King of the Hill

Season 12 Episode 13

The Accidental Terrorist

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Mar 02, 2008 on FOX

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  • Hank finds out he has been cheated by his "car guy" for the last two decades, and Arlen thinks he has taken revenge by blowing up the car lot.

    One of my favorite episodes of the 12th season (thought not quite as great as "Untitled Blake McCormick Project"), this episode has a funny storyline that veers a little out of character for Hank. Despite not being a typical King of the Hill episode, it had some great one-liners - one of my favorite lines this season is Boomhauer's line about what he would say when the cops came to ask about Hank - "Talkin' bout, Hank was always a quiet guy...". It was also a nice turn of character for Peggy to be the one that is right in their marriage - she does the research so she can get her coveted convertible while Hank just walks in and pays sticker price. The best part of this episode was the kids that blow up the car lot, and all the energy they put into it - coming up wth nicknames, sneaking around in all black...

    One of the only things that detracts from this episode is the continuity mistakes - in a previous episode Hank buys a track not only from a different salesman, but also tells Bobby to "pretend not to like it" when they get in front of the car salesman, proving he knows how to bargain when buying a new car. However, the episode is still funny and definitely worth watching multiple times.
  • The Not So Accidental Review

    This was a pretty good episode. Not nearly as good as the amazing episode that preceded it, however, it had a lot of laughs, and a pretty decent plot. The only thing that annoyed me was the uncharacteristic aspect. Hank seems like the type of person that doesn't just let anyone get him deals. He seems like someone who would do lots of research before buying something. I just find it hard to believe he could be scammed for 25 years. But maybe just using another character. I mean, the fact that Luanne knows about sticker price and Hank doesn't scares me. It should have been the other way around. It's a pretty big thing, but I won't really let it affect my rating too much, because it did have some hilarious moments, and the idea of the episode was good.
  • great

    hank is furious when he learns he has been overpaying for all his cars for 25 years and plots revenge on the dealership. he meets a couple other people who plan on helping him (his plan is to put stickers on cars that explain how the dealership cheats people), but the other guys' blow up some of the dealership. but everyone else thinks hank did it. can he clear his name?

    decent episode. it had a funny ending and a good plot. my overall grade for this episode would be somewhere in the "B" range, good episode but not great
  • Hank tries to teach Bobby how to shop for stuff, but gets in trouble after learning he has been overpaying for his car.

    This episode just continues to prove how naive Hank is. Not only is he overpaying for a car, but is trusting a random teen while being oblivious to his true motive: mischieve making. While there are some great lines, seeing Hank not noticing the obvious. Furthermore, everyone assume he is lying instead of telling the truth. Dale is kinda crazy, yet his part annoying at best. This is one of many episodes that depicts Hank as a naive chump who believes everyone is honest and caring. At the end, Hank gets off the hook, yet everyone continues to believe he is a dangerous torrorist. Perhaps if they just watched the end of the tape, Hank could have gotten his name cleared and those that actually did the exposion get arrested. Sadly, that is not the case. What an absloute shame.