King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 2

Texas City Twister

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Sep 26, 1997 on FOX

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  • Hank behaves coldly and selfishly and nearly learns his leason in the worst way when a tornado hits.

    While I constantly rip on Hank Hill for his many faults and his personality, this episode shows the side of him that allows me not to absolutely condem him.

    The fact that he was willing to risk his life for Peggy and Luanne allows me to see Hank as human (as far as a cartoon character is concerned) with some measure of redeming qualities.

    Plus, I love the part of Dale driving towards the tornado and freaking out when a drop of water hits the windshield.

    What I like the most about the older episodes of this series it that they were still funny and were worth staying past the commercial breaks.
  • a texas tornado touchdown.

    Hank is tired of Luanne living at the house so he suggest that she move back to her trailer. Luanne does not want to go back because of the bad memories of the night when her parents killed eachother. so hank and the gang go to take her to the trailer and flip it over since it was tipped for years. later on peggy and hank get in fight over luanne staying or going so he tells peggy to go to he**. she leaves with luanne and heads tom the trailer park. meanwhile there is a bad storm brewing and according to nancy there could be tornadoes. so hank goes to save the girls and as he leaves the tornado touches down and dale and boomhauer tagalong to catch a tornado video. once they arrive at the trailer park after almost being held up by bill and the rest of the army. an old lady sees bobby peggy and luanne trying to escape with hank and suggest that they get in her storm shelter. hank is trapped up a flagpole and the tornado is destroying the trailer park and blows all of his clothes off as the storm weakens hank heads into the storm shelter. when its done luanne says she saw uncle hank was naked but both peggy and him say he still had his boxer shorts but as the episode ends we see them in a tree flapping in the breeze. a coolchris44 review. king of the kill is a great show. i lhave a crush on gloria and kelly lombardo too.
  • Not the Underwear!

    One of the best of Season 2! This episode was hilarious. As with some of the first few of Season 1, all the characters played a good role and everyone gave laughs. The egg bit was hilarious and the part where Hank (did not) lose his underwear is a classic KOTH moment. Right from the start (6AM already that boy ain't right) til the end with the underwear this episode had me laughing. Even the way Hank "told" Peggy to go to Hell was typical Hank style. Love it, and this whole episode.
  • I really hope u guys r kidding this show has to be soooooo gay like for one thing man the drawing just look like ****

    only time i ever laughed at watching king of the hill was this episode, 1. bobby threw an egg and it hit him in the face and 2. the old lady has the same **** voice like man mike judge u think u would have some lady clicking around for her one **** line but no u need to get one of the main characters that is in that scene to do a voice for an old **** lady man that was like the funniest **** i have ever even coming from such a big budget cartoon man like come on mike your better then that haha so the 9 i'm giving it is because only funny episode ever. go bobby hill!
  • Funny episode. It is really funny when strong winds blow hank's clothes off.

    A good episode off king of the Hill. A guy comes knocing on thier door telling them they have to pay a bill for a trailer. Luanne use to live in one but it tipped over. Hank makes her go back but she doesn't want to. Hank and the guys go try and flip it over. This is a funny part. They get it up. Luanne moves into the trailer and Peggy drives her. A storm comes. Hank goes to get them. Bobby throws a egg and it hits him in the face that the wind was so strong. Hanks clothes fly off. After the storm everything was safe. Everything was messed up. The trailer tipped over. Luanne goes back to living with hank. This is a funny episode. You should watch it.
  • Funny stuff.

    I thought that Hank was really being a jerk. It was funny watching him want to move Luanne back to her trailer home. In a way, I felt bad for Luanne being forced to move back against her own will. It was actually very much a stupid and selfish choice by Hank. The episode had some good comedy, funny bits, and some decent writing. I liked the fact that it was funny and also very much well put together. My favorite moment was when Bobby tried to throw an egg in the wind and it hit him in the face. Thank you.
  • Our hero Hank Hill has to confront and deter Luanne's landlord from her trailer park home, Shiny Pines. He's ready to let Luanne move back into the trailer, but he's alone in this battle to get rid a his longtime houseguest/neice.

    Hank's got a truck and a winch and the boys are going along for the ride! Dale, Bill and Boomhauer are happy to help Hank un-tip Luanne's trailer so she can move out of Hank's house. Later, Bill puts on his Army uniform and shows a different side during a time of crisis.


    If Luanne was a lightbulb, she'd be a little on the dull side. A while back, when Luanne's momma got shipped off to jail for stabbing her spouse, Luanne moved into Hank's den and never moved back out. The assumption she made was that the fact that her parents' trailer was tipped over, that she was in fact homeless and unable to move back into the trailer. Hank gets a home visit from a bill collector from the trailor park; he's looking for Luanne to pay her back-rent. Hank then discovers the true: Luanne is an idiot. So hank loads up the fellas and heads out to fix up the trailor for Luanne to move back into it; this upsets both Peggy and Luanne greatly...Luanne likes living in the Hill house. In an unexpected plot twist, a tornado is heading straight for the trailor park and Peggy along with Luanne are sitting ducks. Tune in for a really revealing look at Hank Hill towards the end of this episode.