King of the Hill

Season 11 Episode 1

The Peggy Horror Picture Show

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Jan 28, 2007 on FOX

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  • What a Drag!

    This isn't one of the best season premieres, and and even as just a regular episode it is not fantastic. But it is different and fresh, and funny. I liked the plot line and I really liked the character of Carolyn/Jamie. I thought that the writers did a good job of not just making a big stereotype (although at the end some of the drags had moustaches). It wasn't super funny but it did have a lot of good scenes in it, and overall was pretty entertaining. I thought the B Plot was hilarious and one of the best ones of the whole series!
  • Peggy is befriended by a woman called Carolyn who shares her taste in clothes. However â€" Peggy doesn't realise Carolyn is a man in drag, and Carolyn mistakenly believes that Peggy is a drag queen too. A great start to the eleventh season...

    Well, after over a year’s break, the much-underrated 'King of the Hill' finally resumes on British television (yes I expect it's knocking around on $ky somewhere, but I don't have / want that). Now it is on Freeview channel E4, and at least it’s on at a slightly more decent time of 11 p.m. (the previous couple of seasons were shown irregularly at around three in the morning!!), although personally I record all of the episodes anyway.

    This episode was billed as the start of the season on E4, but for some reason at the very last minute they changed it to the second episode, 'SerPUNt'. I have no idea why â€" they never acknowledged it so it may have just been a mix up. Either way, this week, we finally got the first 'proper' episode of season 11, 'The Peggy Horror Picture Show', and what a great episode it is.

    Episodes that centre around Peggy typically fall into two categories â€" annoying, or very amusing. Thankfully, this one falls into the latter camp, and it a nice subtle story that has many nice moments.

    One of the strengths of the story is that, while it has a few gentle pokes, it never really out-and-out makes fun of Carolyn. In fact, they very much play it in reverse â€" it is Carolyn who is shocked when she realises that Peggy is in fact, not a drag queen.

    The b-plot, with Bobby and Joseph using a practical joke book to play puns on people, only for it to bring the people good luck, is as much strange as it is amusing. I didn't mind this plot too much, but it is never concluded in a satisfying manner, and just sort of peters out, which is a shame.

    But the main story wraps up nicely, with Peggy learning to take the fact that she resembles a drag queen as a compliment. It reminds me why I like this series so much â€" gentle stories full of kind-hearted people.
  • Yet another perfectly written episode where Peggy's ego makes her oblivious to the real world.

    Peggy is a piece of work. Reality is something to be ignored because she's convinced that her stink don't stink. No one knows Spanish as well as she does, no one writes newspaper columns as well, and no woman is more feminine and alluring that her. That's why she becomes fast friends with the gals she meets in this episode; they're as glamorous as she THINKS she is. This episode is another wonderfully written story that gets its laughs from the characters being true to themselves and acting exactly like they're supposed to. Peggy is exposed to wonderful people she would generally avoid if her guard was up, but since she's temporarily blinded by her own greatness, she makes new friends and, unlike most of her adventures, they aren't trying to take advantage of her. (Kudos to the writer for making these characters actual people instead of doing the usual lazy crossdresser/drag queen caricature.) Hank's response to all of this is classic. Unlike his usual horrified reaction to everything that doesn't fit into his rigid brain (when he makes that great "Mwwwaaaah!" noise), he goes into total shutdown mode. Watching him deal with crossdressers without actually dealing with crossdressers (because Hank doesn't not want to even "go there".) is priceless.
  • The episode was hilarious.

    I am so happy Peggy got one of the ultimate insults. She was mistaken for a transexual. I don't know how women fell about his kind of insult by I take it that they don't like it. Serves Peggy right for always being so blindly arrogant, stupid, and blind. I thought watching the whole thing play out was just off the charts good. The episode was really good and was entertaining from the beginning to the end. Good writing, good comedy, and a refreshing storylne. Overall, I have to say that this was great to watch and it was also funny. Thank you.
  • Why does everyone like this episode so much?

    First off, I'm a huge fan of the King: the show is by far the best thing on Sunday night FOX and, quite frankly, one of the best (in fact, scratch that), THE best animation of all time. However, this season opener is very sub par.

    At first glance this should be a great episode because it is very "kingofthehillish" (note to self: get that word in dictionary), but for some reason it just didn't appeal to me. The story felt very tacked together and didn't flow that well.

    The only highlight of this episode is the subplot featuring Bobby and Josepth playing with a very unfunny joke book. However, in this story didn't get wrapped up and fell a bit short.

    For a season premire, this leaves a lot to be desired and I hope the King gets back on track for the next episode.
  • King of the Hill is back and kicking! Even after 11 seasons, the show still delivers. HO YEAH!

    Now, I've only seen around 4 episodes prior to season 3, and let me just say that I feel so happy, no, PRIVILEGED to be a fan of such a fantastic show. So great in fact, that after 11 seasons, the show is still refreshing, touching and absolutely hilarious.

    Sure, The Peggy Horror Picture Show wasn't as funny as say, Pretty Pretty Dresses (come on, NOTHING can top that ep :D), but it was still a very well plotted and entertaining episode.

    The series premiere sees Peggy befriending a drag queen whom she meets after finding her dream shoes at (what she later discovers is) a boutique for drag queens. The transvestite, Carolyn and Peggy hit it off, and he is led to believe that Peggy is also a drag queen, which leads to hilarious results. And Peggy is left humiliated when she is asked to perform with a tranny troupe. :D

    Back to basics, good clean fun. I'd hate to think of how Family Guy would portray trannies, but King of the Hill presents their humour with dignity and a touch of class. Long live the King! :D
  • Peggy meets Carolyn at the shoe store, and finally feels like she has met a compatible friend. However, things are not as they appear to be, as Carolyn turns out to be a man in drag.

    This episode wasn't really funny. I thought the episode with Dale's father at the rodeo was more clever and interesting. I've had enough gay storylines, and would like to see some fresh ideas. Another episode that I thought was depressing was the one where Peggy enters a beauty pageant. I'd like to see Peggy do something right for a change. The "Peggy's Headache" episode was excellent and I'd like to see Peggy do more with her job as a newspaper columnist. I also liked "Harlot Town" when she uncovered Arlen has a shady past. That's a clever plot and storyline.
  • One of the best episode of the series.

    Wow what can I say about this episode it was great from start to finish and the writing was fantastic the plot was great and I think that this episode could be one of the best ever. I hope that they will make Bill get with that drunk woman he drove home becauuse lets face it has been a very long time for Bill. And even though sometimes I don't like Peggy I liked this episode about here and she might be growing on me after all these years. I think that this year they will try to exploit all of their funny parts and it could be one of their the best season in years.
  • First episode of the new season whoot!

    Well this episode was definetly....different. Peggy has huge feet so she goes to a store were she doesn't know this ,but everyone is a drag queen! Peggy then befriends a man dressed like a woman named Jamie but to Peggy is Carolynn. Then, after they have bonded Jamie thinks Peggy is also a drag queen so she asks her to go to perform at a show with him. When Peggy finds out what the show really is she freaks out and then thinks she is ugly. But then Carolynn explains and Peggy isn't sad anymore. She even gives some old clothes which end up being awesome for the drag queens! Now if you don't think this is a different episode, well, have you seen the other seasons!?
  • King of the Hill proves why it's still the most consistently entertaining animated show around... Even after 10 seasons!

    King of the Hill is better than it's ever been! This episode proved that an animated show can be funny, realistic, clever, touching, and delightful all at the same time! No other animated show on the air comes close to accomplishing the superb character development of King of the Hill. This episode really hits the spot for Peggy fans such as I. It's refreshing to see the show expound upon her character and keep it so fresh and funny. This is probably the best King of the Hill I've seen over the past few seasons. It seems to me that the show is returning to its roots! Here's to a great season of King of the Hill, with hopefully many more seasons to come!
  • A real feel good episode.

    A good episode, although i must say that i found the bobby storyline a little cheesy and that i personally do not like the solely Peggy storyline episodes, i much rather the episodes based around Hank and his friends. After saying that, I would like to congratulate the writers on writing a great and enjoyable episode, that even i enjoyed. I found the Bobby storyline humorous above the cheesiness, and the Peggy storyline slightly funny, but mostly this episode was just a feel-good episode. A good example of why i watch this show, Kudos to the writers, and the actors doing the voices.
  • Episode anything but a drag!

    I haven't been watchiong "King of the Hill" in years and the reason why I'm watching the new epiosde is that is being aired after "The Simpsons!" Tbis could be the final season of "King of the Hill" that's what I heard. You'll have to take my word for it. One of the best epiosdes of the series, if you call a 8.5 best of the series, has Peggy looking for a new pair of shoes to match her big feet and leads to a relationship with a woman who she later found out that she is a he. Having Peggy learing life from someone's point of view is very good. What is also good, is an stand-out episode is perfect.
  • I think I'm going to cry: This episode was awesome.

    After 2 horrible seasons of pain and misery with hardly any high quality episodes, the Season 11 episode had premiered and proved that this show deserves another chance for laughter and win back it's fans again. Besides a few boring moments, this episode was just great because Peggy wasn't bad in this one, like she was in many seasons before it. Hank was dumber in this one, and delivers the laughs(with more jokes from others) and Bobby and Joesph did the same as well. It felt like a true classic, and now this show could be like the earlier seasons, just pure genius. Overall, a superb way to start off a new season that could be the best since Season 8.
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