King of the Hill

Season 8 Episode 21

The Redneck on Rainey Street

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 16, 2004 on FOX

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  • It's A Redneck Life...

    This is a pretty good episode which introduces two new characters that become pretty big in the last few seasons, Lucky and Elvin. It is an interesting plot, one of the better ones which star the Soups. It wasn't all that funny, with a few moments here and there, but it was entertaining, and I loved the stickin' part of the episode. What is really good about this episode, is something I've always admired about this show which makes it better than the other adult cartoons, which is deal with realistic situations and put a humorous spin on it. There really is a thing where companies and other places want to hire or bring in a certain group of people which is almost reverse discrimination. I liked how they dealt with that and the after affect. It may not have been super funny, but it was well written.
  • Best episode of the series

    This was the first episode of King of the Hill that I watched, and I was hooked. I never stopped laughing throughout the episode. The idea that the Hill's uptight neighbor Kahn could become a redneck (which he calls Hank and his friends several times during the series) is beyond entertaining. Kahn acquires several friends who lead him on a path of drinking beer all day to throwing a brick through a window to get the latest Trace Adkins CD. Eventually the fun has to end when Kahn and his family are in danger of losing their house. Overall this episode is perfect and fun to watch.
  • So far, my favorite episode.

    Connie is rejected by a prestigious summer school, which makes Kahn outraged. After meeting Elvin Mackleston, Kahn decides to become a redneck after discovering that overachieving will never make his family get ahead in life. Minh joins him, but Connie doesn't change, and after a while, their yard looks like cr@p. The person that is trying to sell a house on Rainey Street knocks 15 thousand dollars off the price because of how Kahn and Minh's house looks. Because they missed a payment, and based on how their yard now looks, the bank is foreclosing on them. Kahn goes to 2X4 fights with his redneck friends, but Hank stops him and brings him to his senses.Afterwards, Kahn and Minh get to keep their house. After discovering what Connie has been through, the prestigious summer school accepts her.

    This is now my favorite King of the Hill episode. It was funny seeing Kahn and Minh doing redneck things for a change. Some other funny things are Elvin Mackleston throwing a brick through a building window to get the new Trace Adkins CD and Peggy talking about Kahn keeping a washing machine out in his yard so that stray dogs could have puppies there. I'm not spoiling it all, though. The plot is great, but I'm glad that Kahn and Minh stopped acting like rednecks at the end of the episode. The jokes were funny, too. The character development is good as Connie gets accepted to the summer school. I wished that they could have kept that "One Hot Mama" Trace Adkins song audible longer, though. Oh, well. Great plot, jokes, and good character development.