King of the Hill

Season 5 Episode 1

The Perils of Polling

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Oct 01, 2000 on FOX

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  • Nice concept about voting in the election.

    With the electons coming, Luanne is old enough to vote, so Hill takes her to the county fair the registar. Meanwhile Bobby saves a pig and Peggy gets the garage ready for the polls. However when Luanne comes back Hank is shocked to discover she has turned Communist. When he meets George W Bush the next day he is shocked to fnd he has a weak hand shake. Shaken and shocked Hank finds out he has become wearily of democrary, he goes shopping with Dale instead of voting. However Luanne calls and Hank changes his mind. Rushing home to vote just before it closes.

    The nice plot to the epoisde and the voting message was good without being over preachy. A fine example for the show.
  • I Vote Season 5 Has a Good Start!

    This is a pretty decent start to the season, with some really funny moments, most of them involving Luanne. This is one of the episodes that make me miss Luanne in the newer ones where she was not in them as much. Dale was also pretty good, and the whole pig saving thing was a bit weird, but still funny. Peggy of course, was just really annoying in this episode. Hank, as usual, overreacts to a minor detail, although he does make a good point. After seeing Bush in office for 8 years, I think it's safe to say, his handshake is not the only thing limp about him. It was funny how Hank got obsessed over it, even though he knew in the back of his mind it wasn't that important. I think often people get caught up in the details and not worry about the issues. One thing I enjoyed about this episode was it made voting fun. Often episodes about voting are boring or obviously just a cheap promo to do so. This was just an episode that was about people voting. Very nice.
  • Good

    Hank was overreacting... I mean come on, a handshake? That was probably the whole point of the episode, to make it something that small, but it just felt... weird. I mean, something like that should not make you decide if you want a certain person to be president. Maybe that was the joke, but to me, it was just really dumb. Hank was totally overreacting. The rest was good, some nice jokes here and there. My overall grade is a high C, a little bit above average, because whilst I do not like Hank a lot in this one, it was still a good overall episode