King of the Hill - Season 11

FOX (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • 5/20/07

    When Lucky wants to give Luanne the expensive wedding that she desires, he gets a job working for Dale, and when he gets injured fooling around in Dale's basement he sues Dale. After Lucky's lawyer finds out that Dale does not have insurance, he goes after Strickland Propane, since Hank was the one that recommend Lucky work for Dale. Lucky starts to feel badly so he tries to pull the lawsuit but the lawyer refuses. The whole time, Hank is trying to convince Luanne and Lucky that they should save their money instead of spending it on an extravagant wedding. Bill has bed bug bites and can't stop itching.

  • 5/20/07

    Bill has to shape up for an upcoming Army physical, and decides to have a gym in his garage. When he becomes friends with a group of body builders he becomes aggressive and develops a bad attitude. They over work him until he hurts himself, but they refuse to stop.

  • 5/13/07

    When Nancy's hair starts to fall out, she isn't sure of the reason, but suspects stress. John Redcorn makes it known he wants her to take him back. When her mother says it will save her hair, Nancy struggles to make a decision as to whether or not to take him back. Dale thinks he has time travelled.

  • 5/6/07

    When Peggy tries to up her game and get more recognition, by selling houses in the Arlen Heights community, she winds up getting sucked into selling kitchen ware and can't get out of it. Dale finds out Rusty Shackleford isn't dead, when he comes knocking on his door. Peggy and Dale agree to fake their deaths together in order to get out of their problems.

  • Grand Theft Arlen
    Episode 8

    When Hank and Strickland Propane become the concept of a new video game, he's asked to investigate it, and winds up addicted. Bobby trains for the Presidential Fitness Test.

  • 4/29/07

    After Bill survives a roof cave-in over his bed he has a religious experience which involves a romantic liaison with Reverend Stroup.

  • 4/22/07

    Peggy loses her job at The Arlen Bystander and begins a new career as a real estate agent. Connie is shadowing Peggy and becomes her protege. After Dale buys a set of titanium golf clubs at a police auction, he gives the clubs to Hank. However, Hank has trouble playing with a set of clubs that once belonged to a convicted murderer.

  • Hank Gets Dusted
    Episode 5

    When Cotton gives his beloved Cadillac to Hank's cousin Dusty Hill, from ZZ Top, Hank is crestfallen. Things get even worse when Dusty shows up at Hank's house with a reality TV show crew. When the producers see how easy it is to get Hank upset and how good of an angle it is for the show, they set out to purposely get him mad.

  • Luanne Gets Lucky
    Episode 4

    When Lucky ditches Luanne to go stumping with Hank and the gang, Luanne accepts an invitation to attend Arlen High School's Senior Prom. Lucky's friends Mud Dobber and Elvin take it upon themselves to bully Luanne's 15-year-old date, which leads him to dump Luanne.

  • Blood and Sauce
    Episode 3

    After Bill goes into a funk over being childless, he gets convinced to seek out his relatives and puts together a BBQ. When he discovers that only one other relative (Gilbert) remains he gets sad, until he finds a way to have the Dauterive name live on. He agrees to sell a family secret sauce, with the help of Bobby, who is excited about being able to cook. Gilbert refuses to allow Bill to sell the sauce though.

  • SerPUNt
    Episode 2

    When a pet snake that Bobby gets from Lucky goes into the sewer system Hank calls Animal Control. Animal Control decides that this is the best opportunity to get some perks, so they allow everyone to panic, by making the situation seem worse, and not actually making any efforts to stop the snake. Dale, who gets hired by them, decides it's time to take action.

  • 1/28/07

    Peggy feels unfeminine after a clothing exchange party with the neighborhood girls. To try and cheer herself up she goes to a new shoe store, 'Clairissa's Closet', where she hits it off with another woman, Carolyn. They become the best of friends, until Peggy finds out that Carolyn is a actually a drag queen, who thought Peggy was one too. Bobby and Joseph get a book full of pranks, but none of them seem to work properly.