King of the Hill - Season 2

FOX (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Propane Boom (1)
    Episode 23

    When Mega Lo Mart starts selling propane, Strickland Propane can't compete with their prices, and Hank loses his job. He winds up working in the propane department at Mega Lo Mart, under the supervision of Luanne's boyfriend Buckley. Hank and other Mega Lo Mart employees decide to protest the way the company destroys small businesses, by disrupting a concert by the company spokesman, Chuck Mangione. Luanne needs $300 dollars to pay her tuition and is relying on the propane job at Mega Lo Mart, and when she doesn't get it, decides to break up with Buckley.

  • Peggy's Turtle Song
    Episode 22

    After Bobby eats too much sugar one morning, he is mistakenly diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Feeling guilty about not spending enough time with her son, Peggy decides to give up teaching and be a stay-at-home mother, a decision Hank fully approves of. But Peggy is so bored at home that she starts taking guitar lessons, and composes a symbolic song about a turtle trapped in her shell, but thinks it's just a song with no meaning. Bobby takes pills for his ADD and starts acting very differently.

  • 5/3/98

    To teach his son the value of a dollar, Hank makes Bobby get a job selling drinks at the racetrack, and tells Bobby to do everything his boss says. What Hank doesn't know is that Bobby's boss, Jimmy Witchard, is a complete moron who makes Bobby do humiliating and even dangerous tasks. Boomhauer competes for the right to drive the pace car in the NASCAR race.

  • Junkie Business
    Episode 20

    After Hank realizes that his new employee at Strickland Propane is a drug addict, he can't fire him, because drug addiction counts as a disability under the Americans With Disabilities Act. Peggy is mad at Hank for turning down a woman, because she thinks the reason was that he was attracted to her.

  • Leanne's Saga
    Episode 19

    When Luanne's mother, Leanne, is released from prison, she starts living in the Hills' garage, and becomes romantically involved with Bill.

  • The Final Shinsult
    Episode 18
    When Cotton learns that the U.S. government is giving the artificial leg of General Santa Ana back to Mexico, he teams up with Dale to steal the leg from the Arlen Museum.
  • 3/1/98

    When Hank tries to buy a new dryer, he is told that his credit is no good because he owes money to Arlen Video. The video store's computer says he rented and never returned a pornographic movie, Cuffs and Collars. Hank refuses to pay for a movie he never rented, and sets out to prove that the computer was wrong. Bobby believes that the family is secretly planning a surprise birthday party for him.

  • Traffic Jam
    Episode 16

    After Hank has a car accident, he has to go to traffic school. The teacher of the traffic school is a comedian, Booda Sack, who gets laughs by insulting the audience. Hank is disturbed by Booda Sack, and tries to get Bobby to stop his dreams of being a comedian but after meeting Booda, Bobby tries developing a stand-up act of his own. Booda Sack tells Bobby that to be funny, he needs to get in touch with his roots as a white man. Looking for something about "white roots" on the internet, Bobby comes across all the material he needs on a site called the White Nationalist Brotherhood.

  • 2/15/98
    Hank and his family go with Kahn and his family to spend a weekend in a duplex condo in Mexico. When Kahn discovers that only the bottom half of the condo has been rented, he breaks into the top half and lets Hank stay there. Dale shows up to stay with the Hills, and when Hank, Kahn and Dale are arrested for breaking into the upstairs condo, they have to sneak back across the border.moreless
  • I Remember Mono
    Episode 14

    Peggy is devastated when she finds out that the time her and Hank discovered  they were meant for each other was based on a lie told by Hank. Now Hank must win Peggy over again. Bobby gets a note from a secret admirer and thinks its an Olympic athlete.

  • Snow Job
    Episode 13

    When Hank's boss, Buck Strickland, has another heart attack, Hank expects to be put in charge of the company while Buck is recuperating. Instead Buck picks Lloyd Vickers, a business-school graduate, and puts Hank in charge of feeding his dogs. At Buck's house, Hank discovers that Buck's stove is electric, not propane. Realizing that Buck is just in propane for the money, Hank considers leaving the propane business and opening up a general store instead.

  • 1/11/98
    After seeing that Luanne is depressed, Hank volunteers to buy her some hand puppets at a rummage sale. Luanne starts doing a Christian puppet show, The Manger Babies. Hank agrees to play God in the televised version of the puppet show. When it turns out that the show will be on at the same time as the Super Bowl, Hank has to choose between helping Luanne or watching the game.moreless
  • 12/21/97

    Hank's mother comes to visit for Christmas with her new boyfriend, Gary. When Hank walks in on his mother and Gary having sex, he goes blind.

  • Bobby Slam
    Episode 10

    Bobby joins the wrestling team at school which makes Hank happy. Peggy is asked to teach girls' gym and is shocked with the lack of equipment and support the program has. She helps Connie get on the wrestling team. To get back at Peggy the coach pairs Connie up against Bobby during tryouts.

  • The Company Man
    Episode 9

    Hank is told he must try and get a business man from Boston to sign up with Strickland Propane, and at first he thinks it will be easy. However, the man is unhappy because he doesn't feel Hank is a "real Texan". Hank does whatever the man wants in order to win him over, and to prevent him from going with his enemy Thatherton. Bobby has to write an essay for church about who he admires, and he picks Hank. Because of Hank's lies to Mr. Holloway (the business man), Bobby starts to get a lot of misinformation.

  • 11/23/97

    Tired of always getting in trouble Bobby and Connie decide to ditch punishment and run off to the caves, and Joseph goes with them. The parents of the three kids get nervous when they find out their location as it is where kids their age go to have sex and Kahn and Hank go in after them.

  • 11/16/97

    Hank and his friends find themselves fighting a group of teens after constant annoyance from their garage band and challenge them to a paintball match after they gang up against Bobby and Joseph during a paintball game. After losing the guys fear that they're growing old and after a rematch they admit it is true. However, Hank feels that there is a way to beat them. Get inside their heads!

  • Husky Bobby
    Episode 6

    Bobby becomes a successful model for overweight boys' clothes. Peggy is happy that Bobby is feeling good about himself but Hank is worried that Bobby will get picked on.

  • Hank can't catch any fish with hand-dug American Earthworms, so he decides to try some artificial bait. Unfortunately, he mistakenly buys crack cocaine, thinking that it's fishing bait -- and the fish become addicted to his new bait. Hank gets in trouble with the law when he goes back to the dealer to buy some stronger bait.

  • Hilloween
    Episode 4
    Junie Harper, a conservative church member, declares that Halloween is a Satanic holiday, and gets the school to shut down Hank's "Haunted House" on the grounds that it violates the separation of church and state. Luanne and even Bobby start to believe Junie when she says that Hank is a Satanist, and Hank has to fight against Junie's attempt to cancel Halloween for the whole town.moreless
  • The Arrowhead
    Episode 3

    After Hank finds a couple of Native American artifacts in his yard, a snobbish archaeology professor from Arlen University gets Peggy's permission to dig there. Peggy is fascinated by the professor's sophistication and knowledge, and Hank becomes jealous.

  • Texas City Twister
    Episode 2

    When Hank discovers that the trailer Luanne grew up in is still available, he wants Luanne to move out of the house and back into the trailer. Hank and Peggy have a fight where Peggy accuses Hank of being cold and repressed, and Hank sort of tells Peggy to go to Hell. After Peggy goes with Luanne to help her move, Hank learns that a tornado is heading for the trailer park. It's up to him to save his wife and niece, and to prove that he's not so repressed after all.

  • While at a State Fair, Hank discovers Bobby has a talent for target shooting and thinks this could be his chance to bond with his son. The only problem is that Hank can't shoot. Ashamed to admit that he can't use a gun properly, he tries everything he can to not join the upcoming Father/Son Fun Shoot, he promised Bobby he'd attend. When he realizes it is what he must do, he decides to visit a psychologist.

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