King of the Hill - Season 3

FOX (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • 5/18/99

    Hank and Peggy are celebrating their 20th anniversary and are suppose to have the house all to themselves. Peggy feels as if she is getting old, and Hank feels badly that he was never able to provide more children for her. After getting drunk, they decide to do something fun, skydiving. Bobby thinks he is going to get spoiled while at his grandfather's place, but he turns into a work horse. Luanne's plans get cancelled so she has to sneak around the house without Peggy and Hank finding out she is there.

  • 5/11/99

    There is a company softball tournament coming up, and Hank asks Peggy to join. At first she is reluctant, but eventually decides to join. They soon disagree over how she should pitch, and it throws Peggy off her game. Bobby gets into a cookie selling war with Connie's Arrow Girls troop.

  • Wings of the Dope
    Episode 23

    Hank and the guys decide they want to fix up Buckley's old trampoline. One night while studying for her final exam, Luanne sees Buckley's Angel out using the trampoline. This leads to Luanne thinking she has a guardian angel. Hank and Peggy think Luanne has gone crazy but Bill, Dale and Boomhauer believe that Buckley's Angel really does exist and refuse to continue working on fixing it. Buckley tells Luanne that Jesus has other plans for her besides beauty school, and Luanne makes a life altering decision.

  • Death and Texas
    Episode 22

    Peggy gets a letter from a death row convict who says that he is a former student of hers, and that she had the most positive impact on his life. She starts visiting him in prison and bringing him what she thinks is timer sand for Boggle, not realizing that it's actually cocaine. Dale becomes the prison's exterminator in hopes that it will lead to him becoming the executioner.

  • 4/20/99
    Arlen's new minister is a woman, which everyone except Cotton seems to accept. When Bobby eats all of a Midwestern fish dish prepared by the minister, it somehow leads to him accidentally burning down the church. Everyone assumes that Cotton did it, and he is arrested for a hate crime.
  • Dog Dale Afternoon
    Episode 20

    Dale gets a new mower and becomes very arrogant, which ticks off all his friends. To get back at him they steal his mower and it makes Dale go crazy. During a pest control job in a tower, Bill thinks Dale has gone so crazy he brought a gun, and causes an alarm.

  • Hank's Cowboy Movie
    Episode 19
    When Hank takes Bobby to the Dallas Cowboys training camp in Wichita Falls, Bobby says he likes Wichita Falls better than Arlen. Fearing that Bobby will leave Arlen when he grows up, Hank decides to make a video to convince the Cowboys to move their training camp to Arlen.
  • 3/23/99

    Bobby's school dance is coming up and he is excited to go with Connie, until he finds out he might have to kiss her. Bobby starts overeating at the local deli, and develops gout. Hank goes to an art gallery in Dallas and finds that they are displaying an X-ray of his constipated colon.

  • 3/16/99

    Hank takes his mother and her friends to a museum of miniatures in Port Aransas, and they get stuck in the middle of MTV's Spring Break. Bill tries to put the moves on Peggy while Hank is away.

  • Hank gets Luanne a job as a golf course drink girl at the La Grunta Hotel and Resort. In gratitude, Luanne gets Hank a gift certificate to swim with a dolphin. Hank pets the dolphin, and the dolphin becomes aroused and tries to become sexually intimate with him. In return for his silence, the hotel pays him off, and he swears Luanne to secrecy. Luanne gets sexually harassed by a group of the golfers, so she decides to follow Hank's example and not talk about it.

  • Sleight of Hank
    Episode 15

    Hank and Peggy go to a magic show for Nancy's 40th birthday. Hank tries to spoil it by explaining how each trick is done. When there is one trick he can't explain where Peggy gets to be the volunteer, he gets obsessed trying to figure it out. Peggy won't tell him, and they start fighting. Bobby is looking for a way to liven up his Sunday School report on Jesus, and when he sees the magician, he incorporates some of the tricks and patter into the report, calling it "The Amazing Jesus."

  • 2/9/99

    Bobby is in charge of Boomhauer's house while he is away, and allows Luanne's new boyfriend, a self-proclaimed genius named Rad Thibodeaux, throw a wild party there. Luanne tells on him and gets him removed as Boomhauer's house-sitter. Bobby starts a prank war with Luanne and when he takes it too far by replacing her birth control pills she decides to trick him into thinking she is pregnant and he is told he has to marry her.

  • 2/2/99

    Kahn gets a great new job and invites Hank over to the office, hoping to make him jealous. While bragging about his job, Kahn gives away government secrets, swearing Hank to secrecy. Hank talks to Bill about Kahn's job, and when Bill accidentally mentions it his Sergeant, Kahn gets fired. The Hill's ask Minh to teach Bobby Laotian, so they have an excuse to help them out. Kahn gets upset and leaves, leaving Minh all alone, and Hank forced to help her.

  • 1/26/99

    Hank gets his tough old football coach to lead Bobby's football team. When the coach proves to be a tyrant, Bobby decides to quit football and join the soccer team, much to Hank's disappointment. Peggy tries to fit in with the other soccer moms, and takes a crash course from Minh on Soccer-mom etiquette.

  • To Spank with Love
    Episode 11

    After being taunted and pantsed by one of her students, Peggy loses it and spanks him. She is immediately fired, but Cotton and his old buddies start a campaign to get "Paddlin' Peggy" reinstated. Once she is back teaching, Peggy uses her reputation for violence to scare her students, and takes things too far.

  • 1/12/99

    Hank and his friends become volunteer firefighters. They manage to wreck a fire hydrant, ruin a funeral, and finally burn down the Arlen firehouse. The guys must explain themselves in order to find the truth. Peggy hurts herself while picking up Bobby but refuses to admit it.

  • 12/15/98
    At Christmastime, Bill becomes even more depressed than usual, because it's the anniversary of when his wife Lenore left him. Bill tries to commit suicide, and when that doesn't work out, he dresses up in Lenore's old clothes and declares that he is Lenore.
  • Good Hill Hunting
    Episode 8
    All the kids in the neighborhood are going on their first hunt, but Hank is unable to get a hunting license for him and Bobby. Bobby is so upset about being denied the chance at a rite of passage that he starts to regress into acting like a little kid. Hank reluctantly decides to take Bobby hunting at the La Grunta Resort.moreless
  • 11/17/98

    Cotton comes over for Thanksgiving even though it is Hank's turn to be with his mom. Cotton constantly insults Tillie, and Hank doesn't stand up for her, to her dissatisfaction. Later, the family goes to a mall, where Hank, his neighbors, and his father attend a lawn mower focus group. The company announces that it is retiring its old model and introducing a new version. Hank is the only one on the group who defends the old mower, and winds up having to defend his mother too. Peggy plans on a busy shopping day, but after her shoe breaks she falls asleep waiting for it to be repaired. Luanne and Bobby go skating so Luanne can meet guys, but she is struggling to get over Buckley.

  • 11/10/98

    When the prize for winning a Mrs. Arlen beauty pageant is a truck, Peggy decides to sign up for it. She thinks she has an edge, not only because of her high self-esteem, but her best friend Nancy is a judge. However Nancy and her get in a fight, and Peggy realizes it will be much harder to win than she thought.

  • Next of Shin
    Episode 5
    Hank tries several different methods to improve his sperm count so he can get Peggy pregnant. The frustration of not being able to have another child becomes worse when Cotton shows up and announces that he got his wife pregnant. But Cotton becomes so nervous at the prospect of having a baby at his age that he flees to Las Vegas, and Hank, Bill and Dale go after him.moreless
  • Pregnant Paws
    Episode 4

    Hank wants to breed Ladybird, but the veterinarian says that she has a narrow uterus and probably can't have children. Hank becomes obsessed with finding a way to get Ladybird pregnant, which annoys Peggy, because she's the one who really wants another baby. Dale becomes a bounty hunter and is assigned to hunt down a man with several unpaid parking tickets. Bill forces Bobby to give him dog treats by withholding information from him until he gets the treats.

  • Peggy's Headache
    Episode 3

    When Peggy starts writing "musings" for the local newspaper, the pressure gives her a headache, so she goes to John Redcorn for a therapeutic massage. Hank is concerned for her, because of how he treats his clients. Peggy is at first confused, but when she finds out that Dale's wife Nancy is having an affair with John Redcorn, she is so horrified that she decides to tell Dale about it.

  • 9/22/98

    Bobby starts dating Marie, a girl who's two years older than him. Bobby takes the relationship more seriously than Marie does, and is heartbroken when she tells him that they are just friends, leaving Bobby an emotional wreck. Hank and the guys find an abandoned couch in the alley, and are disgusted at first, but grow to depend on it.

  • 9/15/98

    Hank and Luanne survive the Mega Lo Mart explosion, but Buckley does not. At first Hank does not think he has any issues, and then admits he is afraid of propane, and must come to terms with the fact that what he is really afraid of is death. Luanne, who losses all of her hair, acts as if she is not sad at all, and instead wants to show the world for what it really is.