King of the Hill

Season 12 Episode 3

The Powder Puff Boys

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Oct 07, 2007 on FOX

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  • Cheery Episode!

    This is a pretty good episode. It had a well written plot, was very funny, and Peggy wasn't really annoying (actually she had some of the best lines). I liked the way they had Hank and Bobby feel completely opposite about the situation from what you'd normally think they'd feel, but still stayed true to their characters. Bobby loves comedy, but it kind of makes sense that this isn't really his style, and Hank basically thinks anything is OK in the name of Football. I think it would be interesting to have seen the episode focus more on that then switching gears part way through, although I did enjoy the conflict as I could see the point of view of the PTA lady. Where does the line get drawn between fun and mocking the stereotype of cheerleaders? I thought they wrote that part well. Overall it was a pretty good episode, and Season 12 is off to a great start.
  • Overall great but it's not one of the best Season 12 episodes I've seen

    It's been almost a month since I watched "King of the Hill" on Adult Swim but I changed the channel all bored and saw that this episode barely started so I decided to stick to Adult Swim since I really like "King of the Hill". This isn't one of the best episodes of Season 12 but it was overall great and well written for the most part. The guys asking Bobby to be a powder puff cheerleader was very funny. It was very funny when Hank went to the store with Bobby to buy Bobby a bra for the powder puff cheerleading squad as his fake boobs. Peggy volunteering with the PTA was also an interesting plot but not my favorite. Bobby deciding to be in the powder puff cheerleading squad right when he was about to quit it was also interesting. The PTA didn't want the powder puff cheerleaders because they don't think it's funny until Hank showed the video and told everyone that it was about the boys having fun and making people laugh. The PTA (a.k.a Peggy) agreed to it while the mom of the PTA didn't agree to it. My score was just low because Bobby's plot of being a powder puff cheerleader was a little too weird to me and some parts were boring. Overall, a great episode of "King of the Hill" but not one of Season 12's best. 8/10
  • Girl of the day!

    Booby and his friends go dress up as female cherrleaders who rooting for the girl's football team. Meanwehile someone disapprove of the antics and the PTA has banned them, but Bobby emerged as the leader is fighting back on lipstick at a time. I happen to like the episode. A few years I have given up on the show and counting the days until the end, but I believe that the show has a few ounces of power left. If the show leaves the air after this season, it will be worth it. "King of the Hill " is a fun series.
  • Long Live King of the Hill.

    "That boy ain't right" is what Hank should have said to Bobby in this episode for dressing up as a girl but I guess it was all in good fun for football. I really liked this one because it showed Bobby in some different situations. This was a good Bobby Hill episode it was funny to see Bobby and Joesph act like girls because it was so out of character. I think the best line was Dale saying and I quote "My son is the Diva". I can't belive that Hank had dressed up as a powder puff when he was younger. Really funny.