King of the Hill

FOX (ended 2010)



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  • For 13 seasons, this show has always brought me alot of smiles and now it's a shame to see this show leave

    Man, I can't believe "King of the Hill" lasted 13 seasons and I'm very happy that it did. I just wish that it didn't get canceled because I really love this show but I heard that this show got canceled because of "Bob's Burgers". FOX had to put in a new timeslot and they canceled "King of the Hill" for that stupid and unfunny show "Bob's Burgers". I really want this show to come back. I blame you "Bob's Burgers" because you stink and the animation, voices, stories, and everything stinks. Everyone in this show is likeable and very funny. Hank, Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer are four friends who stand in the front yard drinking beer and talk. Bobby is Hank's son and Peggy is Hank's wife. Didi is also Hank and Peggy's niece. It's really hard to choose of who my favorite characters in this show are but I'm gonna probably say that Hank and Dale are my favorite characters. What I about this show is that the humor is clever and wacky all of the stories are pretty much well written. For 13 seasons, this show has brought me a lot of smiles because it would make me laugh but it is a shame to see this show leave. Overall, I'll never forget "King of the Hill" and you're a hundred times better than that stupid "Bob's Burgers". 10/10