King of the Hill

Season 8 Episode 4

The Incredible Hank

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 23, 2003 on FOX



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    • Hank: Let's go, Bobby. We're done with this jackass festival.

    • Hank: Between the drugging and the lying, someone in this family has got to show a little got-dang integrity.

    • Peggy: There's a PMS for men?

    • Dale: So it turns out I'm not the actual Dale Gribble, but a clone of him. The original Dale Gribble is a super-warrior from the year 2087. The second me, i.e. I, was created to help the first me fight the invading Mongol armies.
      Hank: Dale, that's asinine, and here's four reasons why. First, you're not gonna clone a super-warrior out of a guy who can't even win a thumb-wrestling match. Two, you've spent your life swearing that the robots will eliminate the clones by the year 2010, so which is it, robots or clones? Three, you've already said you sympathize with the invading Mongolians of 2087, so you'd be the last one they'd send to fight them. And four, if you were from the future, you would have seen this coming. (Punches Dale in the arm)

    • Hank: The boy's got no fight in him. I don't get it. He spends five hours a day playing violent video games -- what's the point if they don't have any effect on him?

    • Bill: I always wanted to run with the bulls. Sometimes, when I'm being chased by dogs, I pretend they're bulls.
      Dale: Geez, Bill, why run with the bulls? With your weight and cholesterol count, if you want to hasten death, just jump up and down a couple of times.
      Bill: No, I want the bulls to do it.

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    • Title: The Incredible Hank
      The title and even some of the plot (in a small way) is an obvious parody of the comic (and tv show and movie) The Incredible Hulk.