King of the Hill

Season 12 Episode 3

The Powder Puff Boys

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Oct 07, 2007 on FOX



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    • Peggy: You know what would make your outfit perfect? My old striped tubetop! (exits to go get it)
      Bobby: I am NOT wearing mom's clothes!

    • (explaining Powder Puff Football to PTA commitee member)
      Peggy: Well, it's an annual football game, but the girls are the players and the cheerleaders are the boys. They wear makeup and wigs and act silly.
      PTA Woman: Boys are...making fun of girls?
      Peggy: Yes. You know, my son, Bobby, is actually kind of the head cheerleader. He keeps knocking over lamps around the house with his big, clumsy boobs.
      PTA Woman: That kind of mockery does untold damage to a young girl's fragile psyche. My daughter was hysterical recently when an 8th grade boy told her her ponytail looked "like a piece of doody." Thank God, I was home to console her, (quickly) which was my choice, stand by it, no regrets.
      Peggy: Well, that's terrible. Have you tried putting her hair up in a bun? No, no, that could look like poop, too.
      PTA Woman: See, it starts out innocently, with a boy teasing a girl. Then that same boy dresses like a cheerleader. Then little Mary Jo Honor Student is having her buttock slapped in a rap video. (beat)
      Peggy: That is the saddest hypothetical story I have ever heard.

    • Peggy: You know what would make your outfit perfect? My old tubetop! (exits to go get it)
      Bobby: I am NOT wearing mom's clothes!

    • Bill: Remember when I 'gave birth' to a football?
      Hank: And we wrapped it up in a baby blanket and kicked it through the goal posts.

    • (The boys put on their cheerleading outfits and begin cheering despite the ban)
      Hank: Look! Bobby's rallying his troops! Hey, he's starting a fake cat fight!
      Dale: And Joseph is storming off - my son's a diva!!

    • Bobby: I don't see what's funny about powder puff - the girls playing football, the football players in skirts cheering them on.
      Joseph: Maybe you're not getting the joke - we get to dress like girls and act like girls!

    • Bobby: (Talking about cheerleader practice) Then we practiced popping each other's boob balloons then we practiced popping each other's butt balloons.
      Hank: You're doing balloon work already? Well I guess Coach Kleehammer knows what he's doing.

    • Hank (as he is Bra shopping with Bobby): Now the kind of brassiere you choose as a cheerleader will determine your cheer personality. Are you the fun-loving buxom one or the flat-chested brainiac?

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  • Allusions

    • PTA Woman: (commenting on Peggy saying boys cheerleading is all in good fun) So was pouring pig's blood on Carrie. Poor girl had to kill everyone.

      This is a reference to one of the most famous parts from the Stephen King novel "Carrie".

    • The title is a reference to the high-school tradition of boys dressing up like female cheerleaders during an all-girl (Powder Puff) football game. The game is a special occasion and the proceeds usually go to charity.