King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 3

The Arrowhead

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Oct 19, 1997 on FOX

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  • Don't Dig This Ep.

    Probably one of the worst of the season and series in terms of amount of laughs, but the scenes/moments and lines that are funny make up for the lack of laughs in this episode. I didn't mind the plot, but it wasn't the most entertaining. Hank was really the only one who had funny lines in this episode, which is sad, as it has a lot of great characters. So far Season 2 is not as good as Season 1 was.
  • A throw away episode.

    I didn't like this episode. In fact, it made me want to just fall asleep. It was very boring and very slow paced. I must say that this episode needed a boost, but it never came from any character or bit. I guess the best bit was when Hank pushed the nerd person in the pit over and over and over. That was funny to watch because it made the guy look sad. The writing was average, the comedy was average, and the storylines were below average. I wasn't that much entertained and I wish they would have made it better. Thank you.
  • Peggy shows us her intellectual prowess when Hank accidentally unearths an arifact during his lawncare routine. The local university gets involved and Hank ends up defending his lawn, his propert and even his own marriagea as the plot thickens.

    This episode brings us an up close and personal look at Peggy's need to appear competant as an educator. Hank unearths an old arrowhead when he tries out a new John Deere contraption, Peggy and John Redcorn lead him to believe it's a valuable arifact and Hank sells it to the local university.


    The professor who hustles Hank out of his valuable find later shows up at the Hill home to trick Peggy into signing away their rights to an important archaelogical find. Hanks lawn gets destroyed in short order and the sneaky professor even somewhat flatters Peggy into feeling some new self-worth, thanks to his presence. This escalates into a bombshell when Hank sees not only his lawn ruined, but his homelife threatened. He decides to take matters into his own hands. Tune in for the rest.