King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 2

Texas City Twister

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Sep 26, 1997 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Man at Door: Hello is there a Luanne Platter living here?
      Hank: Well who wants to know?
      Man at Door: Shiny Pines Trailer Park. Miss Platter owes 6 months back rent.
      Hank: You must have that wrong mister, Luanne doesn't have any trailer, that's why she lives here.
      Man at Door: So she does live here.
      Hank: Don't play mind checkers with me man. I'm not in the mood.
      Man at Door (pulls wrench out of jacket pocket): Uh we're both reasonable people.
      Hank (grabs golf club and holds it behind door): You said it friend.
      Man at Door: My records show a trailer at the corner of Shady Oak Lane and Unpaved Access Drive: Luanne Platter - Resident.
      Hank: That can't be right. Luanne use to live in a trailer, but her parents had a fight, the trailer tipped over, her momma went to jail and the cops hauled it off.
      Man at Door: Sir, if you're calling me a liar, you better be holding something stronger than an umbrella.
      Hank (pulls club out from behind door): 9 iron.
      Man at Door: Y'all have a nice day.