King of the Hill

Season 12 Episode 7

Tears of an Inflatable Clown

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 25, 2007 on FOX

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  • Bobby wants to have a carnival at school so he has a carnival committee to plan the carnival

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "King of the Hill" and it's staying strong just like pretty much all of the episodes are. Bobby gets bored of school and finds absolutely nothing exciting about it so he decides that he wants to have a carnival at the school so he starts a carnival committee to plan the carnival but things go wrong when there are racial intolerance going around the school. Meanwhile, Lucky injures himself when caught a frisbee made out of barbed wires but he doesn't want to go to the hospital and the guys are trying to catch him. There alot of funny and clever scenes in this episode. The subplot was funny when Hank and his friends try to catch Lucky so he can go to the hospital but Lucky refuses to go to the hospital. Hank tells Bobby the true meaning of either being a cool boss or a tough boss. Bobby was cool at first and he got tough so the things in the carnival can be done. The very ending was nice when the carnival was back thanks to Hank and the others. Overall, an excellent episode of "King of the Hill". 10/10
  • Diverse Episode

    This is an entertaining episode. It's not super funny, but I still enjoy watching it. Both the A Plot and B Plot are well written, and have funny moments. I think the best part was Kahn at the assembly, as it was one of the few moments I actually really laughed. It is worth checking out, as it does have some nice Bobby/Hank moments, and shows Bobby maturing.
  • A diversity instructor comes to Tom Landry to ensure everyone is tolerant of other races. However, Bobby begins to find racial intolerance where there is none, thanks to the instructor. Meanwhile, Lucky has to be caught after catching a barbwire Frisbee.

    This episode reminds me a lot of the tenth season episode "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Clown." The storyline is just weak, and seems more like B-story material - it can't quite carry the episode alone.

    One of the things that bothered me the most was everyone's willingness to go along with the diversity instructor's wacky idea. I love that King of the Hill is presented in such a way that it could be happening in real life somewhere in Texas, but this plot is too extreme to have everyone in a normal society going along with it. While Lucky running from medical attention for his wire-barbed hand was funny, it was more slapstick and outlandish than most storylines, straying from the underlying context of reality King of the Hill.

    While the whole thing involving Lucky and the barbed wire frisbee was a little slapstick-y for my taste, it did have some funny moments, particularly when he had slathered himself in Vaseline and the guys couldn't hold onto him. Re-watching the episode,I thought it was funnier the second time around, however, the other elements of the episode did not improve with a second viewing.

    This episode wasn't awful, but it was a little disappointing, especially following twelfth season gems like "Death Pickks Cotton" and "Raise the Steaks" (although Hank raising cows in his backyard isn't exactly the most realistic element to hit the show). Overall, it was slightly forgettable but did make me look forward to better episodes this season.