King of the Hill

Season 5 Episode 4

Spin the Choice

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 19, 2000 on FOX

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  • Ch-Ch-Choices

    This was a pretty good episode but still the worst one so far. It had a pretty good plot line and it was interesting to see how close John Redcorn came to revealing the truth. It wasn't super funny but it had some funny moments and it was interesting at least. The B Plot, was kind of stupid, and the only really good part was when Bill thought he won the winnebago and then Peggy moved her arm. I think the most disappointing thing about this episode is that last year's Thanksgiving one was so good, that this one is just a failure in comparison. But, overall still a decent episode.
  • Gosh darn it! He was so close to telling them!

    This episode was awesome; very suspenceful, but awesome none the less. John almost told Joseph and Dale, but Joseph commenting on how they were all related in a way, he held back. I think that's what I like about him. As a character, John is not afraid to show emotion, such as when he was crying in the car, but he knows when to keep his mouth shut. Personally, I would like for John and Nancy to get back together, and maybe have Dale join the circus or something. I am very fond of John Redcorn and I would like to see more of him. And I swear, it's not just because native americans look good in armani pants.
  • I find it totally nerve-wracking that John Redcorn isn't allowed to claim Joseph as his son...

    I think King of the Hill generally follows reality fairly well given that it's an animated series - it's certainly more realistic than the Simpsons, Futurama or Family Guy - although I love all of those animated shows as well. But it's so annoying that the two characters that ought to figure out who Joseph's father really is don't have a clue. Dale Gribble is an idiot, that's clear, but Joseph really isn't - and frankly, I don't see Bobby being able to keep it a secret and I'm pretty sure Bobby knows it by now.

    Anyway - I actually like John Redcorn's character and I wish he and Nancy would get back together. Maybe Dale could decide he's gay like his dad? Teasing...

  • The KotH Fact-Checker must've had the day off for this episode...

    This episode is actually pretty funny, with all the interaction between the Gribbles and John Redcorn. Bobby takes up for Native Americans during this Thanksgiving episode.

    KotH is supposed to be set in Texas. Much like the Simpsons, there is never really enough information to figure out where their city is supposed to be. That's fine, but they should at least get the Texas information correct.

    In this episode, it's revealed that John Redcorn is a member of the Anasazi tribe. Bobby does some research and proclaims that it was the Anasazi tribe that inhabited the land occupied by modern-day Arlen. I had to double-check with my "Indians of Texas" book, but there never were Anasazi Indians in Texas. New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, but NOT Texas.

    Oh, and there's no fence around the real-life Alamo, either...
  • I choice not to watch this episode.

    Spin the Choice is an episode that prove how lame Thanksgiving can be when you spend it at the Hills. John Redcorn wants to get closer to his son, but ends up warping Bobby's fragile and pea-sized mind. Peggy, meanwhile, tries to make a new game to replace her pathetic Boggle tournament. Naturally, it makes no sense and Peggy believes it is the best game ever. At the end, everything returns to normal. Dale is still in the dark about the truth and Bobby is still an pathetically awkward moron. The reason behind my low score is Peggy and her lame game.
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