King of the Hill

Season 8 Episode 4

The Incredible Hank

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 23, 2003 on FOX

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  • Testosterone and Bulls.

    This was a pretty good episode, with a strange plot. It was pretty odd, but it did have some really funny moments. It was odd to see Hank act that way. I know he has a lot more energy, but would his entire personality change? I am not so sure. I have a feeling that was done as a plot point. Either way, it was weird, but still made for some good moments. Overall it was a decent episode.
  • It was hilarious when he stopped taking testosterome.

    This episode start with Hank Hill Finding out that Bobby is failing PE class. So he asks Bobby why he is failing and he says the class is just too hard for him then Hank says that PE isn’t hard all you have to do in PE is try to do something. So then Bobby admits the reason he is failing is that he won’t take a shower with the other guys in PE. Then Hank explains the to the guys about the situation and Dale says he should get him some Testasterome. Cause he got his son Joseph some and he has been full of energy so he asked his Joseph if he wants to wrestle to give an prove that it works and Dale starts screaming after Joseph tackles him and Hank decided that he should go to a doctor and see if Bobby can take Testasterome. When he went to the doctor he expain to Hank that testasterome is only suposed to Make his hormones react to it not make him take a shower with other guys. Then later on in the conversation Peggy realized that Hank would need to take testasterome. Then Hank refused and walked out of the office. Then the doctor wrote a subscription for the medition and threw it in the trash so then he turned his back on purpose so that peggy would go and get the pills to give to hank then she secrety started giving him the pills in his coffee and in his stake and food. So since he felt so good he started doing allot better with his work and he had so much energy that he signed up for the bull run to get people to sponsor him so that the runners wouldn’t have to have a fince between them and the bulls as they ran the course. So he made a promise to the sponsors of the bull run that he would do it. Then the next day Peggy went to the doctor cause he ran out of testrasterome and he was mad that she was secretly was giving him the pills. He said she should try and get them to take them but she shouldn’t drug him without him knowing. So he said he won’t give her any more pills but she should get him to put a Scrota-bond path on so he can get off the drugs without having side effect and not get to weak. Then while he is getting ready for the bul run she says that he should put the patch on for the run so he doesn’t get killed. Then he refuses. So they show the next day at the race when he is ready to run and Peggy comes running up on the sidelines a announces it to everyone that he should be wearing the patch. Then he yells back at her to put it away and he won’t wear it. Then as he is yelling the guy drops the cage and the bull run starts. As he is running Bobby says this is the bravest thing he has ever seen in his life. I was suprised that the writers would even have him run in the bull run cause in real life he would had deffinately died. I have seen bull runs before and the only people that don’t get hurt are the one that can run 40-50 MPH So hank would have been dead by the end of it but what ever it’s TV.