King of the Hill

Season 11 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 11, 2007 on FOX

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    by Dane Youssef

    IT WAS "GHOSTBUSTERS" THAT PERSONALLY MADE ME WANT TO CONSIDER BEING a professional exterminator. Or a scientist. Something in that vein. But really, I just wanted to be a ghostbuster. And when "ARACHNAPHOBIA" came out... well, the desire in me became even stronger. Way stronger. Hercules stronger. Hulk stronger.

    It's never how it's advertised in the movies. At first, I thought this was going to be akin to something like "GHOSTBUSTERS, "ARACHNAPHOBIA" or But... it's more like a movie where those bad guys who were the skeptics in those films were right. You feel bad for Dale. You can see why he idolized those Rollo and Tommy. And... then...

    Dale is one of my favorite characters--not just on this show, but in general. He's a riot. He just CAN'T DO ANYTHING! He's like an example of that lyric from Nirvana's "SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT"--"I'm worse at what I do best... and for this gift, I feel a little Dale's a joke as a dad. His wife says he's not much a lover--his limberness aside. He's no provider. For comic effect, of course. He's not even a good exterminator. Like at the beginning, when "Josh" is escaping down the commode... he just makes up some cock-and-bull excuse why he won't just grab that snake or shoot it where it lies. All those conspiracy theories and wild theories are just pretty, elaborate, poetic excuses for why Dale just can't seem to get ANYTHING done.

    As always, there's a lesson to be had... Several. And I like that they didn't repeatedly beat us over the skull. with it. There are times where we really do truly hate Dale... and just want to slap him 'til he wises up or dies.

    Either way...

    Still, what's right is done. Doesn't matter how you get there... and sometimes even not when. Just do it...

    --As Always, DANE YOUSSEF
  • Where's the Dale we used to love?

    I really dislike this episode for many reasons. Firstly, I think it is very unlike 'King of the Hill'(and more like Family Guy) to pull a plot out of thin air, without fully explaining the reason. For instance, why is Lucky giving Bobby a pet snake? Bobby has never shown any interest in snakes, and Lucky knew full-well that Hank would never approve of it. I appreciate that Lucky's character is uneducated and simple, but even so, he has always shown to have pretty high levels of common sense. An other major problem I had with 'serPUNt' was the way that Dale Gribble was portrayed. Since the beginning of 'King of the Hill', Dales greatest characteristics were his proficiency with guns, warfare, and particularly extermination. In all of the later episodes of the show, Dale has been portrayed as completely unskilled in extermination. For instance, in 'serPUNt', Dale says that he is unworthy to work with the animal control guys. Why is this? I could list a dozen episodes where Dale is willing and able to kill any (small) animal with his bare hands. These are two of the reasons that I dislike the episode.
  • Slithery!

    This, in my opinion, is one of the best episodes of late. It was really funny, and not only had a lot of funny moments, but the moments were very funny. I think Luanne's line about being a Christian is one of the best in the last 2-3 seasons. The plot is very good and things just work. It was slow at moments, but overall it was just a very solid episode. Season 11 is off to a great start!
  • When Bobby's new pet snake escapes down the toilet, Hank asks Animal Control to catch it. Dale joins up with the company, in awe of his new employees â€" but doesn't realise that they intend to do nothing about the snake. A so-so episode...

    Here in the U.K. on E4, 'The Peggy Horror Picture Show' was billed as the first episode of the eleventh season, but for unknown reasons was changed to this episode at the last minute (see my review for that episode for more).

    I found this a watchable but middling episode. Part of this may have been due to it being shown first in the season, with the show not being aired (other than on $ky) for well over a year â€" I find it usually takes me an episode or so to get back into the feel of the series.

    I also confess to not picking up on the parallels to Bush's handling of the Iraq war. Bearing in mind that I did not see this episode until over two years after it premiered in the US (and there was even a different American president by then), so it was already dated anyway.

    The story is a reasonable one, but not really one of my favourites. In many ways Dale is my favourite character, so I normally like episodes that feature him a lot, but this one just came off as average in my view.
    I also felt that this was one of those episodes that could have used a separate b-plot to even things up.

    Probably the best scene is the end, where Bobby asks Hank to tell him about "the snake farm", a nice allusion to the novel (and several film versions of) John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men'.

    All-in-all, not a terrible episode at all â€" in fact it has its moments, but it's nothing special.
  • Panic.

    I liked this episode for a few real reasons. One reason would have to be the great irony and the comedy. I thought it was very ironic how when everyone needed Dale's help, it was a time where they needed after all they said about him in terms of his job. I also liked how the snake catchers were actually milking everything for what it was worth. It took Dale to get them to go back to doing their job. Overall, a funny episode with some interesting bits here and there. I was entertained, but I do not like snakes. Thank you.
  • Dale's Pit!

    Bobby recieved a pet snake that went down into the toliet. If animal control can't get the snake out, they thrn to Dale. the entire epiosde is about Dale and the Animal control workers who sit around the office doing nothing, but promote a election campaign to get them more, just by doing nothing. If finding animals in the sewer oisn't a thrill, well election years hijinks will. While the Animal control people are sitting around, Dale is down in the sewer chasing after Bobby's snake, and anything else that crawl in front of him. another good epiosde from a series that don't say die.
  • This was a good episode but not great

    So there goes another ok episode of King of the Hill. I liked this episode it had its funny parts and the writing was just a little above average. The plot for this one was ok but I hope that the other episodes will get better and better. I thought that the funniest part of this one was when Dale was trying to get the job at the Animal Control Center I just busted out laughing at that part. I thought that the writing could have been a little better but I still liked it. I put this episode in the top 50 for King of the Hill episode.
  • Very good, but could had been better.

    After the awesome season premiere, I had way too much anticipation for this one as it was the original first episode of the 11th Season, and while it was solid, it could had been so much better. Dale is funny of course as he tries to get that snake, and Hank is being blamed for allowing the snake in the toilet, but really, it was kind of boring to watch. I'm not talking "very boring", but more like "waiting for this to happen boring", although those lazy animal patrol guys brought in some laughs. It was actually awesome, but it had something that I've seen before and done better than this too. Megalo Dale is way better than this, but this wasn't bad either, just not the best. Lets hope the remainder of the season improves though, because while a few episodes like this in the beginning of the season isn't bad and it's also a very good start, as the later episodes get aired, if they have this kind of quality, it would be a repeat of Seasons 5-8(read:average) though rather than the fantastic Seasons 1-4 and terrible Seasons 9 and 10. Come on KOTH, I know you can do it.
  • The writers take a stab at Bush's Iraq policy in this episode. Lazy animal control officers work to inspire fear in the populace due to a loose snake so that they get increasing amounts of funding to buy toys and get paid for not working.

    I really enjoyed the satire of the Bush Iraq war machine. You can see the propaganda techniques and fearmongering used to get people to give money to a poorly running government department. What I hated about this episode was the portrayal of animal control officers. This episode implies that the main purpose of animal control is to exterminate pests on public property. A harmless burmese python escapes and at the end of the episode it is heartlessly slaughtered for no particular reason. That part just made me sick. It would have been easy enough to capture the snake and send it to a local zoo. Shame on the writers.