King of the Hill

Season 8 Episode 22

Talking Shop

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 23, 2004 on FOX

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  • Some Advice: Watch This Episode.

    Season Premieres and Finales are often expected to be something special. While this isn't one of the best finales this show has produced, it definitely is a very good episode. I love the scenes with Hank trying to buy a car for Bobby, and I found Joseph's awkwardness in this episode funny, which I usually don't. Bobby's story line is really entertaining, and it's funny to see Bobby try and squirm his way out of the situation he gets himself into. Overall this is a very good episode!
  • When given the opportunity to decide which elective class he wants to take, Bobby chooses Peer Counseling over Auto Shop.

    Bobby tries to work the system to his advantage when he is given the opportunity to decide his elective class. Opting to meet girls rather than roughhouse with the shop guys he chooses Peer Counseling over Auto Shop. Once in the class he finds out that it is not all he imagined, especially when the teacher tells him the rules.

    Hank, meanwhile, thinks Bobby is in auto shop and buys a junk car that they can restore together. When Bobby runs afoul of the rules and gets into some romantic trouble, he finds out how men deal with their emotional problems...

    Overall, this is a fine example of this series. Like most kids, Bobby ignores his father's advice and learns a lesson or two when it comes time to face the consequences. I especially like the way it shows how many working class men deal with their feelings and handle problems. Once again, it takes a cartoon to shine a light on how real people think and act. That's what makes King of the Hill great.