King of the Hill

Season 12 Episode 18

The Courtship of Joseph's Father

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Apr 13, 2008 on FOX

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  • Courting The Viewers

    I enjoyed this episode quite a bit, even though it isn't very funny. It is Dale centric and very entertaining, so I can't complain too much. It could have been funnier, considering Dale was the lead, but it still did have some good laughs. I liked how they showed the Bobby/Joseph relationship, as it brought some realism and emotion into the episode. Overall a pretty decent episode.
  • Joseph Gribble is the star of the Tom Landry Middle School football team and a private school wants to recruit him to come play there and Dale sees nothing but benefits for him.

    The one reason why I enjoy King of the Hill is because they can do a story line that I have seen on other shows, but they have such a way to make it their own! This episode, Joseph Gribble is spotlighted at the star football quarterback on the Tom Landry Middle School football team and the Longhorns have been on a winning streak. One game, there is a recruiter from a private academy that wants Joseph to come play ball for them. Well Joseph does not want to go, but Dale sees nothing but great benefits in it for him (he gets to land the exterminator job at the academy) and just sees this as a great opportunity for Joseph. Dale and Nancy attend many galas and events for rich people, and Dale spends money at silent auctions that he does not have. It becomes a big controversy that Joseph is not playing for Tom Landry and they try their best to get Joseph back, because according to Hank, the only sports team that is winning anything is Cross Country. Dale thinks the only thing that he can do is have Joseph go live with the Marder family, the rich family from the academy. He drops Joseph off at the door, and Joseph thinks he is to live there from now on. Mr. Marder takes Joseph back to his house where Dale thinks he cannot raise Joseph right and in a good environment because he does not have many. But Joseph talks to Dale and tells him that all he wants to do is play ball but in order for Joseph to get out of his tuition and for Dale to pay back his extermination money, he throws the First Annual "Gribble Gala" where they raise enough money to allow Joseph to return to Tom Landry and everyone is happy.