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King of the Hill

Season 6 Episode 4

The Father, the Son and J.C.

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Dec 16, 2001 on FOX
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Episode Summary


Buck Strickland has to build a house for Habitat for Humanity as part of his community service, and Hank does all the work. Buck is so pleased that he promotes Hank to manager, but when Hank tells Buck in public that he loves him, he is quickly demoted. Cotton becomes jealous that Hank likes Buck better, and Peggy sets out to repair their broken relationship for a Christmas miracle.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Jesus Carter????

    Another great Christmas episode of KOTH. And another great Season 6 episode. Season 6 is one of my favourite seasons and this is just one of the reasons why. There were some duds later on, but these episodes at the beginning are incredible. This is another great Cotton/Hank storyline where Cotton actually shows himself as having a heart. I loved how Bobby thought it was Jesus, instead of Jimmy Carter! Everything in this episode was just really funny and is one of the best of the series. A classic KOTH episode that everyone needs to see!moreless
Mike Judge

Mike Judge

Voice of Hank Hill, Boomhauer, Stuart Dooley

Kathy Najimy

Kathy Najimy

Voice of Peggy Hill

Pamela Adlon

Pamela Adlon

Voice of Bobby Hill

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy

Voice of Joseph Gribble (seasons 1-4), Luanne Platter

Johnny Hardwick

Johnny Hardwick

Voice of Dale Gribble

Stephen Root

Stephen Root

Voice of Bill Dauterive, Buck Strickland

Toby Huss

Toby Huss

Voice of Cotton Hill

Recurring Role

Ashley Gardner

Ashley Gardner

Voice of Didi Hill

Recurring Role

David Herman

David Herman

Ex-President Jimmy Carter

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Hank: How about I buy you an ornament?
      Cotton: (seeing the one Hank picked)
      "Peace"?!? You'd like that, you draft-dodger. Sure you can't find one with a flag burning on it?
      Hank: It's Jesus peace,not hippie peace.
      Cotton: Either way, we've always been a "Joy" family.
      Hank: But-
      Cotton: (interrupting)JOY!

    • Cotton: It's the first Christmas dinner in my new apartment, so you better bring a Christmas gift, a housewarming gift, and a chair if you want to sit.

    • Hank: Okay, I've put together a schedule which gives us four days to finish this house.
      The frame's a prefab, so we could build it in two but let's take four and really enjoy it.
      Bill: Since we're starting from scratch why don't we make it a dream house and put the toilet in the living room?

    • Bobby: (trying to get Hank a holiday gift) Why don't we just get him a gift certificate?
      Peggy: That's a great idea, Bobby. We will give your father, who worked so hard to conceive you, the same thing we give the paper boy. Who did nothing.

    • Didi: Cotton is easy to shop for. Either he likes what I get him, and he's happy, or he doesn't like what I get him, and he shoots it, and he's happy.

    • Peggy: And, Bobby, that is how I saved Christmas.

    • Didi: Hank is too cruel.
      Peggy: No, Didi, Cotton is the cruel one. Hank is the one who sells propane.
      Didi: But Hank is cruel. He said he loved Buck. He should say he loves Cotton. And that's not just what I think, it's what Cotton told me to think.
      Peggy: Cotton is jealous? But that is a human emotion.

    • Hank: Don't worry sir, you'll be back drivin' just as soon as I finish paying your debt to society.
      Buck: Yup, you really pulled my eggs outta the frying pan THIS time.

    • Buck: You drive nice, Hank.
      Hank: I pretend that the gas pedal is an egg.

    • Bobby (shopping) Dad! The world's BEST hammer!!
      Hank: Son, Sears already sold me the world's best hammer, so someone is lying.

    • Hank (to Jimmy Carter): Wow, you ran our country... AMERICA.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Cotton: Well he's nobody but a one-terming peanut farmer.

      This joke is a reference to Carter only being in office for one term, and before going into politics worked on a peanut farm.

    • Cotton: Henpecked by the OPEC.

      The OPEC is the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. The joke is a reference to the 1979 energy crises which occurred which Carter was in office.

    • Jimmy Carter: The Egyptians once said they would never accept Isreal's right to exist.

      This refers to the war between the two nations which started with a 1948 war, and it wasn't until 1979 that a peace treaty was signed between the two.

    • Episode Title: The Father, the Son and the J.C.

      This episode's title is a reference to the Holy Trinity of Christian religion - The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost.