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  • For 12 years, King of the Hill brought us excellent humor that we still laugh at to this day, and we will not forget it

    King of the Hill is one of those shows that will always be remembered. Everything in this show was done so well, the humor, the characters, and the stories, and it has always made people laugh. KOTH is about a family in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas where the family, the Hills, have funny adventures and dilemmas in their lives. The episodes are actually parodies of real life events. For example, Hank is trying to get his licensed changed because his gender reads female, but the DMV is slow to react and does not do anything at all. That is the beauty of KOTH, it takes real life drags like the DMV and make it into a funny parody of how people experience it, and it perfectly relates to the audience. All the characters are lovable, funny, and unique. Dale is an anti government person who always says the weirdest, yet funniest things, and Bobby brings in a lot of funny jokes about things and it is very amusing. But why did FOX have to cancel this show? I know you have to bring in new shows, but the show that took its place, The Cleveland Show, tanked and it's really bad (see mine and other people's reviews about that show and you will see why). King of the Hill brought us 12 wonderful years of comedy and is still enjoyed to this day. Everything in this show was done right, the acting, the characters, the parodies of real life situations, and so much more. Mike Judge, please bring this show back with new episodes. Go to another network so they can allow you to continue this awesome show. Check this show out if you already haven't done so.
  • For 13 seasons, this show has always brought me alot of smiles and now it's a shame to see this show leave

    Man, I can't believe "King of the Hill" lasted 13 seasons and I'm very happy that it did. I just wish that it didn't get canceled because I really love this show but I heard that this show got canceled because of "Bob's Burgers". FOX had to put in a new timeslot and they canceled "King of the Hill" for that stupid and unfunny show "Bob's Burgers". I really want this show to come back. I blame you "Bob's Burgers" because you stink and the animation, voices, stories, and everything stinks. Everyone in this show is likeable and very funny. Hank, Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer are four friends who stand in the front yard drinking beer and talk. Bobby is Hank's son and Peggy is Hank's wife. Didi is also Hank and Peggy's niece. It's really hard to choose of who my favorite characters in this show are but I'm gonna probably say that Hank and Dale are my favorite characters. What I about this show is that the humor is clever and wacky all of the stories are pretty much well written. For 13 seasons, this show has brought me a lot of smiles because it would make me laugh but it is a shame to see this show leave. Overall, I'll never forget "King of the Hill" and you're a hundred times better than that stupid "Bob's Burgers". 10/10
  • I wish this show were back...

    This show is so excellent. The animation is brilliant, the voice acting is awesome (I don't know how Pamela Adlon did it), the stories are smart, and they all have a moral. This show rocks and should come back!
  • This show is about a propane salesmen named Hank Hill. Hank is thrown into odd situations by his crazy friends: Bill, Boomhauer, and Dale. Hank has trouble understanding his son who loves comedy while Hank is a serious man.

    This show is brilliant, it may not have the cartoonishness of the simpsons, or the cutaway gags of Family guy but this show still succeds due to its suttle humor and story driven plots. While I don't think the show is as funny as the Simpsons or other cartoon sitcoms, I like it more because of its ability to be real and funny at the same time. Another charm of the show is how it actually has much continuity with stories carring over into more than one episode and major changes being made such as Bobby ageing, several characters being born, a wedding and much, much more. If you are looking for a show that is cleaver and charming look no further than King of the Hill.
  • Man do I miss this show

    This show is just great I really enjoyed this show it is just funny and clever! The characters are really funny and some are like able. I really wish that this show came back because Cleveland Show is not good at all.... However at least it had a long run, I really do wish it came back though!!
  • Very funny.

    This show is very much underrated. The fact that it has lasted for more than 10 seasons is very much a fact that it is a quality show that seperates itself from other cartoon shows. The best part is the element of how realistic the storylines and plots are to reality. Unlike other shows, it is quite spot on in terms of overall relevancy to normal life. The one thing I don't like about the show is the fact that it sometimes overuses certain characters when others hardly get screen time. Overall, it is a funny show and very entertaining. Thank you.
  • King of the Hill is about Hank Hill,his wife Peggy and son Bobby Hill live in Arlen,Texas.

    I actully thought one time it was worse than the newer Family Guy episodes.Then I looked at KOTH again and realized that KOTH have decent writing,and it's better than Family Guy.It's more original,and have better plots,than Family Guy.It's a decent cartoon,but don't expect the same type of humor like Family Guy or South Park.It can get dull at times.This show should not been canceled,it should had been Family Guy.It's probaly the most underrated adult -animated cartoon ever.Some of the characters are funny,like Bill.The hill favorate NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys.Hank don't like Houston Texas.Mike Judge,you deserved a pat on the back. This is LSUstinks11 tell you have a nice day.
  • I love King of the Hill, and can't wait to collect all the DVD's!

    I was flipping channels one evening looking for something interesting, and I stumbled upon the King of the Hill episode, "Plastic White Female". After that, I had to watch the show again because of its unique humor. I love how all the characters blend together with their unique issues - Hank's sexual hangups and stringent moralism, Peggy's egotism with her glaringly obvious insecurities, Luanne's longing for the love and family life she's never had, Dale's suspicions of everything but his adulterous wife, Nancy's longing for a husband who is someone other than a dangerously eccentric child, and Bobby's desire for a father who loves him for who he is. Even the caustic character of Cotton Hill shows vulnerability in the episode, "The Final Shinsult" when Cotton, due to concerned son Hank's actions, is unable to renew his DL, has Dale make him a fake one; and is subsequently arrested and is put in a nursing home where for the first time we see him looking longingly through the glass to his son for help, because he knows that even though he's a war hero, he's aged and needs care.

    To further make the comedy interesting are the pretentious Suphenousinphone's where underneath all their mocking of the Hill's lies a certain, continuous thread of envy of the four men and their simple, open and honest lifestyles. This is demonstrated by the knowledge that although the Soup's may have a few nicer material possessions than the Hills, they still have the same hangups and vulnerabilities that the four "rednecks" do. Khan and Hank have similiar problems showing intimacy to their children that Connie and Bobby readily show for one another; and Minh and Peggy share an intense desire for acceptance as upstanding wives and mothers in the community of Arlen.

    I appreciate the fact that a certain amount of a well-rounded education is required to truly appreciate this comedy. Mike Judge and Greg Daniels are two very bright and creative men, and the other writers follow suit.
  • I got-dang love this show!

    I am a very weird guy, but it's not weird that I love King of the Hill!

    The show is about a family who lives in Arlen, Texas. The main character is Hank Hill. He sells propane and has a wife named Peggy, a son named Bobby, and a dog named Ladybird. Almost all the episodes start out with Hank drinking beer (Alamo brand) with his friends, Boomhauer, Bill, and Dale in the alley.

    Hold up right there, Mister Get-through-with-it! There's something about this scene that beholds funniness. That's right! BILL. Bill is probably the funniest character on this show. His dim-witted brain makes me laugh my pants off.

    And then there is funny real life references such as Chuck Mangione being the spokesperson of Megalo-Mart, a fictional store which Hank, Bill, Boomhauer, and Bill camped out in.

    Dale is funny, too. His zany attitude adds flavor to the show.

    Peggy is a Spanish teacher who is...a bit serious.

    Bobby is just plain funny!

    One thing I just don't like about this show is Kahn. He's so annoying!

    DaftPunkLover out!
  • King of the Hill still has it.

    You would have thought the show would have lost its touch after going through 13 seasons, nope, it's still the same amazing show it always was. It's a shame that their canceling it though, it was doing so well, I heard their replacing it with some Family Guy spinoff that looks horrible, ugh.Anyway, after not watching this show for a while I decided to look at some of the newer episodes and they were very funny episodes, King of the Hill still has it in them to make funny episodes with a good plot and I wish they would not cancel it, they are making a HUGE mistake canceling this show!
  • "Boy I'll Tell Ya What"

    I am from Texas, and I have been to that city, and they have it pretty dead on, to not only that city but for several others. But I don't think that these types of people are only found in Texas or the south. Sure I know someone like all 4 of those characters and some might say that I act or sound like one or two of them, but this show is such a good show. It is one of those showes that is so good you wonder if it is possible that that the same guy that did Bevis and Butthead did a show like this...Not that Bevis and Butthead was a bad show. The show is going strong and i hope it has alot more life in it yet.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • A realistic cartoon, if that makes sense

    This show is a very different cartoon from Beavis and Butthead Creator Mike Judge. This show is somewhat low on laughs, but it makes up for it with great story-lines and believeable characters.The situations here can be just as chaotic as a simpsons episode, yet the reaction can be far more realistic then that of Matt Groaning's show. The characters here also seem to represent some part of society, whether it's the outspoken everyday joe (Hank) the person who has an opinion but is afraid to speak it (Bill) or the crazy conspirisit (Dale) and they all succeed considerably with their roles. Overall, this is a different kind of comedy that isn't for everyone (If the random sequences of Family Guy get you pumped, you may want to reconsider watching this,) it's still as entertaining ad good. 8.5/10 B+
  • Can't Believe I Didn't Review this Yet

    I'll be completely honest- I love this show, really. But it has problems. Let me explain some before be get into the good stuff:

    -One thing that REALLY bothers me in this show is how the characters look down on some people, like in the episode were Bobby gets into Tarriot cards. They made people who use them look like geeks, but my family uses them [we're a spiritual family] and I kind of found this offensive.

    -I know this show is about a family in Texas, but their SUCH rednecks that it's kind of annoying. Like I said, it's part of the show, but they didn't need to make it THAT bad.

    Good things now! Yay.

    -The plots are all based on real-life problems, which I actually enjoy. After watching things like Family Guy, it's always nice to see a show about things that can actually happen.

    -The characters are also all good, but some are kind of irretating.. but what show doesn't have irretating characters?

    -I love the art in this show. It's all realistic and nice, but the animation is a bit bumpy. Well... this is an older show, after all.
  • Boy i tell you what this show did not deserve to get cancelled.


    King of the Hill was actually one of those shows that had adults who were not complete morons and but could still be funny at the same time.Dale is my favorite character out of all of them because he is crazy and paranoid over the government which makes believe that the government can not be trusted.Hank has just an amazing voice that makes him sound like an old redneck.The only insult that this show had was that it got cancelled and replaced with a piece of crap show like Cleveland.Its just like when Disney got rid of all their good shows and replaced it with crap like Miley Cyrus.


    a great show always funny and amusing. really liked seasons 3 and 4. loved bobby and dale they always made me laugh. didn't care much for peggy but she was okay. really wished season seaven would come out on dvd. hank was very funny his conservitive approtch to life really brought some really funny moments on the show. also hanks love for propane was pretty funny gag. really liked how they ended the show with bobby finding his propane and finding a sense of responsibility in the first half of the episode. In summary king of the hill should have never ended
  • Only one episode flawed.

    The whole series was good,but the season nine finale is going to have some probems here.Why do they put the army in the episode when it's mainly about chorusing?!Anyways,very good show.My favorite episode is Bobby On Track,which is just before my least favorite.My least favorite comes just right after my favorite,Bobby On Track.My least favorite is Don't Stop Until The Fat Neighbor Sings.Just way past its prime.WAY past.But other than that episode,perfect.Propane Boom I and II are like those two-part episodes with the first as a season finale and the second as the following season's premiere.That's it of another great review!
  • King of the Hill should have never ended!

    I love to watch a good King of the Hill everyday. Some days I may not make it, but I'll always like to watch it. I love how the episodes were put together and every episode that I have seen so far has been great. I get on my sisters nerves when I turn it on, she doesn't like it :P.

    I'm glad its on Adult Swim right now, because if it wasn't for it I would have never known about the show.

    I believe I also used to dislike the show, but it kind of grew on me, but it's sad it stopped playing...
  • Whoever doesn't like this can go to Hill!

    Made by the guys who made Beavis and Butt-Head. That should be reason enough for you to watch this show. For all you parents out there, this is rated PG and they've showed worse things on the Simpsons. Just put on FX on a Thursday and you'll see why I love this show. It's a show about some average, everyday Texan's who like beer.A lot. The only bad thing about this show is that you need to watch it a couple times to understand whats going on, character-wise. Hank Hill is an average propane salesman who loves his job,and beer, a lot. Peggy Hill is a substitute Spanish Teacher at Tom Landry Middle School in Arlen,Texas(the town mostly everyone on the show lives)and has a very high opinion of herself. Bobby Hill is a chubby Middle School student at Tom Landry who wants to be a prop comic . LuAnn Platter is Hank's Nephew who lives with the Hill's because her mom stabbed her dad with a fork and she went to jail while her dad moved very far away. These next 3 guys are who you see drinking beer with Hank all day at the beginning in front of the fence and several other times during each episode. Dale Gribble is a paranoid exterminator who thinks every one is out to get him.Bill Doutreve is a fat bald guy who is very unhappily divorced and is now serving as an army barber. Boomhauer (no one really knows his first name)Is a smooth guy who likes the ladies, even though you barely understand what he is saying. Cotton Hill ,Hank's Dad, is a WWII hero who killed fiddy men. He divorced Hank's Mom and married someone the same age as Hank (Didi) and had a baby 40 something years after Hank was born. Con Soupenoosinfone (say it slowly) is a La-Ocean (it means from Laos, in Asia near Vietnam)is a systems manager who had to move several times because the neighbors hated them (they still dont like them here, mostly because he calls them "stupid rednecks". That's pretty much all you need to know to watch the show. Now go watch it,you stupid rednecks!
  • King of the Hill is an older animated series, that focuses on adults moreso instead of children like many other animated shows do. That helps to make this show original.

    King of the hill is a very good show, but it isn't quite as good as it could be, or as it used to be. When the show first came on TV it was more funny, and had more original plots, but now they seem to be a bit more repetitive, and don't seem to have as much funny parts as they used to. Most of the characters are great too. Hank Hill for instense has a very original personality, because I have never seen somebocy so uptight about things like sex, love, and stuff similar to that. It is very funny watching him get around talking about those things. Also having Hank really like sports, and having his son not good at them, and not like them that much makes for another interesting way that they can sprinkly in funny parts throughout the plot. Peggy Hill is also funny. She normally just makes the rules that Bobby has to follow, and if he doesn't she punishes him. Also she is usually the one who helps Bobby with the things that he likes to do instead of trying to make him do things that he doesn't want to like when Hank tries to get him to play sports. There are some bad things about this show though. For one thing, it is getting old. The plots are getting repetitive, and boring. They are to similar to other shows, and old episodes. Also some of the characters like the niece that lives with them are just annoying and dumb. They sometimes steel the spotlight away from the real plot, and also make the show less funny at times. All together this is a pretty good show, but it is not the best animated show out there, I would advise most people who like animated comedy shows to check this one out if you haven't already seen it.
  • Texas, funny style

    “King of the Hill” is a humorous series that follows the everyday life of Mr. Hank Hill and his family. In addition to the rich and varied cast of characters, the show also features the State of Texas.

    If you re sick of shows set in and around either Los Angeles or New York, you will appreciate some Texas based humor for a change.

    If you are from Texas, have relatives in Texas, or from Texas, if you have friends, neighbors or casual acquaintances from Texas or if you have ever considered yourself a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, you will enjoy this show.
  • Blah not that good OVERRATED

    Ehhh what can i say i really don't under stand why people watch this show. animation is very bad and the charters are not cool

    i don't like Hank or peggy or bobby hill at all. it may be funny and may force a laugh but be serious it is about some people who drink and smoke all day. no person in the show is cool they have werid accents not like stewie of bart in there shows bobby is no comparison to any of them.

    not much to say just a bad show with no real thing that gets people hooked on

    should be cancled ASAP
  • Fox's Greatest Show

    This is probably Fox's Greatest Show and yes i LOVE The Simpsons and American Dad! and no i don't like that overrated, unfunny usage of the same jokes show known as Family Guy. But i Love this show it was very original, the jokes we're Satiracal about Conservatism and i loved that and it had a nice plot every single episode not one failed to impress me.

    Great Writing
    Great Satire
    Great Humor
    Great Plots every single episode
    Great Characters

    None and there will never be

    Overall, this show was great maybe Fox's Greatest Show but if you count Futurama as one it might beat it by a hare.

    Rating: 10/10 JOLLY GOOD SHOW!
  • Best episode yet...

    If you have read the summary and the previous review you will, by now, know the basic plot of this episode.

    The only thing that I can add is that what made this episode SO GREAT in my opinion is that there are actually MySpace addicts out there that are EXACTLY like Donna. Those of us in the MySpace community totally GET this episode. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my entire life. What a spot-on parady of the real life MySpace addicts! If you're a MySpace user, this is a MUST SEE episode!! I can see where other folks just don't get it! Brilliant!! Thanks and kudos to the writing team on this instant classic!
  • A must-see!

    "King of the Hill" is definitely one of my favorite shows on TV. I believe that it's extremely misunderstood and underrated amongst people who enjoy cartoons aimed at adults. It has mature storylines and complex characters, with serious interactions between the various family members and friends of the Hill family. Episodes have dealt with important issues such as racism, cross-generational conflict, drug addiction, father-son relationships, politics, and marital problems in a working-class family. Although the show portrays many serious elements, it is still extremely funny. The best part is that it's funny in a realistic manner. Morality and ethics are major elements in this series, as Hank Hill is always trying to do what's best. If you're looking for a show that's entertaining, but has some substance, I would recommend that you give "King of the Hill" a try.
  • At least, it's not dirty like "Family Guy".

    A very sweet show
  • 10/10, the only bad thing about this show is that it ended.

    This is about a small neighborhood in Arlen,Texas. They face usual problems, but also some unusual ones.

    The characters are likeable, the up-tight Hank, creative Bobby, Red neck Lucky, Crazy Dale, Lonely Bill, and Womanizer Boomhawer.

    The plot could go so many different ways and they chose to do it right. Mutiple guest stars, great character developement, and Perfect pace.

    This survived very many seasons because alot of the comedy was family oriented, but still Halarious. Mike Judge did a great job with voice acting. The accents could be funny at times, but were perfect!

    I would definetly point this show out to people, 10/10. And, once again, the only bad thing is the show ended.
  • This show examines modern life in Texas through the king of glumness; Hank Hill who remains the King of the Hill.

    Meet Hank Hill; a proud propane salesman who is a well - meaning and down - to - earth but conservative and often repressed middle American man living in the fictional town of Arlen in Texas. Peggy is his supportive but often naive wife and Bobby is their effeminate but eager son. Hank's three oddball friends who he spends half his time outside drinking beers with is the nutty Dale, the stressed - out Bill and the womanising Boomhauer. Like it's related Daria; the main character (Hank) is the only one who can be taken seriosuly while a majority of the other characters are eccentrics. Hank's view on life is a bleak one and he often shows signs of depression but he finds peace at home and when selling propane. While the show is regarded as an "animated sitcom" it is very different than it's rivals The Simpsons and Family Guy. King of the Hill has a much wider scope and has dealt with such issues as parent-child relationships, friendship, justice and patriotism. The humour never really deviates from normal happenings and conventional humour while other animated shows has become so otherwordly, it's hard to take them as seriously. The show has thankfully avoided the often - used device of portraying all of the residents as full - on Redneck stereotypes although Boomhauer's incomprehensible mumblings consist of a few common Redneck phrases such as "dang ol'" "dad gum" and "yeah, man talkin' 'bout."

    The show looks practical but not as striking as other shows. There're no special effects, supernatural elements or anything unrealistic. Just plain humans in plain environments and it suits the nature of the show perfectly.

    The voice acting is very good. You'll notice how the voices aren't cyclical unlike on other shows like Family Guy, the average is one certain voice per actor and it works so much better. Arguably the best one is co - creator Mike Judge as Boomhauer as he has to speak, without making a word of sense but that's just one top vocie. King of the Hill is an excellent animated show that lightly blends comedy and drama while keeping it realistic and entertaining for everyone. The King.
  • Great

    This show was best in its prime, around seasons 3-6, maybe 7. The show was never as good as any of my favorites, like Simpsons, but it had good plots. It wasn't like a typical cartoon- it seemed real. I give it credit for that. No episode as far as I can remember needed to go all out-there to make us laugh. They found humor in simple stories and it worked.

    Unfortunately though, I think the show dipped around season 10. It was good, but something felt missing. Luckily it didn't go on {sorry, sounds mean} and become even more stale.

    Overall grade: C+/B-. So it didn't dip TOO much
  • I used to love this show but now it is too much. Hank is such a...ahhh! I hate him!

    I don't like it. At least make likeable characters! I hate it! Hank won't let Bobby do anything! I don't like it, not at all!! I mean it is sooooooooooo stupid. I can't beleive I wasted so much time watching this dumb show when I could've been watching The Simpsons!!
  • Love it.

    Cool show.
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