King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 2

Texas City Twister

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Sep 26, 1997 on FOX

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  • a texas tornado touchdown.

    Hank is tired of Luanne living at the house so he suggest that she move back to her trailer. Luanne does not want to go back because of the bad memories of the night when her parents killed eachother. so hank and the gang go to take her to the trailer and flip it over since it was tipped for years. later on peggy and hank get in fight over luanne staying or going so he tells peggy to go to he**. she leaves with luanne and heads tom the trailer park. meanwhile there is a bad storm brewing and according to nancy there could be tornadoes. so hank goes to save the girls and as he leaves the tornado touches down and dale and boomhauer tagalong to catch a tornado video. once they arrive at the trailer park after almost being held up by bill and the rest of the army. an old lady sees bobby peggy and luanne trying to escape with hank and suggest that they get in her storm shelter. hank is trapped up a flagpole and the tornado is destroying the trailer park and blows all of his clothes off as the storm weakens hank heads into the storm shelter. when its done luanne says she saw uncle hank was naked but both peggy and him say he still had his boxer shorts but as the episode ends we see them in a tree flapping in the breeze. a coolchris44 review. king of the kill is a great show. i lhave a crush on gloria and kelly lombardo too.