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  • Whoever doesn't like this can go to Hill!

    Made by the guys who made Beavis and Butt-Head. That should be reason enough for you to watch this show. For all you parents out there, this is rated PG and they've showed worse things on the Simpsons. Just put on FX on a Thursday and you'll see why I love this show. It's a show about some average, everyday Texan's who like beer.A lot. The only bad thing about this show is that you need to watch it a couple times to understand whats going on, character-wise. Hank Hill is an average propane salesman who loves his job,and beer, a lot. Peggy Hill is a substitute Spanish Teacher at Tom Landry Middle School in Arlen,Texas(the town mostly everyone on the show lives)and has a very high opinion of herself. Bobby Hill is a chubby Middle School student at Tom Landry who wants to be a prop comic . LuAnn Platter is Hank's Nephew who lives with the Hill's because her mom stabbed her dad with a fork and she went to jail while her dad moved very far away. These next 3 guys are who you see drinking beer with Hank all day at the beginning in front of the fence and several other times during each episode. Dale Gribble is a paranoid exterminator who thinks every one is out to get him.Bill Doutreve is a fat bald guy who is very unhappily divorced and is now serving as an army barber. Boomhauer (no one really knows his first name)Is a smooth guy who likes the ladies, even though you barely understand what he is saying. Cotton Hill ,Hank's Dad, is a WWII hero who killed fiddy men. He divorced Hank's Mom and married someone the same age as Hank (Didi) and had a baby 40 something years after Hank was born. Con Soupenoosinfone (say it slowly) is a La-Ocean (it means from Laos, in Asia near Vietnam)is a systems manager who had to move several times because the neighbors hated them (they still dont like them here, mostly because he calls them "stupid rednecks". That's pretty much all you need to know to watch the show. Now go watch it,you stupid rednecks!
  • King of the Hill is an older animated series, that focuses on adults moreso instead of children like many other animated shows do. That helps to make this show original.

    King of the hill is a very good show, but it isn't quite as good as it could be, or as it used to be. When the show first came on TV it was more funny, and had more original plots, but now they seem to be a bit more repetitive, and don't seem to have as much funny parts as they used to. Most of the characters are great too. Hank Hill for instense has a very original personality, because I have never seen somebocy so uptight about things like sex, love, and stuff similar to that. It is very funny watching him get around talking about those things. Also having Hank really like sports, and having his son not good at them, and not like them that much makes for another interesting way that they can sprinkly in funny parts throughout the plot. Peggy Hill is also funny. She normally just makes the rules that Bobby has to follow, and if he doesn't she punishes him. Also she is usually the one who helps Bobby with the things that he likes to do instead of trying to make him do things that he doesn't want to like when Hank tries to get him to play sports. There are some bad things about this show though. For one thing, it is getting old. The plots are getting repetitive, and boring. They are to similar to other shows, and old episodes. Also some of the characters like the niece that lives with them are just annoying and dumb. They sometimes steel the spotlight away from the real plot, and also make the show less funny at times. All together this is a pretty good show, but it is not the best animated show out there, I would advise most people who like animated comedy shows to check this one out if you haven't already seen it.
  • The show was once clever and then the show was once good.

    King Of The Hill was a good show by all means. On my local FOX I watch the Reruns all the time. The problem is the new episodes aren’t that good at all. Why well the humor of and well rednecks in Texas was smart then it became way over used and not necessary. I mean heck if the show ended when it needed to end I would be giving it at the most an 8. It’s just like a lot of movies they try to stretch the plot so long by trying to throw in a lot of cheap shots. If it tried to take of the example of Simpsons or Family Guy and try to make the plot different in each episode I would watch it. The main character isn’t enjoyable at all and that is a bad sign.

    Like many shows it Was funny.
  • Great Show!

    This is a great show. It has better scripts than the Simpsons and Family Guy. I wish Fox will continue the production of it. The 10th season will just be backup episodes from the last two years. I hope that Fox at least lets Mike Judge has a decent series ending.
  • Its a completely average completely mediocre show.

    Why in Gods name would you watch this show when theres shows like The Simpsons and Family guy on the same network. Now you might eb asking "But why does it suck?" because it just does, its kind of a sit down and watch comedy. If this was a knee-slapping funny comedy it would have prolly gotten a 7.0 because its just not that interesting. I would avoid this show unless theres nothing else on.
  • King of the Hill is an older animated show that suits adult's tastes.It's about a propane salesman named Hank Hill and his family and friends.King of the Hill is so funny,especially Hank Hill.Peggy,his wife,is a little off track and their son,Bobby is a f

    OMG!!!Where do I start.King of the Hill is the funniest show ever since Seinfeld.I've always loved Hank Hill because of his propane speeches.~quote~"Propane is a lady.""We need to treat her with respect.""And sometimes when she's not a lady,she's a dirty girl."LOL!!! All adults will love this show.Hill rocks my socks!
  • A show about a redneck propane salesman and his family.

    This show has a lot of great humor and bits. The characters are comical and have their ways. The animation is traditional they don't use computers like in Futurama and Family Guy. The show gets old though. I've seen all the episodes and I don't like seeing them more then once. Also the episodes are getting less orignal and boring. The serie is getting old.
  • Great Show

    This is one of the great animated shows on fox. Even though the show has gone down a little from when it started it still gives a couple belly laughs each show. I watch the old reruns every night and they rank almost as good as the old simpsons. My favorite is when they all become firemen.
  • King of the Hill is an acquired taste.

    When I first saw this show, I hated it. However, it's the kind of show that grows on you. Its humor isn't found in the typical one-liners or fart jokes that most cartoons use. This show is definitely about the characters, and it takes time for you to "get" the jokes if you're a first-time viewer. The humor of this show is that everybody knows somebody that's like one of the characters; the loser, the know-it-all, the leader, the wacky neighbour. Its humor is more subtle than what we're used to on TV, but it's worth watching.
  • King Of the Hill is great to watch!

    King Of The Hill is a show about a redneck father, named Hank Hill, who sells propane. In his free time, he hangs with his buddies in the alley, drinking a beer. This show is fun to watch. Like Simpsons, King of The Hill has great celebrities in their shows, like Owen Wilson and Brad Pitt. This show is great to watch on Thursday night on FX, since to me there is nothing else to watch. Every time flips through the channels and find out that King Of the Hill is on, I will watch it! King of the Hill is just an instant classic!
  • Blah not that good OVERRATED

    Ehhh what can i say i really don't under stand why people watch this show. animation is very bad and the charters are not cool

    i don't like Hank or peggy or bobby hill at all. it may be funny and may force a laugh but be serious it is about some people who drink and smoke all day. no person in the show is cool they have werid accents not like stewie of bart in there shows bobby is no comparison to any of them.

    not much to say just a bad show with no real thing that gets people hooked on

    should be cancled ASAP
  • It is a solid cartoon that is funny in it\'s own way. I feel that Mike Judge made a right choice stopping the unfunny Beavis and Butthead for this \"Diamond in the Rough\". I also think that series has only one place to go. Up!!!!! Peace Out! Mike Smith

    This show definately deserves a 9.1 out of 10 for being original with funny episodes. This cartoon It deserve a higher rating because it still needs time to improve the show. I think a good thing to say in the finale is that Dale is not the Father of Joseph.
  • I used to love this show but now it is too much. Hank is such a...ahhh! I hate him!

    I don't like it. At least make likeable characters! I hate it! Hank won't let Bobby do anything! I don't like it, not at all!! I mean it is sooooooooooo stupid. I can't beleive I wasted so much time watching this dumb show when I could've been watching The Simpsons!!
  • Great show. Better than Bevis & Buthead

    King of the Hill is a great show. There isnt any out there like it. The creators were smart to ditch bevis & buthead to do this show. I wish there were more episodes for this show though. Based on other reviews, it seems its either people's favorite or least favorite animation on t.v. I definitly like it more than the simpsons or family guy. The age range for viewers of this show are a tad older than that of simpsons and family guy. I know alot of adults that watch it but would never be caught watching any other cartoon type show.
  • A humorous look at family, friends and propane in Texas!

    King Of The Hill is animation comedy at it simplest and best at the same time. Wh can not relate to a father who thinks nothing but sports makes a man. O.K., not to many people love their job as much as Hank, but we should be so lucky. Bobby is a perfect, if not strange look at the average young strange teenage boy. Peggy may be a bit on the overbearing side, and at times you wish Hank would tell her to shut it, she is a funny look at what some mothers are like. All in all this is a funny show that is much better than it sometimes gets credit for.
  • Seriously......?!?!?!? i mean ok at first i was hey this is good but then HANK ahhhhhh fudge!!!! he is TOO, atletic everything has to be a competition!!!???!?! what de hell?!?!?

    Ok, at first when i saw the show i was man this is so funny then i started watching some more and then i was man i was speechless he goes 2 FAR!!! i remember i was watching the episode where bobby wanted to grow like roses and hank was like protecting it and everything!!! i was like damn just let bobby do the damn thing!! so all i have to say is that i guess that is like the whole point of king of the hill but when i look back i was like all of that stuff that he does ends up turning into something funny. i mena i still like it but i dont really like to watch episode like that it just plain sux!!
  • KOTH lacks the creativity or the humor of such cartoon counterparts as "The Simpsons" or "Family Guy." During its first season it was pretty original. I thought it was going to be huge. It was, sort of, but it never lived up to its hype.

    Currently, I think King of the Hill is just kind of going through the motions. They've had some really off-the-wall plot lines through the years. But I don't know of anyone who really enjoys it too much.

    It has only managed to survive lately because of its comfortable position leading into the Simpsons.
  • A show that grows on you the more you watch it.

    When "King Of The Hill" first aired on TV back in 1997, I was rather surprised. The creators had previously enjoyed success with the cartoon cable series "Beavis and Butthead". That cartoon was never as good as this one. Beavis and Butthead was just a cartoon meant to shock and serve a youthful MTV audience. It was "hot" in the early 90's. But King Of The Hill delivers well-written comedy and is by far the most "realistic" of all cartoons. Some of these characters were taken from actual personality types in Texas or the South. Hank Hill (Mike Judge) is a conservative family man living in the small town of Arlen, Texas. His wife Peggy Hill (Kathy Najimi) teaches substitute Spanish to middle school children, in fact the same school her son Bobby (Pamela Segal) attends. Hank is passionately devoted to his job as a propane salesman and very patriotic. He enjoys drinking beer and chatting with his friends by in the alley/fence area. His friends include bitter divorcée Bill Dautrive, zany bug killer Dale Dribble who is married to Nancy a weather girl and Boomhauer who speaks so rapidly one can hardly understand him.

    In the pilot episode, Bobby rats on his father to a social worker simply to get some attention and get away with such things as playing video games and pulling pranks. In this same episode we learn that Dale's wife Nancy not only is having an affair with her Native American masseur/healer John Redcorn but has given birth to his son a now 10 yr old Joseph. Early on, Luanne Platter (Brittany Murphy), a cousin, moves in with the Hills because her drunk and disorderly mother attempted to kill her husband with a fork, bumping over the trailer. While she's off in jail, Luanne must live with the Hills. Luanne is particularly funny because she's like a cartoon version of a countrified Kelly Bundy, blonde and very naive and dumb. Bobby is a happy-go-lucky and carefree boy, who despite his being overweight, is self-confident and very warm and affectionate. The bourgeois Asian neighbors Khan and Ming and their daughter Connie move in, causing a great stir. They are overachievers and very upper-class which makes them stand out in the vicinity. Bobby eventually falls for Connie and she returns his love.

    The show is still running and I believe it's in its 8 season. It is likely to end soon but it has enjoyed as much success as The Simpsons. People are drawn to the urbane, witty characters and their lives. Many episodes seem so plausible but is written to be funny- Peggy wants to teach without being a sub so she poses a nun in a Catholic School (despite being Methodist)..the self-righteous Jeannie Harper (voiced by guest Sally Field) gets her comeuppance during a Halloween she tried to ban....Hank is wrongly convicted for drugs and the death of Debbie, one of his boss Buck Strickland's former mistress, Luanne goes to community college and accidentally joins a cult, a prostitute comes to live with the Hills and unknowingly makes Hank into her pimp, Connie gets her first period and its up to Hank to help out in the situation, Bobby dreams of becoming a stand up comic and meets Chris Tucker, etc. Dale Dribble as a paranoid and neurotic man is quite funny to watch. He thinks everything is a conspiracy. All in all a great show

  • This show proves how clean humor can ruin a person's life.

    Mike Judge, what have you done?!!! You got rid of a highly controlversial show like Beavis & Butt-head for this?!!

    Here is how KOTH is a bad show:

    1. Hank Hill is as vanilla as you can get.
    2. Peggy is an egomatic blowhard
    3. Bobby is useless
    4. Dale is a "Hate him or Love him" person
    5. The episodes are 3/5 "Bobby disappoints Hank"
    6. Mike Judge went from funny (dark, sadistic, vile humor) to Bob Saget (If you don't get it. Here's two words: Full House)

    Spend your Animation Domination time elsewhere, since this show is not worth it.

    Here are some examples of bad episodes from last year:

    *Peggy meets up with her mother, the beast of Hell. I hate Peggy, but I hate her mother even more.
    *Hank gets involved in his Patriotic duties after Bill gets a golden retriever from a Blue Angels pilot in Iraq (that was cool). What does Hank get? Duke, the demon cat from a Private who's in Florida. Well, I hate cats too...
    *Bill gets into a stereotypicly gay choir group. He is almost doomed if it wern't for Dale unleashing full mocking to him. "You're part of a twelve-headed jackass!!!"
    *Dale, after being confused about JFK, turns into a American Patriot!!!! Well, Hank is in turmoil in that episode as he's declared a "Woman". This means Peggy irritates everyone.

    The only good episode was "The Smoking Bandit". My only other favs are "Apres Hank, Le Deluge" & "Tankin' It To The Streets". Other than that, KoTH sucks.
  • King of the Hill is Mike Judge's biggest bust ever. Who goes from Bevis and Butthead (Great Show) to this sucky piece of production? It goes for comedy but in my opinion "The Next Great Champ" the huge FOX blow is just about as funny as this.

    It goes for comedy but in my opinion "The Next Great Champ" the huge FOX blow is just about as funny as this. The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad,Futurama are all recent shows that are a lot funnier then this. This show ranks right next to that nutjob Arrested Development.
  • Funny, Cool and better everytime

    King of the Hill is the best show for who has a serius humor, it's not like the other cartoons, it has a sofiticate humor that only smart people undestand... who see it offen, know how funny it is, show the problems of normal life, help us to lead better with the world, and with funny...
  • "Boy I'll Tell Ya What"

    I am from Texas, and I have been to that city, and they have it pretty dead on, to not only that city but for several others. But I don't think that these types of people are only found in Texas or the south. Sure I know someone like all 4 of those characters and some might say that I act or sound like one or two of them, but this show is such a good show. It is one of those showes that is so good you wonder if it is possible that that the same guy that did Bevis and Butthead did a show like this...Not that Bevis and Butthead was a bad show. The show is going strong and i hope it has alot more life in it yet.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • King Of The Hill Is A Show Of It's Kind... It Doesn't Beat The Simpsons, Family Guy Or American Dad But It's Still Good To Watch.

    I've been watching this show for a few months and it's pretty cool.

    The show is about the life and times of the Hills a regular Texas family. Here's My Review On The Characters.

    Hank Hill- A boring and average Texas dad. His character is not that funny but he's still fun to watch

    Peggy Hill- I don't like Peggy, she always think she's the best at everything. She always ends up doing something bad or kidnapping a mexican girl. She speaks "Fluent" Spanish.

    Bobby Hill- He Sounds Like A Girl And Is Fat. Infact He's Pretty Much The 2nd Fatest character in the show. I don't like him either.

    Dale Gribble- I absolutely love this character! He's one of the funniest in the show. He's funny and not very bright.

    Lou-Ann - The cast list says she is voiced by Britanny Murphy, I don't think so. She doesn't even sound like her and plus I think she's mentally retarted.

    Bill- The fat beer drinker is pretty funny. Not much to say about him though

    Boomhooer- No Comment.

    The Rest Of The Characters Are Alright.

    The show proves you don't have to be a funny Texan to be funny.

    I give this show a 8.4/10.
  • I agree the opposite of what Zen444 says and positively agree with what VillaFan said!

    This show is one of my favourite shows ever! I find lots of humour in almost every scene! I am also amazed how much detail there is... it is a cartoon, but you can't even tell it! The characters are great (Hank being a propane salesman that is annoyed of what is going on around him; Peggy being a substitute spanish teacher dealing with her feet; Bobby being funny and having such love for his father; Dale being a paranoid bounty hunter that has no idea that Joseph is not his son; and Bill, who struggles after his wife left him.) There are many other important characters, but I don't want to say too much...
  • An awesome show.

    An awesome show.It's shown everyday and I can't get enough of it.I watch all the episodes over and over again even if I had already seen them one hundred times.The jokes are clever and inventive.The show itself is well thought up and no episode is the same.It is a great show to watch.Clever and inventive.
  • This is more than just the King of the Hill, It's also the King of Television! This has managed to climb it way to being the best t.v. show of all time - in my opinion.

    This is more than a show - it's a way of life. Most shows now have no moral - there just about senseless violence or lots of sex. King of the Hill is somthing else. It combines snappy humor with an impressive amount of morals. It takes a real life situation and turns it into a laugh filled trip into the heart of America.
  • It's so normal, it's boring.

    The series is alright, but it is starting to become boring and annoying. The characters are stupid, lame and bland. It focuses on Hank Hill, an uptight man with an obsession with propain. He has an egotistical wife, Peggy, and an awkard son, Bobby, who has no atheletic skills whatsoever. Hank's friends are annoying as well. Bill needs to get a life; Dale is too get a clue; Boomhower... is alright. The basic plot of the series puts Hank in ordinary situations that he cannot handle, since he has a shut mind. Although this show has its moments, it is starting to lose stream and becoming repetitive. I hope it ends soon.
  • I love King of the Hill, and can't wait to collect all the DVD's!

    I was flipping channels one evening looking for something interesting, and I stumbled upon the King of the Hill episode, "Plastic White Female". After that, I had to watch the show again because of its unique humor. I love how all the characters blend together with their unique issues - Hank's sexual hangups and stringent moralism, Peggy's egotism with her glaringly obvious insecurities, Luanne's longing for the love and family life she's never had, Dale's suspicions of everything but his adulterous wife, Nancy's longing for a husband who is someone other than a dangerously eccentric child, and Bobby's desire for a father who loves him for who he is. Even the caustic character of Cotton Hill shows vulnerability in the episode, "The Final Shinsult" when Cotton, due to concerned son Hank's actions, is unable to renew his DL, has Dale make him a fake one; and is subsequently arrested and is put in a nursing home where for the first time we see him looking longingly through the glass to his son for help, because he knows that even though he's a war hero, he's aged and needs care.

    To further make the comedy interesting are the pretentious Suphenousinphone's where underneath all their mocking of the Hill's lies a certain, continuous thread of envy of the four men and their simple, open and honest lifestyles. This is demonstrated by the knowledge that although the Soup's may have a few nicer material possessions than the Hills, they still have the same hangups and vulnerabilities that the four "rednecks" do. Khan and Hank have similiar problems showing intimacy to their children that Connie and Bobby readily show for one another; and Minh and Peggy share an intense desire for acceptance as upstanding wives and mothers in the community of Arlen.

    I appreciate the fact that a certain amount of a well-rounded education is required to truly appreciate this comedy. Mike Judge and Greg Daniels are two very bright and creative men, and the other writers follow suit.
  • Hank is the leader of the family. Bobby is the kid that every one likes. Luanne is what some people say is "not the sharpest crayon in the tool shed"... and Peggy is the 3-time sub of the year teacher.

    This is a great show that needs new characters! This is more real life humor unlike family guy which always cuts to something random. I have been watching this show from 6pm till 8pm every night for the last 10 years. Thank god for TiVo. I wished i was Hank Hill when i grew up. People say i look like Bobby Hill. NOT!!!
  • eh....

    I'm suprised this show is still on the air. I expected it would be gone by now, but looks like its still here. The story is still about the boring old Texas family and their beer drinking neighbors getting in some sort of situation that later ends up being fixed. It's just like that for every single episode. Its time for this show to end.
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