King of the Hill

Season 1 Episode 8

Shins of the Father

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Mar 23, 1997 on FOX

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  • Best of the Season

    This whole review could just be a bunch of quotes because this episode had so many of them. Best of the season by far, and still to this day one I never tire of watching. The character of Cotton is such a great one, because while he himself is far fetched I think everyone has that really out there landish family member. I can't name all the parts I love because it would just be naming practically every scene, but one of the best lines ever has to be "you don't buy a toy without batteries". If you have never seen this show and only ever watch one episode, make it this one. Amazing!
  • cotton

    hank's father, cotton, visits for bobby' birthday and gets bobby a gun. bobby likes cotton and wants to be like him, so hank tries to intervene.

    good introduction episode for cotton, who isn't one of my favorite characters, although he can be funny every now and then in his appearances. this is one of his best appearances, i personally think, and another good offering from the first season of the series. i really like this episode a lot and as such i think it be fair that my overall grade is an A+, a really good and funny episode methinks
  • First appearance of Hank\'s Dad and very funny episode of season one.

    Bobby's birthday was today and Cotton Hill aka Hank\'s Dad came by to visit but when Bobby's birthday was over Cotton's car wasn't working and he needed a place to stay but Peggy doesn't like the idea, when Bobby and Cotton are at the bar something just made me laugh Cotton slapped a woman's butt and he did it to Didi that made me laugh and then Bobby suddenly encourage Cotton\'s behavior to women to boss them around and then Bobby slapped Peggy's butt and it was funny when Bobby and the other kids at school yelled out "Women's Work" and that made me laugh and even the story when Cotton loss his shins to a Tojo during WWII. Cotton is one of my favorite characters in this show and I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Cotton Hill makes one of his momentous appearances in this episode. Bobby kicks things off with birthday party and Cotton surprises him by entertaining all the kids at the party in his cowboy way.

    In Shins of the Father, Cotton Hill (Hank's father) we see that Cotton can be appropriate at times, like when he's making the children's party more exciting by dropping off a rental horse for them to ride on. We also see that he doesn't turn it off in other situations, which makes him look just danged crazy; like when he takes Bobby to the diner and shows him how to get a girlie to wait on him a little faster (he slaps a waitress on the backside to get her attention). Now Bobby goes home and gives his mom this treatment and all hell breaks out in the Hill house.
  • Cottens first episode.

    This was a very spical epsoide when we final get to see Cotten for the first time and we get to see what Cotton is like until the end of the 3rd season. It is also Bobbys birthday he will not get anouther on air birthday until season 5. Also it is the first time Hank uses a propane gril.