King of the Hill

Season 14 Episode 1

The Honeymooners

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 04, 2010 on FOX

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  • RV Time!

    The first of the "lost" or "unaired" episodes. This is a pretty good episode, and it's nice to have Hank's mom in it, who was hardly in the last few seasons at all. As the other reviewer says, it does a good job of closing off his mom's storyline. I thought the plot was pretty decent, but I can kind of see why it was selected to be cut. The episode focused a lot on a character that was hardly in the show. So, while it was actually pretty funny, there really isn't a lot of an emotional attachment to Hank's mom. She was never as important to the series as Cotton. That being said, I am glad it was finally released because it does give a few good laughs.
  • Deals with Real world issues and puts closure for Hank's Mom

    What makes this series so good, is how down to earth it is. It is believable. Hank's father Cotton surely was a handful, but a lot less is known about his Mom. In this episode, we see how much Hank care's for his Mom when she decides to get re-married, and sell her condo for an RV with her new husband.

    While Hank worries about his Mom's choice in husbands, he quickly learns he needs to worry about his Mom more when she does more sporadic choices.

    The episode deals with real issues, and it seams them together nicely in a endearing episode.
  • Huh??

    This was a season 13 episode.