King of the Hill

Season 12 Episode 1

Suite Smells of Excess

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Sep 23, 2007 on FOX

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  • Suite Episode

    This is a pretty good episode to start the season. I usually enjoy Hank and Bobby moments, and this is one of those ones I really enjoy. Minus the fact that Bobby is acting as if Football is some new thing he's never heard of before, it was nice to see him get so into it and Hank doing anything he can (including buying tickets from a scalper-bwah!) to make sure Bobby has the best time ever. I thought it had a lot of really funny moments, and was enjoyable. The B plot was kind of pointless and obviously just something to make sure the episode was long enough, although I did like Luanne and the cat! Overall it was a pretty decent start to the season!
  • While Hank, Peggy, and Bobby shop at the Megalo Mart, Bobby begins to like football. Hank, wanting to keep his love for football intact, takes him to a Nebraska VS Texas football game. Mayhem begins to ensue from there on out.

    Seriously, this was a very funny episode with witty jokes and great writing.

    I don't understand why Bobby begins to just suddenly like football (or why it doesn't carry on in future episodes), but it was funny seeing how desperate Hank is to keep Bobby's love for football in tact. Like Dale said, he broke many rules to make Bobby like football.

    I like how when Hank tried to make Nebraska lose by telling them some stupid play, and they end up winning! And then, the guys try to escape the stadium without being found out by the angry Texas fans.

    Overall, this was a classic episode that I love. This is one of my favorite episodes!
  • A great way to start out the season.

    The one thing I didn't like about this episode was that Bobby started to like football because he has also been the art kid who never wanted to be a jock. What would make the writers do that but other than that it was a great episode. The part where they got the seats up high reminded me of the time I went to a WVU VT game. My favorite part was when they had to get back to their car and everything. This was very good episode I can't remember how many times I watched this one on my DVR.
  • funny episode

    it's a good episode and very funny. trying to get bobby to like football, go to a college rose bowl game, trapped in some former college stars VIP box seat, Hank deciding nebraskas winning play... a quick kick, they get a touchdown, trying to stay safe from angry football fans, peggy going crazy, and they are forced to drive all the way to nebraska... i love it classic. if you like this episode... your a smart person. if you don't... well watch it again and again. i thought this beat the simpsons season premiere but not really family guy"blue harvest" that was pretty hilarious
  • Bobby and football

    hank discovers booby watching football on the tv at the store and thinks bobby is interested in fotball. so he and his friends dale bill and boomhauer decide to watch football with bobby to make sure he likes it. so they then take him to a game but dioscover their tickets are fake since they say texas vs nebraski. so they must buy tickets off a scalper. so thye have terrible seats. and the boby ends up in a suite so ahnk and friends come and watch the game and bring good luck to texas and then hank has to act as the former nebraska quarterback jake (i forgot the last name) and calls a quick cll when the assistant coach of nebraska calls him because he has to take over since the head coach was hurt. so the quick kick leads to a nebraska win. this causes a riot when the real jake whathisname shows up and hank and friends try to escape disquised as nebraska fans but the texas fans surrrond them until the nevraska team tells them to follow their convoy. peggy has to buy a new tv so takes luanne who gets confused by the hd tv showing a cat.
  • Trapped in a VIP Box!

    I'm not much of a fan of the series. But I'm giving the season opener of "King of the Hill" a 10 because I love this episode very much. Hanbk taches Bobby the values of Football, takes him to a college football game. Hank, bobby and the gang goes to the game and ends up at seats far from the field. Before they know it, they end up in the VIP section. Just like Homer,whose never been on a private Jet, Hank and gang has never been in a VIP section before. Then towards the end, crazy stuff happens. I can't reveal the end, for those wh want to see it in rerun. Also the HD TV issues and whatever Luanne can tell a HD TV from real life. A few seasons ago, I feel as if I had given up on the series. But with this episode, I had renew hope in the show.
  • Pretty average episode.

    I was kind of disappointed I expected this season of King of the Hill to start off really good. I haven't watched the show in a few years so I thought I'd pick back up on it. The episode was about average same as when I used to watch the show. I just expected that over these few years the show would have gotten better. The episode had its funny moments, but not the greatest I've seen. Some of the humour has been repeated many times before in other shows, but I guess I'm expecting way too much from this show.