King of the Hill

Season 12 Episode 19

Strangeness on a Train

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Apr 27, 2008 on FOX



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    • (the party has been kicked off the train for pulling the break)
      Dale: By the looks of all the abandoned farm machinery, we're stranded in Outer Durndle. It looks very tetanus-y.This is Peggy's worst birthday ever. I should feel on top of the world; yet I'm not. I feel strangely hollow inside.

    • Kahn: I am Kahn Souphanousinphone. Upon entering the lavatory, I observed two sets of footprints: one set pointing up and the other down, evidence of love most foul! I discovered the deplorable act, and I will find the perpetrators. I will begin my questioning with you, Dale Gribble. Has your wife been out of your sight for even five minutes?
      Dale: No, she's been clingy all night.
      John Redcorn: I can verify that Nancy has not been out of Dale's sight at all.
      Bill: I don't have an alibi.
      Kahn: You're Bill Dauterive. That your alibi.

    • Hank: It'll be a disaster if we get caught, Peggy. We're on a train. That means we are at this very moment under the jurisdiction of the Texas Railroad Commission.
      Peggy: Yes, so?
      Hank: The railroad commission also regulates propane. If what we did in that bathroom becomes public, Strickland Propane could receive sanctions, maybe even the propane death penalty.

    • Bobby: What a cool place for a secret clubhouse!
      Connie: I hope there are old textbooks up there from when your parents were in school.
      Joseph: I hope there are mannequins!
      Connie: I'm not going first.
      Joseph: You gotta go, Bobby, 'cause if your deformed twin brother's up there, he should see your face first.
      Bobby (sighs): I guess you're right.

    • Lucky: It's all right. We've all messed up and given away the plot of something. Take it from me; "Fire" ain't the worst thing you can yell in a theater. It's "Bruce Willis is dead!"

    • Boomhauer: Peggy, happy birthday, man. I want you to meet ol' dang ol' Rhonda here. She's hearing... hearing-impaired, but she communicates with dang ol' language of love, you know, um, hot, man

    • Hank: Fun within prescribed limits. This can work!

    • Actor: One of our actresses didn't show. How would you like to be in the program? All you have to do is be blond and pretty.
      Luanne (squeals and giggles): I can do both those things!

    • (After Khan accuses Lucky and Luanne)
      Lucky: Not that there is anything wrong with your premise, but no it was not us.
      Luanne: We haven't done it in public since Lucky nearly fell off a ferris wheel.

    • Peggy: I would not put it past sex-crazed hobos.
      Hank: I wouldn't put it past a hobo.
      Peggy: You are not helping Hank!

    • Peggy: My feet are smoking guns!

    • Kahn: Hey, Hank Hill! Remember the 70s? My people ambushing your people in a jungle?

    • Hank: Disco, huh? You sure they didn't have a Super Bowl theme, or murder on a bass boat?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Joseph: "You gotta go Bobby 'cause if your deformed twin brother's up there he should see your face first"

      This allusion is a reference to another Fox show The Simpsons episode "Treehouse of Horror VII" in the segment called "The Thing and I", where Bart discovers he has a deformed twin brother in the attic.

    • Kahn: Oh, happy feet!

      Happy Feet is a 2006 animated film about a tap-dancing penguin. It won an Academy Award for "Best Animated Feature."

    • Lucky: "Fire!" ain't the worst thing you can yell in a theater. It's, "Bruce Willis is dead!"

      This refers to the plot twist at the end of the 1999 horror movie The Sixth Sense, which starred Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment.

    • The title of this episode is a reference to Patricia Highsmith's Strangers on a Train, a novel that was adapted as a 1951 Alfred Hitchcock movie. The plot follows two men who meet on a train and agree to "exchange murders," and each kill someone in the other man's life in exchange for the murder of someone in their life, but only one man takes it seriously.

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