King of the Hill

Season 12 Episode 17

Six Characters in Search of a House

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Apr 06, 2008 on FOX

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  • Peggy is trying to sell a house with people deader than her last jobs.She hires actors to be the owners of the house, but almost sells until, with Hanks help, make it look like a filth shack to keep the house

    This episode was very funny. The actors were just hilarious. All the things they did to sell the house. The people living in the house were creepy. The parts with Bobby acting were very funny. It was a shame that Hank had to make his house look like Bill's to keep it. Peggy was very funny because she was yelling all over to the actors. It would have been funnier if Dale was in the play because he'd attack every one who came by being the over protective war veteran. Overall, this was the funniest episode i have seen in a very long time.
  • "Sell or Die... "--The Mantra of the Salesman

    by Dane Youssef


    Like "GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS," this is another one that makes us feel a secret eavesdropper in a very secret, very powerful point in the universe.

    I've met realtors throughout the course of my life. I always wondered how those house-pushers saw us unsuspecting marks. Not unlike the way used car-salesman see their victims--customers. And yes, there are car dealers in my family.

    This is domestic situation comedy at it's absolute best. Domestic satire at it's most subtle, at it's most real. What "KING OF THE HILL" does best.

    On a personal note, I notice Chris Elliot does a lot of guest-spots on this show. A LOT. And it's not like he's got the most manipulatiable voices on Earth. He always just... sounds like... Chris Elliot. Still, no complaints on this end. He's working in the business consistantly for very good reason.

    Peggy prides herself on... just being Peggy. And the joke is way too often, way too much. She's been athlete, educator, politician, musician, beat journalist, comedianne, Morning-Zoo sidekick, activist... and now in such recent episodes--agent of real estate.

    Previously on "KING OF THE HILL"--Chris Sizemore was targeted by Peggy in the local tribute, The Bystander. He got her fired--and then offered her a job. Not unlike Danny DeVito in his "HOFFA" film.

    Little touches here and there that sparkle just right--the life of an actor who's not an A-lister, the way flim-flam is sold... and how two wrongs can not only make a right, but define karma and real justice.

    Huh. Bobby really is the most impressionable person you're ever going to meet--really. Not just on TV, but anywhere. I thought it would be Luanne who'd fall into the life of the actor... OK, Luanne is more impressionable.

    And as for the ending... well, you just can't help but smile at the very, very end. Which is what this show was always most famous for, always about...

    And as always, by the end of this one... we've all learned something. Something we can take to heart--and use for the rest of our mortal lives.

    --As Always, DANE R. YOUSSEF
  • Class Act!

    This was a pretty good episode overall. There weren't a lot of laugh out loud moments, but there were enough to keep me entertained. As usual, the majority of laughs came from Dale and Bill, but actually the actors were really good. Especially the sex offender part. The plot itself, is a bit silly, but it works well, as it is always humorous to see Hank pushed out of his comfort zone.