King of the Hill

Season 11 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 11, 2007 on FOX

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  • When Bobby's new pet snake escapes down the toilet, Hank asks Animal Control to catch it. Dale joins up with the company, in awe of his new employees â€" but doesn't realise that they intend to do nothing about the snake. A so-so episode...

    Here in the U.K. on E4, 'The Peggy Horror Picture Show' was billed as the first episode of the eleventh season, but for unknown reasons was changed to this episode at the last minute (see my review for that episode for more).

    I found this a watchable but middling episode. Part of this may have been due to it being shown first in the season, with the show not being aired (other than on $ky) for well over a year â€" I find it usually takes me an episode or so to get back into the feel of the series.

    I also confess to not picking up on the parallels to Bush's handling of the Iraq war. Bearing in mind that I did not see this episode until over two years after it premiered in the US (and there was even a different American president by then), so it was already dated anyway.

    The story is a reasonable one, but not really one of my favourites. In many ways Dale is my favourite character, so I normally like episodes that feature him a lot, but this one just came off as average in my view.
    I also felt that this was one of those episodes that could have used a separate b-plot to even things up.

    Probably the best scene is the end, where Bobby asks Hank to tell him about "the snake farm", a nice allusion to the novel (and several film versions of) John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men'.

    All-in-all, not a terrible episode at all â€" in fact it has its moments, but it's nothing special.
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