King of the Hill - Season 7

FOX (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Get Your Freak Off
    Episode 1

    Hank likes the clean-cut music of the boy-band 4Skore, but when he takes Bobby to a 4Skore concert, he is shocked to find that the band does suggestive dance moves that Bobby imitates with his new girlfriend, Jordan. His reaction brings a complaint from Jordan's parents, a "progressive" couple who are allowing their daughter to have a coed slumber party. Despite Hank's refusal, Bobby wants to go. Nancy and Minh rank the sexiness of the men in the neighborhood, and Peggy is mortified when Hank is tied with Bill for last place.

  • 11/10/02

    Bill discovers a new talent. He can eat hot dogs (and most other foods) super fast. Hank encourages this talent while Dale finds it repulsive. Bill finds out about an eating competition and decides to join and try and bring back the championship to the "big American". Peggy is afraid of what might happen if Bobby discovers you can get famous from eating and so she tries to distract him while everything is going on.

  • Connie's delinquent cousin, Tid Pao is staying with the family, due to some drug debts that she is hiding from back home. Bobby falls for her thug-life ways, and makes Connie jealous. When Bobby drops Connie as his science partner to be Tid Pao's, problems pop up. Unknown to Bobby, he is helping Tid Pao make a meth lab for their science project. Hank and the gang continuously clean up graffiti from the fence, not knowing it is Tid Pao.

  • 11/24/02

    Hank is discouraged when Bobby takes a home economics course, until he starts to reap the benefits. Bobby learns to cook, clean and sew better than Peggy, causing a jealous streak that leaves Peggy a bit unstable during the holidays. Dale makes a bet with Bill worth a million dollars. Bill thinks it's a joke, but Dale is very serious about it.

  • Dances With Dogs
    Episode 5

    Hank catches Bobby on a new craze, dog dancing, and at first is repulsed by it. Hank later discovers that Ladybird wants to do it, so he decides to start dancing with her. When he enters a dog dancing competition, in which Bobby has entered with Doggie, Hank and him become enemies. Bill also wants to join in the competition, but gets conned into buying a Rottweiler who just wants to attack Bill.

  • The Son Also Roses
    Episode 6

    Hank is ecstatic when Bobby becomes the football team's towel manager, as he is at least on a team. Bobby loses interest soon, and finds a new hobby: growing roses. Hank is shocked once he finds out, that is, until he finds a way to make it competitive, and enters Bobby into a rose growing contest. Hank slowly starts taking over and takes the fun out of it for Bobby.

  • 12/15/02
    When Hank falls through his kitchen floor, he discovers the underground escape tunnel Dale has been building. What's worse, Hank can't move back into his house until the floor is repaired, and he is forced to move in with the Gribbles, where Dale's annoying habits threaten to push Hank over the edge. When Hank accidentally cuts off Dale's finger with a skillsaw, Dale claims he did it on purpose. A judge orders Hank to stay 100 yards away from Dale at all times and to attend anger management classes.moreless
  • 1/5/03
    Peggy, who yearns to meet more people who love books, takes over a local independent bookstore. The store starts losing money, so Peggy allows Dale to sell guns there. The gun sales pass the book interests, and Peggy begins to sadden and turn her back on the book idea. Especially when the book club elitist snub Peggy at their dinner party.moreless
  • Pigmalion
    Episode 9
    Peggy forces Luanne to quit her job as a waitress, and then signs her up for a course on enterpreneurism. There she meets Trip Larsen, head of Larsen Pork Products. Trip takes an interest in Luanne, and she soon becomes his girlfriend. Peggy suspects that Trip may be crazy, but when she orders Luanne to break up with him, Luanne refuses and moves in with Trip at his mansion. Trip forcibly dyes Luanne's hair red and makes her dress in a milkmaid's outfit. Luanne discovers that he is trying to turn her into the Larsen Pork Products Girl, an advertising character his grandfather created.moreless
  • Megalo Dale
    Episode 10

    The Mega Lo Mart has a pest-control problem, and the manager asks Hank to recommend an exterminator. Though fearing that Dale will screw it up, Hank reluctantly recommends him for the job, because he needs the work. The extermination process begins, and he soon suspects that the real culprit is not rats, but Mega Lo Mart spokesman Chuck Mangione. With Hank's reputation on the line, he takes matters into his own hands. Bobby tries to cheat at "Don't Spill the Beans" by shoving some up his nose. This backfires when he needs to be taken to the hospital.

  • Boxing Luanne
    Episode 11

    Buck comes up with a scam to make money off of Luanne's good looks, by putting her in the boxing ring, and having contestants dive so Luanne wins. After a few bouts where Luanne dominates her opponents, she grows confident. Believing that the set-up bouts are real, she calls on Freeda Foreman for her biggest match yet. Hank finds out it was all fixed and warns her of the charade, but Luanne has a point to prove.

  • Vision Quest
    Episode 12

    Worried about how Dale is raising Joseph, John Redcorn asks Hank to take the boy he fathered on a vision quest. It's Dale who winds up having a vision, and it leads him to decide that he's really an Indian. After Joseph has a dream, Dale misinterprets it and tells Joseph it means he has to kill a panda.

  • Queasy Rider
    Episode 13

    Hank makes weekend plans without consulting Peggy, and the fallout drives them to a marriage counselor. The therapist learns that one of the couple's dreams is to own his-and-hers motorcycles, and suggests they buy one and share it in an effort to bring them together. Everything seems to be going fine until a Hank refuses to let Peggy drive on a long road trip. Dale believes there is buried treasure in his yard and gets Bill to help him.

  • Board Games
    Episode 14
    Peggy, Minh and Nancy resolve to save an after-school program from being shut down, but political back-stabbing ensues when all three of them want to run for a seat on the school board. Each one turns on the other, and in the course of all of the trickery, they lose sight of what is important.moreless
  • 3/9/03

    To toughen up Bobby, Hank decides to send him to Cotton's old boot camp, unaware that lawsuits have altered the severe conditions. When Cotton hears of the new "softer" side of the camp, he declares mutiny & takes over as camp Sargeant and tries to break Bobby.

  • 3/16/03

    Hank takes Bobby to work at Strickland Propane, where Bobby shocks his father by using unethical sales tactics to sell grills. Bill gets his foot stuck to a weather balloon and winds up flying around the town.

  • The Good Buck
    Episode 17

    After Buck Strickland's wife kicks him out and files for divorce Buck hits rock bottom. That is until Luanne introduces him to Jesus. They start a Bible group and Buck becomes a new man. But when he asks Luanne to marry him, and she turns him down, things get worse. In order to avoid running in Gym class, Bobby sneaks into a fancy restaurant, where he befriends two elderly women.

  • Peggy hears about the organic garden at Bobby's school being shut down and decides to take it over. At first things go great, but soon it is filled with bugs. Hank helps Peggy find ways to get rid of bugs, but Peggy discovers the only real way is through bug spray. She goes behind the teams back and sprays. Soon she is caught and they kick her out, and the garden once again, starts failing. Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer, start their own composting business using waste from Bill's yard and bat guano.

  • 4/27/03

    Hank, Dale and Boomhauer get mad at Bill when he gives them all lice. They get to a point where they have to shave their heads, and Hank discovers that he has a tattoo on the back of his head that says "BILL". Bill, feeling lonely gets himself thrown in jail and befriends the prisoners, and Hank is determined to get him out, especially after finding out why he got the Bill tattoo in the first place.

  • Racist Dawg
    Episode 20

    Peggy calls in a repair man after Hank doesn't fix the new heater properly and there is a gas leak. Ladybird attacks the repair man, who happens to be black and is accused of being racist. A dog trainer says Ladybird isn't racist, but picks up on Hank's attitudes and feelings, and that Hank is really the racist. Soon, everyone in town, including Peggy believes Hank is a racist.

  • Night and Deity
    Episode 21

    After Peggy organizes a bird society, Bill begins trying to attract birds by laying out food in everyone's yard. When pigeons begin to flock to Bill's yard as well as all the neighbors, Dale is called in to exterminate but can't get rid of them. Dale calls in the "pigeon god," Arlen's greatest exterminator, Sheila Repkin, who turns out to be a beautiful woman who takes an interest in Dale. When Sheila invites Dale to go on an all-night exterminating session with her, Nancy fears that Dale may cheat on her the way she used to cheat on him. Luanne celebrates her 21st birthday by going to a bar with two friends, and brings Hank along as the designated driver, but both wind up drunk. Bill and Boomhauer help the alpha pigeon get through an acid trip which is brought upon by Sheila.

  • Maid in Arlen
    Episode 22

    Kahn's mother Laoma is moving in with him and his family, which bothers Minh. Laoma starts cleaning the Hill's house which shocks Kahn. Things get worse when she not only starts cleaning Bill's but they start dating. Kahn decides to take matters into his own hands.

  • 5/18/03

    Hank convinces Bobby to find a new hobby, and is thrilled when Bobby discovers cards, however he doesn't know they are tarot cards. Bobby also starts hanging out with a group of people who think they are wizards. When Hank finds out, he desperately tries to get Bobby to quit.