King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 13

Snow Job

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 01, 1998 on FOX

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  • S'Now You're Talking

    A great episode about how people in Texas handle a snowfall. Hank gets the job of feeding Stickland's dog while a young guy takes over the business. This was a great episode, with a lot of laughs. The Ma and Pa scene was just hilarious and never gets old, no matter how many times I have seen this episode. I love how Hank always acts like there is nothing better than propane, and is shocked to find out Strickland uses it for business purposes only. Not the greatest episode ever, but a top notch one for sure.
  • Snow Job centers the action in Arlen around the first snowfall the town has seen in ages. Texans aren't ready for this and luckily Hank Hill is on hand and dedicated enough to carry them all through this.

    Snow Job starts out at the annual winter cookout sponsored by Strickland Propane. Hank gets the honor of turning "winter into summer" in front of a large crowd composed of company employees from all five Strickland Propane locations and their respective families. *****SPOILERS*******

    Mr Strickland has an infarction and ends up staying in the hospital for the entire episode, so he assigns one of the assistant managers to interim general manager in his absence. Unfortunately, he chose Vickers, a young hot-shot business school graduate - not the senior assistant manager Hank Hill. Hank's job during Buck's illness turns out to be general hound feeder and pooper-scooper at Buck's house. Hank and Peggy discover a terrible secret at Buck's house and he confronts the ailing employer with this fact. When Buck fesses up to everything, Hank is faced with a real moral dillema and his monologue at this point(complete with his voice cracking emotionally)is one of the funniest, most revealing scenes involving Hank's inner make-up in this series so far. Hank is finally fed-up with Buck's dishonesty and walks out on his job on the spot. Hank, Bobby and Peggy take a camping trip to a log cabin to give Hank some time and space to think about his life and where it's going from here; he's just really disillusioned about the propane business at this point in time.

    The snowfall in Arlen of course drives Dale to do stupid things on the assumption that there will be an actual civil crisis, it makes Bill go trashcan lid sledding and Boomhauer remains unchanged. He's the cool one in the bunch, until propane prices threaten to go up; he has his hot tub to worry about!

    After the hot-shot nearly ruins the business with his impersonal style of management; Hank comes to the rescue in a surprising turn of events.
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