King of the Hill

Season 4 Episode 7

The Hank's Giving Episode

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 21, 1999 on FOX

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  • Great Thanksgiving ep!

    I saw this in August 2009, back when I didn't really like KOTH and was pretty much FG and Simpsons all the way. But it looked interesting, so I watched it, and found it pretty good. Long story short, the Hills and their neighbors have plans for thanksgiving, but get stuck at the airport. Nonetheless, they're stuck together, and manage to make the best of things by having pizza in the empty cafeteria.

    Shortly afterwards, I looked up this episode. I saw November 2004 had an episode about the Hills going to Montana to see Peggy's mom, so I assumed that must be this. Turns out I was wrong. By that point, KOTH was definitely staling. Here's it's in its' prime. Whether at Thanksgiving or Christmas or whenever, feel free to treat yourself to watching this great ep.

    Oh, as well as the hilarious YTP "Hank Hill's Airport Apocalypse", made by the fantastic EmperorLemon.
  • Hanks You Very Much For This Episode!

    Another great Thanksgiving episode with the Hill family. They get stuck in an airport, which, face it, is not the most original comedic plot line, but this episode makes it work. I agree with cactus, when I look at what this episode is about it sounds like an instant borefest but it turns out to be one of the funnier episodes thus far in Season 4. Season 4 so far has been a let down compared with Season 3, but it is still pretty good and this one is one of the reasons. Hank does a great job, and all the supporting characters have funny moments in them too. I like it when all the characters get a shining moment and aren't just stuck in the episode for the heck of it. It also had a lot of recurring characters that have funny scenes, like Kahn, and Nancy and John Redcorn in the car. Overall a very good episode.
  • A funny episode.

    This was actually much better than I thought that it was going to be. In fact, I actually thought that this was one of the better shows of the series, but I have to give it an 8.5, for the sole reason on the plot. The acting was okay, which says a lot for a cartoon. It also was well written and the story was okay. The comedy was really good, but the plot is ehat brought this episode down a bit. I really thought that it was funny to watch everyone stranded at the airport and for everyone to have their own little adventures. Thank you.
  • The Hills and their neighbors are stuck in a airport on what Peggy calls "Thanksgiving Eve"

    The Hill, the Soupanousaphones, the Gribbles, Bill, Boomhower, and John Redcorn are all going places for Thanksgiving. When they get to the airport, weather causes a delay. They are all stuck there. Hank, Bobby, Peggy, and Luanne try to find ways to get on the plane, but they don't. Finally, the weather clears up and they can go. But, a dog mistakes Hank's turkey for a bomb, and the bomb squad blows it up. Then, the bad weather moves back in and the flight is delayed, again. Finally, everyone comes together and decide to have their own Thanksgiving since they are together. Using leftover pizza (from Kahn) peanuts (from Boomhower) and a few other things, Peggy says she can make a Apple Brown Betty.