King of the Hill

Season 6 Episode 19

Sug Night

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 05, 2002 on FOX

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  • good episode this season!

    Despite the classic premiere "Bobby Goes Nuts", this was a bit of a disapointing season and the beginning of the show's decline. But Sug Night is an awesome ep.
  • Grilled to Perfection!

    This is another great Season 6 episode, with a great plot and a ton of humour. I like Bill trying to see Peggy naked, as it brought extra humour to the plot, and Dale trying various ways to hurt Hank. I think they did a great job of the whole dream thing, as it really made sense that it was about propane, but until the reveal most people probably thought it was about Nancy. Overall it was a really great episode! I like the Season 6 is back to being fantastic.
  • After Hank fixes the Gribble's propane-powered hot tub, he has dreams of him and Nacy grilling burgers nude. It doesn't take long for Peggy to find out and become jealous. To spice up their marriage, Hank and Peggy decide to go to a nude beach.

    Although Hank is usually a likeable character, it's always funny when he does or thinks something out-of-the-ordinary. The fact that Hank begins having dreams about another woman was hilarious and provided an interesting conflict.

    The fact that Hank would agree to go to a nude beach and (to some extent) enjoy it really surprises me. In the end, it turns out that he was bored of propane. A little anti-climatic, but it is believeable.

    In the end, the episode provided us with a good and interesting conflict, humor from John Redcorn, Dale, and even Bill, and one of the best written episodes of the season (maybe out of the entire series).
  • sug

    Its dale and nancy's aniversy so she asks hank to fix the water heater on the their hot tub and mak it run on propane he reluctantly agrees and fixes it and then ends up in the hot tub where he she's nancy in her bikini. that nught he has dream about grilling naked and sees nancy naked..he goes to john redcorn to tell him what happened and redcorn goes crazy and later tells dale..who gets mad and peggy end this dream he and peggy decide to go to a nude beach to grill..they she two naked ladies and discover that he is actually bored of propane. a gret episode.
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