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FOX (ended 2010)





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  • This Materpiece will live in my Heart forever as the Best Show FOX will ever have!

    This is the Best Show that Fox has ever had, That's right even better than the Old Simpsons! No offense to the Simpsons fans, I love the old Simpsons too, but this Show has everything in a realistic cartoon view! I mean really every Episode makes me laugh my ass off and all the Characters are so awesome! That's right all the Characters are likeable and funny in their own way. From Bill behaving like a Child to Dale being a psychopath. The Plots are very Realistic and some of the episodes can also get very emotional which makes a series very strong if they have that topic unlike The Cleveland Show. Mike Judge is a genius for making up such a brilliant show, I praise him with all my heart. In 2009, King of the Hill got replaced with a Show called "The Cleveland Show" Now I am not to upset about it being replaced though, 13 Seasons is a long way for a show and that is quite successful. but King of the Hill should have been replaced with at least a tolerable show, but no "The Cleveland Show" is not a tolerable show, "IT IS BEYOND HORRIFIC!!!!!!" The Cleveland Show is so Stupid!! Same with the New Episodes of Family Guy, FG was once okay, but now it is so bad. American Dad on the other hand is a good show! Seth Mcfarland should just cancel FG and Cleveland Show and work on American Dad cause that show is actually pretty funny! King of the Hill is so Awesome that it should have its own Movie just like the Simpsons did. maybe in 2014 or so and released into theaters; I would definitely go see it! Well that's my review for King of the Hill, oh and my Favorite King of the Hill Character is Dale Gribble. :)