King of the Hill

Season 13 Episode 19

The Boy Can't Help It

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Sep 13, 2009 on FOX

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  • This Reviewer Can't Help It

    This is a pretty good episode. It's clear KOTH was nowhere near as good as it use to be, but it still produced pretty good episodes towards the end. I liked the debate between Hank and Peggy throughout as I thought it was nice to show that it wasn't all Bobby being weird, but that he just went too far with it. I do feel girls can be able to take the lead in a relationship, however Bobby was acting pretty pathetic. I thought the plot was well written, and while not really funny, had some good laughs. The B Plot was also entertaining, and was hilarious, especially the parts without Hank. Overall a pretty good episode.
  • A good episode that aired during a shaky period for the show (spoiler warning)


    I was watching this episode today and I remember being surprised by how good I found it during its original airing. Let's face it - seasons 11 through 13 were when the show started to become a pile of skyte, so an episode that would get an 8 out of 10 is certainly a good thing. The best episodes from that era at most get a 6 out of 10from me.

    So let's start with my formal review. The homecoming dance is coming to Tom Landry Middle school and Bobby thinks it's best to wait to get a date, but after finding out that more girls are willing to go to dances after going through puberty. After trying (and failing) many times to get a date, a trio of popular girls start to focus their attention on him - for all the wrong reasons. Bobby starts to enjoy getting all the attention from all the kind of girls who would usually ignore a guy like him. Hank also eventually becomes proud that Bobby is finally got himself attention from the opposite sex, but after finding out that the females are the dominant ones in their "relationship," he becomes furious and grounds Bobby. That night, Bobby sneaks out with the girls and they take him to a party under the bleachers. At the party, the girls reveal that they were usinghimthe whole time and dump him. After a tipoff from Kahn, Hank shows up and and a distraught Bobby confesses what happened. After Bobby witnesses the three girls being harassed by a group of older men, he intervenes and gets the guys to go away. The girls see it as an attempt for him to get back together with them and they snub him. Hank, however, is proud that Bobby was finally able to dominate and tells him that he will find true love someday.

    This episode was one of the first genuinely well-written episodes toair in a long time and it had some good gags (Joseph agressively asking a girl to the dance and her agreeing, Hank's confrontation with the underaged drinker, the subplot). The only things that bring this episode down is Hank's attitude - I thought he was overreacting way too much to how times have changed and grounding Bobby was way too extreme. The ending was kind of predictable, too. Still, I find this as well as the syndicated episodes that came after (in order of production) to be a great addition to an otherwise mediocre season. B+

    EDIT 12/3/11: After watching this episode, I actually now think Hank's behavior was right. Those girls were using him so they could have fun - they made him cluck like a chicken, for God's sake. My grade is unchanged, however.