about some people who drink and smoke all day. no person in the show is cool they have werid accents not like stewie of bart in there shows bobby is no comparison to any of them.

    not much to say just a bad show with no real thing that gets people hooked on

    should be cancled ASAP
  • I have seen a number of episodes over the years, and I keep trying to watch it (as I am huge fan of animated comedy, Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, Futurama, etc.) However, after watching 10 episodes, and genuinely trying to give it a ch

    I dont get it, is the only joke supposed to be Hank's strange way of saying Propane?

    It just seems to me like all the characters have a fairly annoying accent first of all, second of all they never seem to do anything funny (I like my comedy non-sequitir, almost dadaist)

    The comedy in this show just doesnt cut it, too mundane.
  • Texan Family. Son acts like a girl, father worries about it. Wife picks up some unusual hobby, which usually, fails, but they all learn a valuable lesson.

    Very boring and not funny at all. Every episode is the same save for a few changes. In every episode, Bobby does something unmasculine, and Hank worriues about that, while Peggy finds something to do. Very Boring. Can't recall a single funny moment of the show. One would have to be retarded to find this show clever or amusing.
  • It may be funny, but the characters are completely annoying and unbearable.

    The dad, the boy, the asian guy, the friends of the day, the mom, pretty much everyone on this show puts a wierd feeling in my chest that makes me want to throw the remote at the television. HORRIBLE SHOW. With the exception of the hot niece, the characters are really thought out but not completely likable.
  • Why is this show animated?

    There is nothing about KoTH that warrants animation. It's like Fox sponsored a spin-off of the lamest character from Beavis and Butthead (which was a really really dumb show to begin with but good for a few chuckles) and Judge flushed it out to be a whole series of Texas flavored after-school specials about resisting pop culture and liberalism. Think 'Saved By the Bell' meets 'Little House on the Prarie'.
  • Not funny at all

    Gosh, I can't explain to you how much I hate this show. It's super reatarted and don't see how people can watch a single episode. I can watch this show for 5 seconds without turning the channel. One day while my dad was in the hospital,(he had cancer and ended up dying :()a King of the Hill marathon was on and after one epiosde i swear i was about to leave the hosipital, until deciding just to go up to the tv and turn it off. this show is really boring and don't see how this is still on the air after about 11 seasons or so
  • Nothing but rednecks

    King of the Hill is a complete and utter waste of time. It is not funny in any possible way.Hank Hill and his idiotic friends are not funny, Peggy isn't funny, bobby and his stupid friends are nowhere near funny. I almost completely lost it when they cancelled Family Guy
    instead of this show, but Family GUy is back and hopefully this show is going to end SOON!
  • The misadventures of the redneck Hill family, whose son, Bobby, has a questionable sexuality and I can't tell whether he is gay or just extremely feminine.

    King of the Hill is, as previously characterized, a complete waste of time. Simply put, it is the most overrated show on today's television. Mike Judge, creator of Beavis and Butthead (the stupidest show ever created, that relies on its sheer stupidity to make people laugh, but fails) has never created anything funny except the movie Office Space. I am not sure as of this point whether King of the Hill is supposed to be funny or serious, but the show, in all reality (as I see it) is neither. It's not an animated sitcom, it's more of an animated "sit" that doesn't display real "sits" ever in any point in the show. The show itself doesn't display human sadness, human drama, human comedy, or anything of that sort. Sometimes I just watch it just because I think Bobby is funny (not that what he says is really funny, I just like to make fun of him in my head. A huge problem with this show is that it is (or was) extremely popular, and I don't know why, considering it is such a bad show, so people feel entitled to watch this show. I know people who like it, and I ask them what they like about it. I oftentimes don't get a response besides "I don't quite know."
  • Need's better episodes

    Now this show can have its up and downs. Something I just completely hate about it is Peggy. She thinks she\'s so good and perfect. It would be great if she died in an episode. Another bad thing is that it disses soccer. Now I don\'t know about you but i would much rather play soccer than american football. The only good thing about it is that Dale is a complete idiot. Bill is just sad.
  • IS this a drama or a comical?

    Why is this show on fox? It is like a cartoon drama. I have never seen a joke in it. It is just a bunch of guys on a lawn drinking beer. And bobby is a copy of Chris griffin. They have all these hilerous shows like family guy, simpsons american dad, the winner, the wwar at home. then there is this show which is not funny even a little bit. Hank doesn't fall off cliffs or gets hit by stuff like homer, stan and peter do. He is also not loud and abusive like the other guys are. This show should be like the simpsons and have zanny stories.
  • This show has gotten boring.

    I used to be a fan of this how back in the earlier days. Boomhauer was my favorite....but now even THATS getting old. But now I cant help to wonder how its still on TV. Id rather watch my grass grow.
    Mike Judge needs to go back to other Beavis and Butthead.
  • Saddly, when the creator of Beavis & Butthead came to FOX, he made a show no where near as good as Beavis & Butthead, and it's right here.

    Why was this show running so long?! I don't get the gigantic appeal about it. I didn't like it, it was also a slight knock off of The Simpsons (well, Family Guy is too, but...) with not as good humor. I disliked this show even in it's early seasons and middle aged seasons. This show's not even close to how good it's predecessor Beavis & Butthead was. Well, it's cancelled, and the Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland show's taking over it's airing. Not long after, this review would get more than 500 thumbs down. I'm sorry fan boys and girls, but I don't like this show as much as Beavis & Butthead.

    Grade: D

    Beavis & Butthead's much better!
  • HuH???

    What kind of show is this. I can tell you one thing. I personally do not want to see a show about mainly stuff that could actually happen. I mean it is not very interesting. Plus the new episodes are all family friendly. I mean is that what we want to see? I can tell you i don't. The only reason that this show got a 4 is because the characters are hilarious and a few episodes really can get you to laugh out loud. Other than that the show is pretty sorry. If you likie the show then do what you do. As for me the show is not that great. -NarutoShippuden
  • This show proves how clean humor can ruin a person's life.

    Mike Judge, what have you done?!!! You got rid of a highly controlversial show like Beavis & Butt-head for this?!!

    Here is how KOTH is a bad show:

    1. Hank Hill is as vanilla as you can get.
    2. Peggy is an egomatic blowhard
    3. Bobby is useless
    4. Dale is a "Hate him or Love him" person
    5. The episodes are 3/5 "Bobby disappoints Hank"
    6. Mike Judge went from funny (dark, sadistic, vile humor) to Bob Saget (If you don't get it. Here's two words: Full House)

    Spend your Animation Domination time elsewhere, since this show is not worth it.

    Here are some examples of bad episodes from last year:

    *Peggy meets up with her mother, the beast of Hell. I hate Peggy, but I hate her mother even more.
    *Hank gets involved in his Patriotic duties after Bill gets a golden retriever from a Blue Angels pilot in Iraq (that was cool). What does Hank get? Duke, the demon cat from a Private who's in Florida. Well, I hate cats too...
    *Bill gets into a stereotypicly gay choir group. He is almost doomed if it wern't for Dale unleashing full mocking to him. "You're part of a twelve-headed jackass!!!"
    *Dale, after being confused about JFK, turns into a American Patriot!!!! Well, Hank is in turmoil in that episode as he's declared a "Woman". This means Peggy irritates everyone.

    The only good episode was "The Smoking Bandit". My only other favs are "Apres Hank, Le Deluge" & "Tankin' It To The Streets". Other than that, KoTH sucks.
  • King of the Hill has lasted for far too long. From day one I thought the show was extremly boring, and not funny at all. And 8 years later its still on the air, whats up with that!

    King of the Hill has lasted for far too long. From day one I thought the show was extremly boring, and not funny at all. And 8 years later its still on the air, whats up with that! I know there are probably some people who understand the show, and find it funny. But for the life of me I just don't get it. Maybe its because I get bored of it after just 1 min watching it. I can't belive that the show is still airing new episodes. Wow hopefully the show ends soon, I can't stand hearing the opening again.
  • This show barely made the cut in my opinion. It was mediocre at best, but at least I could watch it.

    But when you consider that this show was created by the makers of Beavis and Butthead (Which in my opinion is nothing but an abysmal waste of time and effort, trying to create a comedy cartoon), this show didn't do half-bad. It had its good moments and bad moments. But what makes this show so much better than the previously-reviewed Walker, Texas Ranger? Well, for one thing, there wasn't a bunch of tough and buff good guys and bad guys trying to beat each other up every episode! For another thing, I seem to remember having seen more and better characters in this show, such as Connie and John Redcorn. And this is all I have to say for now.
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