King of the Hill

Season 10 Episode 13

The Texas Panhandler

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Apr 30, 2006 on FOX

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  • Street Cred!

    This is a really good episode. As with the last one, it wasn't super funny, but it was really entertaining. I wasn't bored at all while watching it, and it does have some pretty good parts, like with Dale, and when Joseph mentions that his dad found the money and spent it. There wasn't anything specific about the episode that made it good, but I just really enjoyed it. Overall a pretty good episode!
  • Perfect

    You wanna know something? It is really funny if you compare seasons 10 of Simpson and King of the Hill. Whilst Simpsons start to decline, King of the Hill remains pretty funny, even though they have really simplistic plots, they know how to make them work. I've always liked that. Anyway, this episode, Bobby and Joseph become panhandlers to earn money for a new pair of jeans. When Hank finds out, he is so outraged he makes them give back all the money they got. In the end Bobby gets an actual job.

    Overall grade, A, a good episode overall
  • Not a bad idea.

    I thought that this was a good episode of King of the Hill. To be honest, it was very much an episode in which there was no outstanding moment or scene. It was just pretty decent all around and made for some good laughs. I seriously think that the slackers who beg for money need to be shoved off a cliff. Let the homeless have their wages as they get nothing else. Overall, the episode had some decent writing, funny bits here and there, a decent plot, and some okay storylines. It was entertaining for the most part. One of the better episodes. Thank you.
  • Desperate to buy expensive jeans to try and fit in with a popular group of kids, Bobby and Joseph get a job but soon find that begging can make them a lot more money, and make them look cooler. An enjoyable episode...

    I found this to be an enjoyable episode. It wasn't quite the classic that it might have been, but it had a decent storyline and some good gags.

    It's the most we've seen of Joseph in a while, and boy, is that kid creepy sometimes.

    It's an interesting plot twist that the beggars on the street are actually looked up to and considered cool, and naturally Bobby and Joseph soon decide to try it for themselves.

    And although not featured heavily, this episode contains more of Dale, Bill and Boomhauer than of late, which is always a good thing.

    Definitely one of the better episodes this season.
  • Hank Knows Best... AGAIN!

    Can you say overly used plot? Once again, Bobby tries to do something that goes against his father\'s desires. And as usual, Hank\'s intuition is correct and Bobby takes his previous course of action. Honestly, where is the creativity? To make matters worse, Joseph is creepier and more perverse than his previous appearances. His \"father\" is annoying due to his leech persona and Kahn should not have any speaking parts. At least there is no stupid Peggy subplot. Regardless, this just proves King of the Hill is losing its originality. I am glad it only has one more season left.