King of the Hill

Season 13 Episode 7

Straight as an Arrow

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 30, 2008 on FOX

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  • Nostalgia at its Best

    KOTH has been accused by many, including myself, as reusing plot points in the last couple of seasons, and one could argue this as a prime example. However, despite this using the Order, I feel this is more nostalgic, then it is reusing. First off, this is only the second story line which the Order is used, not a plot point hashed out for the millionth time. Secondly, it was really refreshing and new, despite it having similar things. I felt that what was reused was done so in a way to pay homage, not because they couldn't think of anything better. This episode did share some similarities of the episode where Bobby goes to Cotton's old school which has gone soft, and Cotton tried to take over and make it tough. In this case, the Order has gone soft and Hank tries to make it tough. But again, it isn't simply a rehashing of that storyline either. What it does do is show the similarities between Hank and his father, and also how people try to take anything slightly dangerous out of activities in today's society. I liked how they gave a reasoning for Wesley being that way, but Hank still wasn't fully wrong either. Both had good reasons, and should have come to a consensus on how to run things. I thought it was a pretty funny episode, and brought back memories of one of my all time favourite episodes, with a fresh twist, which is nice. The B Plot was good, and had some laughs too, which isn't always the case on this show.
  • The good : For once Hank is wrong. The Bad : There is no way for him to have been right. Still, a romp with a decent twist.

    As Hank deals with the new overprotective leader of the Straight Arrows, he falls into two traps. One is laid by him and his own inner Peggy, with the need to be right ahead even of other people's rights. The other is set by the writers, with a logic trap that's hard to let go. Still, watching the safety-cornered leader do his mild thing was classic KOTH.

    The trap Hank sets for himself is not respecting another parent's wishes, something that is both like and unlike him. Yes, the guy is irritating beyond measure, but his sons are his sons, and I'm pretty sure Hank would and has felt very negatively about anyone overriding him on Bobby.

    The trap the writers set is a logic one--or an illogical one, as the case may be. Okay, Hank is defying the other man's wishes, and again they are his sons, to be raised (Laws and decency allowing) as he sees fit. But the real health problems he cites at the end to justify why he does this are ones he cites at the end. At no time does he take Hank aside and say 'They have this condition/allergy' or give him any clue beyond 'Don't'. That's one thing. The other is, while the man has a point in being upset for Hank overriding him and imposing his beliefs on the guy's sons, the troop leader was more than happy to force his 'super-safe' agenda down the throats of everyone else. So Hank is wrong? Cool. How they arrived at it is majorly uncool and robs a point from the hilarity of clashing parenting methods.
  • Superb

    This episode was one of the first episodes of the show I saw, and I have to say it was really good. In it Hank encourages Bobby to join the Order of the straight arrow, and Hank agrees to be an assitant scoutmaster with the leader, Wesley. However Wesley doesn't let them be outside or play with fire, basiclly taking away the whole experience in Hank's perspective. Hank however has a plan to let them run wild, when he takes over the night shift at the camp-in. Like many King of the Hill eps, there aren't many lol moments, but the story is told perfectly, and extra points on showing how hank isn't always right, which rarely happens. Overall, a good episode. 9/10 A-