King of the Hill

Season 7 Episode 7

The Texas Skillsaw Massacre

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Dec 15, 2002 on FOX

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  • Hank accidentally cuts off Dale's finger with a skillsaw but Dale says that it was on purpose so he sues him and Hank must attend an anger management class

    When Hank falls through his kitchen floor, he discovers the underground escape tunnel Dale has been building. What's worse, Hank can't move back into his house until the floor is repaired, and he is forced to move in with the Gribbles, where Dale's annoying habits threaten to push Hank over the edge. When Hank accidentally cuts off Dale's finger with a skillsaw, Dale claims he did it on purpose. A judge orders Hank to stay 100 yards away from Dale at all times and to attend anger management classes. In my opinion, this was a good/decent episode of "King of the Hill". I liked this episode but it does have problems that bugged me a lot. Dale is one of the funniest characters on this show and he's my favorite but in this episode, he annoyed me. He was funny in like the first 5 or less or more minutes of the episode but by the time the second act of the episode started then that's when Dale became a complete annoying moron and jerk which made me feel sorry for Hank. He said that Hank cut his finger off on purpose just because Hank was mad at him about the underground tunnel under the kitchen floor of Hank's house and I felt sorry for poor Hank because he had to go to court, must be within 100 feet away from Dale, and had to attend an anger management class. Even in the end, Dale didn't apologize to Hank which bugged me still. Bill and Boomhauer annoyed me also because they're afraid that Hank was gonna hurt them like he did to Dale (which really was by accident and it was Dale's fault that his finger was close to the skillsaw). Even Peggy (Hank's own wife) and the rest of the family think Hank is gonna hurt them which really annoyed me more because that's his family right there and they should believe. Aside from those problems that did really bug me especially Dale I liked this episode. The storylne kinda drags also and gets kinda boring. There was very good and unexpected humor in this episode such as Hank pushing Dale's television remote and there was a button that actually explodes Hank's mailbox, Dale in the first act of the episode was hilarious, "Objection! Conjecture! Objecture1" "That's not even a word", Big Jim who took anger management class with Hank was a funny and angry character especially when he made threats to the anger management teacher, "Chick Mangoine? I'm not a chick, I'm a dude!" (then smacks the anger management teacher with his diploma), and probably more. Big Jim was an overall enjoyable character as I just finished mentioning and I liked how he was sticking up to Hank and was defending Hank when Dale was telling Hank to leave his house he is NOT 100 feet away from him but I thought it was sad that Big Jim was so angry and lost so much control towards Dale that he actually had a stroke and died. It's too bad to see Big Jim dead. I also enjoyed the scene towards the end of the episode when Hank was trying to not to get angry when he tries to tell Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer that a truck is coming which crush them since the three of them are underground and they wouldn't listen to Hank so Hank actually turned red and got fully angry at them which made them finally listen and I enjoyed that. Like I said, Dale should've apologized to Hank though because that was wrong of him to do that to poor Hank. Overall, even though some of the characters MOSTLY Dale annoyed me, this was a good/decent episode of "King Of The Hill" and it has very good humor that actually gave me huge laughs. 7/10