King of the Hill

Season 11 Episode 1

The Peggy Horror Picture Show

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Jan 28, 2007 on FOX

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  • Peggy is befriended by a woman called Carolyn who shares her taste in clothes. However â€" Peggy doesn't realise Carolyn is a man in drag, and Carolyn mistakenly believes that Peggy is a drag queen too. A great start to the eleventh season...

    Well, after over a year’s break, the much-underrated 'King of the Hill' finally resumes on British television (yes I expect it's knocking around on $ky somewhere, but I don't have / want that). Now it is on Freeview channel E4, and at least it’s on at a slightly more decent time of 11 p.m. (the previous couple of seasons were shown irregularly at around three in the morning!!), although personally I record all of the episodes anyway.

    This episode was billed as the start of the season on E4, but for some reason at the very last minute they changed it to the second episode, 'SerPUNt'. I have no idea why â€" they never acknowledged it so it may have just been a mix up. Either way, this week, we finally got the first 'proper' episode of season 11, 'The Peggy Horror Picture Show', and what a great episode it is.

    Episodes that centre around Peggy typically fall into two categories â€" annoying, or very amusing. Thankfully, this one falls into the latter camp, and it a nice subtle story that has many nice moments.

    One of the strengths of the story is that, while it has a few gentle pokes, it never really out-and-out makes fun of Carolyn. In fact, they very much play it in reverse â€" it is Carolyn who is shocked when she realises that Peggy is in fact, not a drag queen.

    The b-plot, with Bobby and Joseph using a practical joke book to play puns on people, only for it to bring the people good luck, is as much strange as it is amusing. I didn't mind this plot too much, but it is never concluded in a satisfying manner, and just sort of peters out, which is a shame.

    But the main story wraps up nicely, with Peggy learning to take the fact that she resembles a drag queen as a compliment. It reminds me why I like this series so much â€" gentle stories full of kind-hearted people.
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