King of the Hill

Season 12 Episode 8

The Minh Who Knew Too Much

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Dec 09, 2007 on FOX

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  • Finally!!!!

    The Souphanousinphones finally get into 9 RIVERS!!!! About damn time!!!!
  • Mihn joins the Arlen Gun Club

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "King of the Hill". Minh joins the Arlen Gun Club but she does her training by going with Dale and his friends to the gun club even though Minh doesn't like the idea because she and Kahn want to escape from their hillbilly neighbors. It was very funny when Dale and his friends came up with the howl thing for the gun club thing. The subplot was very funny and interesting when Hank was trying to discover who the garbage bandit is after he sees a bunch of garbage in the trash. Minh does her training very well and gets out of Dale and other teams but she feels really bad for them because she realized how fun is was to be with Dale and his friends. Dale and his best friends trying to shoot those plates to get revenge on Minh and they keep missing the plate was absolutely hilarious. It was funny to find out that Lucky was the garbage bandit and then Hank told him not to put it in the garbage anymore. The very ending with was funny and nice when Minh did the howl and the table was wondering "What the heck". Overall, an excellent episode of "King of the Hill". 10/10
  • a different take on mihn

    i thought that this show was very cute.. though mihn origionally joins the gun club to practice skeet shooting to get into nine rivers i loved that she developed a relationship with the guys that she was there with.. u knew that she loved them when she was cleaning their guns for them and also at the end she said that she was their president.. it showed you that even though they are very stand-off-ish they are like the other "hill billies" that they dislike so much. it also showed a sign of mihn that is rarely seen considering that there is never an episode about her
  • One of the best episodes of this season, but definitely average overall for the run of the show.

    For me, this season so far has been kind of give-and-take. I think that going in knowing that this is most likely the last season for the show, I expect above par episodes like this one and not so much some of the earlier offerings (Luanne & Lucky watching Bobby, Bobby dealing with racial intolerance). I'm not saying every episode needs to be them killing off characters (R.I.P. Cotton), but stories that actually challenge the characters a little and let them shine, such as this one. I enjoyed Minh's interactions with the gun club and the integration of her military childhood with the "rednecks" from her community. They made Minh & Dale's "realistic" enough (in character) that you believed this is how the situation would play out without stretching any of the characters to far from their established personalities.
  • Riding Shotgun!

    To impress her rich friends, Mihn wants to join the Nine Rivers Country Club. In order to better his shooting ability, she joined The Arlen Gun Club to befriend Dale and the members of the club, little do they know is that Mihn never told them about the other club. The question that I'm asking is can you belong to two gun clubs? Meanwhile back home, Hank is trying to find out who is using his trash can for their own use. I can't reveal you the ending, but it pretty close than you think. Another good episode of the show that never ends. Just like "the Simpsons."
  • Nine Rivers!

    It may have taken about 11 Seasons, but the Soups finally got in to Nine Rivers. It was a pretty decent episodes, considering I often find the Soup centred ones dull. It had a lot of funny moments, and I like that Minh was a well rounded character in this episode. It showed her sticking to her Club and not just abandoning them. It's always nice when they have one of the Soups having to work with one of the neighbors, and Minh has always been the more sensible one anyway. The B Plot wasn't super funny, but was entertaining, and didn't feel like it was just filling the void, as many B Plots of late have. Overall a pretty decent episode. Congrats on Kahn and Minh finally getting into Nine Rivers. Maybe now they can have a plot line about something else. :)